Stop Buying Nonsense Charm And Rubbish From Fraudsters On Social Media


The day you were born, your family and friends ran to your house with happiness, rejoicing over the arrival of a cute human being with brains.

How come all of a sudden you grew into an adult with no brains? How come you became a very myopic and idiotic fool?

I said STOP buying nonsense charm and rubbish from fraudsters on social media.

They are all making money, driving posh cars at the expense of your idiocy.

I know you too wants to blow; I know it’s your desperation that is making you look like a fool. I know your parents didn’t born you as a fool.

Now this is how to be a smart woman; listen, if you see what people are doing to make the kind of money they have which you like and admire, my dear join them and do same thing.

For crying out loud stop disappointing the God that created you. You are smarter!!

They buy beads for N200 naira, copy one Wiccan diviner business script on YouTube, they sit down in their homes and write out carefully their next sales pitch (post), read it through and edit it well before posting to you their social media mugus.

You too can sit down and research. Your problem is most of you hate, reading, research and studying.

You have this unbridled apathy and hate for studying. That is why few smart people control your mind here on internet with digitalized fallacy.

After their research, they come online and show you what they found, what they mixed up after their research and copying from the internet and then sell the bead for N50k to you with some wiccan incantations downloaded from wiccan Websites.

All hoax and lies..(Àwọn èèyàn yakamata)
Do you know that you can sell packaged sand to people and promise them a lot in that sand.

The law of universal probability will help you make it work for them. Because on default mode, there are 50% chances of good and bad occuring in natural life.

They are using the law of probability on you. I thought you are a graduate? U did statistics in school!

You know even if you don’t go to church for 10 years, you know good things will still happen for you right?

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You know that right? Good! You have sold your mind for mere gabbage. You allowed people who have the discipline to study to deceive you.

If they are selling beads called blue eyes for 50k what makes you smart is to log into same internet.

Search for maybe Peru witchcrafts and coven. Watch one of the diviner’s spiritual incantations, copy his business script, modify it to suit Nigerian mugu market, buy something like ankle or any object and open your own office. Cash out my dear.

If you need scripts and sales line, Come I will do the research for you and package yours too. I will be giving you deceptive and believable contents to help you hook the public. I mean top class contents. I lie you not..

Aswear, I said I will be bombarding your wall with voodoo and water-tight ‘ogbanje’ contents from Peru witchcrafts. All testimonials on me. I will fix all up for you. I mean pure believable testimonies – video and texts.

You will never lack videos and ideas of you performing occultic cleansings and rites. You will have over 40 occultic success-giving products.

If you no buy your own two duplexes and exotic cars after two months come out on social media and drag me. Call me out! Do whatever you like with me. Just have the boldness to make videos.

The secret of success is copying business secrets and blueprints then replicate them and blow. That is how billionaires make wealth. They copy each other’s secrets.

That is why organisations send out spies to other competitor’s industrial plants to go view, spie and steal the secret behind their success.

Leave all these beating about the bush. We all need big money, comfort, posh cars, houses and dripping lifestyle.

We all need people to admire how we spend cash and do giveaways. These are the desire of everyone as human. Maybe most of us can’t do certain things due to our conscience and others can.

Do you like the lifestyle and money your celebrities brandish at your face on Facebook?

Do you like the lifestyle they make you see on social media?

Then go and do same thing they are doing! That is the secret. That is the wisdom!!

Stop buying into their fraud, stop buying the blue eyes – they are Ordinary beads. Go float your office. Do what they are doing that is where the money is.

Money is NOT in blue eyes charm. MONEY IS NOT IN ANY CHARM ON EARTH! Protection is not in charms. It is money that protects. Money is security.

Money respects knowledge and ideas not akaraka! When they don’t want you to know what they are doing to succeed, they tell you it’s akaraka!

Go and buy your own N200 bead, start your own office on Facebook and start selling it with some Peru or Guyana witchcrafts. You need brains! Think!!

It took Pepsi over 30 years to achieve the ‘COLA’ taste coca-cola has in their coke drink.

If you followed these two beverage Giants from late 70s and early 80s, you would observe Pepsi’s dogged fight to replicate the taste of Coca-Cola’s coke.

It was obvious in their war of sales slogans. Coke changes sales slogans, Pepsi will copy them codedly and changed theirs immediately.

They were trying to replicate the success secret of Coca-Cola’s coke taste in their Pepsi drink in particular.

They got the fanta taste but never could get the right taste for coke till early 2000 or so they felt they got it and yelled

“You have got the taste”! Then branded and boldly renamed it PEPSI-COLA! Their Pepsi slogans suggested that they have got the coke’s taste.

Only smart people rule the business world. The ‘foolish ones’ make up the buyer and consumer masses.

Some smart people who knows this secret I explained here, copied Jaruma empire, tweaked her business secrets and started cashing out.

My people you perish in poverty because you guys don’t sit down to read, study and research.

Researchers and readers dish out stuffs to you and it amazes you, then they control you with it because knowledge is power!

The difference between the rich and the poor on this Earth is not money it is KNOWLEDGE. Get the knowledge, then the money comes.

The day the rich man sits you down and tells you what he is doing to make money, and you copy it.

Maybe add some packaging and finesse to yours my brothers and sisters your own office and money don start to dey pour in.

Have a blessed week!

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