Suspected Gunman Killed Himself After Killing Several People in California

A mysterious gunman named Huu Can Tran, with the age of 72years was found dead in a white van in the drivers sit after killing himself when he has killed over 5 people at the dance club in California.

Gunman committed suicide after killing 10 people

The suspected gunman wanted for killing several people and wounding a lot of people at a dance club on Saturday, is dead after shooting himself, police officials announced Sunday night.

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The alleged mass murderer, identified as Huu Can Tran, and identified to be 72 year old, turned a gun on himself inside a cargo van following a stand-off with law enforcement, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said during an evening press conference outside Monterey Park City Hall.

California killings

The sheriff said Huu Can Tran, who is accused of shooting up a Monterey Park ballroom following a Lunar New Year celebration, acted alone and officials are still investigating a motive.

Five men and five women were slain during the rampage at the ballroom dance club, about eight miles outside downtown Los Angeles.

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Ten others were wounded and seven are still being treated at local hospitals as of Sunday evening. Their conditions ranging from stable to critical, officials said.

The “assumption” is that the victims were “probably” of Asian descent, LosAngeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said at a press briefing.

Gunman shot himself dead in California

At 10:20 a.m precisely, police in Torrance, California spotted a white van matching the suspect vehicle description.

They followed the van into a shopping mall parking lot, where they heard a single gunshot coming from inside the van. The local police officers retreated and called in tactical teams to respond.

Armored tanks and a bomb squad came towards the van before noon local time, in what became a more than hour-long standoff.

Just before 1 p.m. local time, a SWAT team opened the passenger door of the white van, and then the side doors.

California police

Photos showed a man slumped over in the driver’s seat who investigators confirmed was the shooting suspect.

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Luna’s department earlier released a wanted poster of the suspect, showing him in glasses and wearing a dark winter beanie with a white design, leather jacket and glasses.

He also didn’t rule out the possibility of a second suspect, but provided no evidence there might be one.

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