Stop Keeping Plan B On Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram While Staying With The Real Guy


Dear daughters, I know you love to explore. You love to try things. You love to consider various options and alternatives. That’s lack of wisdom…

If you have given YES I DO to a brother, please give him undivided attention. Stop keeping PLAN B on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram while the real fiancé is with you. It will affect your future.

If you know you won’t marry the man waiting for your reply let him know early. God won’t let you go unpunished for wasting a brother’s time by manipulating him with your emotions.

This present world is full of Slay queens and Slay mamas. And luckily they may end up with a responsible man but the past will surely tell on her.

If you can calm down for your future partner and try as much as possible not to cheat on him, you will have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

The pride of womanhood is humility, sincerity, discipline, purity, neatness etc. Don’t be the reason why YOUNG MEN WILL BELIEVE THERE ARE NO GOOD LADIES TO MARRY AGAIN.

I know there’s a nature in every lady that can make her deceive, manipulate and choke a man but don’t let it bring you marital woes.

It doesn’t take eternity to give a man YES OR NO.

  • Don’t rubbish men because of their interest in you.
  • Don’t forget that typewriter is humbled now, kudos to Microsoft.

I Am Too Lazy To Work! So, I Sell My Body For Earn a Living

He may have nothing for now, but who told you he is not going to make it tomorrow? Your rejected fiance might be the become an angel you never expected.

Focus on your fiance. Give him support, give attention and respect. It saves a lot.

Be sincere ma….

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