Step by Step Guide on How To Make Money With Leather Craft

Leather is a very comfortable material made from the animal skin such as cows, buffalo, deer, horses, goats, wolf, fox, rats, rabbit, even snakes, alligators, fish, giraffe and zebra among others. Most leather comes from cows. Let’s take a look at the history of leather craft.

Today, leather is used in high volumes and across industries. There are several processes for tanning including Vegetable, Chrome, Aldehyde, Brain, and Alum tanning. It is available in several grades, many colors, and used in virtually every area of life.

Almost everyone has something made of leather they use on a daily basis, it might be a wallet, keychain, saddle, apron, hat, or almost anything else. It’s incredible to think how far leather use has come over thousands of years. Leather truly is a timeless material.

Making money with leather craft is one of the greatest opportunity anyone can venture into and making your own shoes is a great way of adding singularity to your look.

In the wake of coaching you shoe making for quite some time, Nairablink is very assure that anybody can figure out how to make shoes as long as you have some tolerance, the right seriousness, and essential shoe making apparatuses.

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Making Shoe For Yourself Follow This Guide

Follow the order:

Get a template of your favorite soul

  •  Put the sole on top of the cardboard and draw the entire outline of the sole
  •  Draw a second outline about 2cm from the previous outline of the sole
  •  Use the scissors to cut through the second outline line
  •  Now you have a mold for the right foot
  •  Flip the cardboard then use it to cut another cardboard then you will have the mold for the left foot.
  • You can use the above steps to build a soul for your palm slippers. Or you can get a foreign soul (Imported).

Then you can watch this video to make a palm sander for yourself and sell to your friends.

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