Stop Crying And Begging a Man to Accept His Baby; It Should Be The Other Way Round

As an adult single lady, I want to agree with you that the moment you have decided to have an unprotected sex with a man; you should be ready for the following probable outcomes:

You have to stop crying or begging him to accept the results of your unprotected sex. It should be the other way round.

1. Immediate denial of the pregnancy from the man (it’s normal)

2. Your parents’ reactions (good or bad it’s normal)

3. Your own uncontrollable shock (as if you never knew you could take in – it’s normal too).

But where does the abnormality begin to creep into the whole drama?

It starts when you begin to panic and throw uncontrollable vulgar outbursts. Learn to stay calm!

Listen, Immediately you discover that you are pregnant for him. Don’t panic!

I said don’t panic!

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Usually at this point majority of the girls want the man to accept the news with calmness and confidently take ownership of the paternity. Fine! A few of us do.

Baby girl listen, at this point, whatever actions you put up would determine if that guy would swiftly accept that pregnancy or you will find yourself in that usual vicious circle of begging him or forcing him to accept his responsibility.

You know the later is emotionally and psychologically draining and it hurts – it makes you cry and weep profusely due to his denial of the baby and indifferent bullshit attitude.

You don’t need that route. Don’t go that route with him. So immediately you discover you are pregnant for him.

First thing, break the news to him and drop the following line with an air of finality, “You are going to be a father hopefully”.

That is all you need to do. If he denies it, don’t panic and don’t go into argument please.

This is where the psychology of men comes to play. Give him a day to process the news.

Most times, the initial denial is the usual reactive response by reflex. Keep your cool girl!

Sometimes, that initial denial is more like that expletives of shock called “WOW” or “OMG”.

Now after a day, call him if he hasn’t called to remind him about the news and paternity of his baby.

If he denies it still, LOCK UP! That is it. Never you open your mouth to speak to him about it again.

Go for your DNA test whenever you can and face your new life and realities. It’s beautiful huh!

Definitely, he would expect those usual incessant calls from a pregnant girlfriend, he won’t get it. You just deflated his ego and switched the pain.

By this you have played the biggest psychological card of the century, and it’s an ACE!

I said, don’t call him again. Yes don’t call him again after two trials to speak with him about the paternity of that baby. Lockup!

When he comes calling, sure he will; what you want to do is your prerogative.

For sure he would come! But do what is in the interest of the baby.

But when you go pressing him to accept the pregnancy, you cry everyday on his phone; sending different text messages to him, going back and forth with insults. Oh! you have messed up your psyche and the situation.

I said LEAVE Him! He will surely come for the baby.
You know why?

Every man at one point in his life would want to know the number of his kids on earth.

If you say it’s not all men then change the kind of men you give your pussy to.

Stop crying and begging a man to accept his baby. It should be the other way round.

You do that stupid thing because you don’t understand the true psychology of that situation.

The society and the usual beggarly attitude from previous pregnant single ladies have skewed the pristine narratives.

It is the man that should beg you, hunt for you, seek your face immediately you tell him you are pregnant for him.

You all don’t know this but the attitude of you ladies and your society have emboldened the man’s ego to believe he is to be worshipped and begged to accept his baby. No no! It’s wrong!

Don’t beg him, and this will turn the table. Take care of yourself and baby. Move on if you can.

But calling, begging, and crying for him to come accept his baby? Don’t do that and don’t insult him either in this whole process.

He will be shocked and when you do this, his coming back to his senses or to you would be quicker and faster than when you engage the usual route.

When he eventually comes whether in distant or immediate future, do whatever you wish. But if you need my opinion, I will tell you what to do.

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