Swaga2023: Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Promise Keeper

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Is A Promise Keeper

Giwa Murtala Omotola:

I was not surprise while watching the video where Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the National leader of All Progressive Congress and Incoming President of Nigeria by Gods grace told Progressive women that if he eventually emerge as the successor of President Buhari he will pay the WAEC fees of all secondary school leavers.

The free WAEC will create enabling environment for all and sundry, it will also serve as encouragement to those who are not financially buoyant but have passion for education, many couldn’t furthermore in their education pursuit because of lack of resources.

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To some of us that believes so much in his political philosophy and ideology knows that he will definitely do it, so far it’s coming from him directly. He is known for standing firmly behind what he believes in, he is a “Talk and Do” leader.

Asiwaju initiated free WAEC for secondary school leavers in Lagos and it’s still functional till now, after watching the video, I came across some comments on social media, basically from those who have not make any research or understand the political philosophy of Asiwaju, most of them deposited that what he said it’s just to gain cheap popularity and they also see it as usual campaign promise.

Tinubu is a man of his words, he will not disappoint Nigerians, the movement to become Nigeria President didn’t start today, it started years back, that’s the reason you see him having connections everywhere, empowering people across the country, he is a leader that has contributed immensely to human capital development. He is ready to make the most populous country in Africa great if given the opportunity to lead.

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There is no gains aying that most of the advanced countries sees education as one of their major priority, if a country have high literacy rate it will help her fasttrack her development, we must encourage that in our country too, there is an urgent need to rejig our educational system.

For Asiwaju to say that he will pay WAEC fees of students leaving secondary school for higher institutions shows that he really mean well for our dear country. Let’s give him our support in other to make our educational system a prosperous one.

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Giwa Murtala Omotola-Moore Writes From Lagos

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