Ruling or Ruining The Nation -Addressing The Nigeria Political Elites

Ruling or ruining the nation, addressing the Nigeria political elites. By Idris Kehinde Ismail: The central goal of politics is to get the greater welfare of the people, protecting person, property and honour. It is to secure the fortune and future of generations of people within a political territorial boundary. This involves among other things, … Read more

Olawepo-Hashim and His Quest For National Unity

Olawepo-Hashim and his quest for national unity By Hassan Ibrahim The last few months have been turbulent for the Nigerian government, if you think of the impactful #EndSARS protest, the dip into another economic recession, the killing of 43 farmers in Zarbamari Village, Borno State, and the rising wave of kidnappings, armed robberies, banditry, and … Read more

Asiwaju 2023 Mission, a Study Compass That Navigates Positive Developments

ASIWAJU 2023; A STURDY COMPASS THAT NAVIGATES POSITIVE DEVELOPMENTS By Akanbi A. Saheed Afonja “The clan is like a lizard, if it lose its tail, it will grow another.” – African proverb The dream of creating a paradise country, that we all can be proud of, is never about an individual or a group. Just … Read more

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