Step by Step Guide on How To Become a Successful Blogger (Beginner’s Guide)

You are all welcome to Nairablink’s blog where we entertain our readers with latest entertainment news, and make research on how to make money online without losing a dime with little or no investment capital. The major purpose we are gathered here now is either you are already into blogging or intending to become a blogger.

Our speaker for today is a specialist when it comes to blogging, his name is Victor Solomon The CEO Miratech. Kindly pay attention as he put us through on how to be a blogger with little or no capital.

Believe me you are lucky to be here and I assure you that from 2022 you will own a website and monetize it to earn a living. Lets read from words to words so as to understand every single explanation.

You can even bookmark this page and save to your phone or personal computer to have access to it when you need it next time.

Good day everyone, I am Victor Solomon a professional Teacher, a graphic designer, an affiliate marketer, a web designer and a human being. I guess you must be laughing now. Yea, I am human. Not all persons you see are human.

The need for every seller, marketer, influencer, brand, company and an individual to own a blog of theirs cannot be over emphasized. Blogging is the trend, with a blog or a website you can run any other online opportunity.

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What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website where the content is presented in a reverse chronological order (newer content appears first). Blog content is usually in the form of entries or “blog posts.” Typical websites are static in nature where content is organized in pages, and is not updated frequently. Whereas a blog is dynamic, and is usually updated pretty often. Some bloggers publish multiple new articles a day.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

As stated earlier, a blog is a type of a website. Or in a layman’s view, it is a mini website.
Don’t confuse the fact that some blogs are bigger than some websites, it all depends on your vision, passion and what you are presenting on your blog.

The only difference is that blogs have frequently updated content and websites tend to be much more static and is organized into pages.

A blog can be a website on its own or a part of a bigger site. Early iteration of blogs were once used mostly for online personal journals. But once its audience-drawing power was realized, businesses began tapping into blogging’s potential too. Companies have now begun to use blogs to keep their customers up-to-date with events and product update.

Writing a code is strenuous and takes months of practicing and understanding codes. If you don’t have the brain and passion for it. Forget it

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This was my first certificate I got when I first started to learn coding

I also got one from Udemy I guess you must have heard of it too, But good news, you don’t need all this to become a blogger. So this training is purely for blogging without codes, but if you are interested in learning coding private chat me after the class.

Types of blogs

  • Personal Blog:

This type of blogs were the pioneers of the blogging industries. This are blogs use by a person to convey their thoughts, their hobbies even their everyday life. There are no rules for such blogs, you can post whatever you feel like for the consumption of your audience.

  • Business Blogs

Blogs oriented toward businesses are called business blogs. The business bloggers tend to write on the topic related to the work they do for a living. A business blog aims to generate more leads for their businesses and make as many potential customers as possible. Unlike personal blogs; Business blogs contain more professional ways of writings, they promote specific businesses and follow industry rules.

The blog posts will be something like, ‘How to Increase E-commerce Sales,’ ‘Top 10 Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Online,’ ‘XYZ Product Review,’ and other similar posts.

  • Niche Blogs

Niche blogs target specific topics instead of covering a set of different topics under its umbrella. You’ll find many niche-based blogs such as food blogs, basketball blogs, music blogs, car-racing blogs, content marketing blogs, Java blogs, movie blogs, health & fitness blogs, and many more.

A niche blog is a perfect way to start your journey as a professional blogger. Just find something that you are passionate about and build a blog around it.

  • Affiliate Blogs

Affiliate blogs are built to generate commission through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you get paid a small percentage of the sale amount that’s been made through you. An affiliate blogger writes product reviews and asks their readers to purchase those products through their affiliate links. Once a transaction is made, the blogger gets a small kickback from it.

Affiliate blogging is a huge industry. 81% of brands improve their marketing through various affiliate programs. It also helps bloggers to increase traffic. In fact, 84% of bloggers involve affiliate marketing techniques to grow their audience.

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Why you need a Blog?

The truth is, blogs are the trend, you can run Facebook marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and marketing using other social media platform. But none of this can be compared to using a blog. With a blog, you can get reach a wider range of customers and audience, say millions, you definitely can not have even a million friends on Facebook, or WhatsApp etc.

Secondly, with a blog there is no limit to what you can make or do. Many social media platforms set limits, even have community rules, just like Facebook. But with a blog, you can run mad, if you so wish to.

How do you make money with a Blog?

Offer Paid Membership

This particular method, is for the boss of blogs, you must have become an authority in your niche, to run something like, but the truth is that, its all about consistency.

This is the height of blogging, though as a beginner you cannot run paid membership, before people can pay to signup for your blog, you must have become an authority. They must have trust you to deliver, your blog must have being giving uncommon value. One way to go about it is: Offer paid membership plans.

People love free things, just like you, abi I dey lie. If I am lieing, tell me, most of you are reading this article because its for free, yes or no? The logic, is to give people value for free, if they love it they will be willing to pay to keep getting the value.

Run Online ads

This particular method is the fundamental way of making money online. You run ads on your blog to monetize the traffics. Ads are those pop up banners that shows either at the side, bottom or top of a webpage. Some of them are quite annoying. You even get tired of the site. But the truth is that is where they are making their money, some of the ads will even refuse to leave, compelling you to take an action.

When you have your own blog, abeg don’t allow the ads to be too much. It discourages people, by making them fraustrated.

That pop up you see there on that screen shot is what we call ads

That pop up you see there on that screen shot is what we call ads, I was actually trying to download a movie, at a point I got irritated, if not for the fact that I really needed to see the movie, i for just forget am. But I had to download, that’s value, they are giving me value, so I endured the frustration.

As you can see there are two ads showing at the same time on that screenshot. The second one is something sexual, many people love running ads relating to that niche, because people are always drawn to stuffs like that.

Become an Affiliate Marketer using your blog

This particular method is raking in millions now a days, since we now have Nigerian Affiliate networks such as, Expertnaire, Digiaffnet, etc. They pay huge commissions up to 50% of the sales amount. Na this one they reign now, guys are really milking this particular method real deal, don’t joke with it.

Though you will have to pay to register with some of them, especially the most popular one in Nigeria now, Expertnaire. That is the Goldmine in Naija now.

Write of sponsored post, or getting sponsored by a brand

The truth is, when once you have a steady audience and followers, brands and companies will start seeking for your assistance, to help them market their products on your blog. You instantly become an hot cake, if you think I am lieing , ask Lynda Ikeji, or Nairaland.

Sell ebooks, and other digital products and courses

The truth is that, the ways of making money online using a blog, is inexhaustible. Its cannot finish, I dey tell you. The opportunities are endless. For me I love this part, as a teacher. Anyways, I have my eBook, underway, anticipate it.

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How do I get audience for my blog

This is quite simple. Increase your social presence, by registering and linking your blog to your social media accounts. You will need a Facebook page, Instagram handle, twitter, YouTube channel. There are millions of people on this platforms, you can leverage on that. You can not run a blog without being highly social.

You need to create awareness using all this tools. Don’t have a facebook page, start thinking of creation one. You may need to run Facebook ads like once or twice, it helps a lot.

Create a Facebook page using the same name you used for your blog, e.g
If your blog is, you will have to create a Facebook page named Nairablink. With this people will easily know the page is owned by your blog. The same goes for instagram, and other media.

Tips for getting audience really quick

  1. Post regularly, at least one post a day.

  2. Promote your contents in other social media platforms everyday.

  3. Create quality and creative contents.

  4. Ask for feedbacks from your audience. With this you will know how to improve your contents.

  5. Engage your fans in email marketing, you will have to create an email widget where your audience can drop their email in other to subscribe freely for your newsletters. With this you can easily create an email list and get in touch with your customers whenever you have a new post.

Blogging is sweet, the truth is, you can even be creating blogs for people and charge them. People are lazy, that’s why they get scammed.

Hope you are all enjoying this article. Don’t worry, you have laid your hand in the world greatest opportunity, you don’t have to quit until you accomplish your mission.

You know being a blogger does not end at building or creating a chronological template online and start post and repost whether Personal blogs, Business/corporate blogs, Personal brand/professional blogs.

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Fashion blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Travel blogs, Food blogs, Affiliate/review blogs, Multimedia blogs, News blogs and otherwise. You work hard just like being a student and you need to be very meticulous and have nose for information relating to what you are writing/blogging about. You must see it as something you love before you become a successful blogger, i mean be passionate about it.

These are the qualities of Consistent Blogger Passion

You have to have passion when you’re finding a recipe for your blog. One cannot force anyone to write. The writing has to come from within himself/herself. When the words reflect your passion, the readers are more interested in reading your blog.

Reading — You need to be updated about the topic you write. I am sure if you are passionate about a certain topic, you will do the reading and point out the observations before you start writing about it.

Communication — You need to be a good communicator. If you cannot communicate what you want to express through your blog, the whole point of having a blog fails. If the reader is able to get the essence of your writing, your blog is a successful one. Every blog provides some value to the reader. If you can’t provide the value, you are failing at your customer service.

Patience — You need to be patient. I blogs about startups and marketing. If you search Google about ‘startup and marketing’ blogs you will get about 69,200,000 results. I don’t appear anywhere in the first few results in fact not even in the first 10 pages or though! But you need to be patient and write regularly so that your visitor count increases thereby increasing the engagement of your blog. Remember patience reaps more benefits. Consider your blog as your startup. It takes time to build a startup and make it successful. Remember Rome was not built-in a day!

Consistency — You need to update your blog regularly. This helps to retain your visitors and helps to increase the bounce rate. The interesting content will help to retain your visitors.

Positive Mind — A blogger must accept both positive and negative comments from their readers. Rather than the positive comments, it’s the negative one which helps any blogger to succeed. Criticisms helps you to realize the mistakes and helps you to be a better blogger.

Creative — Creativity leads to interesting content which in turn leads to more visitors. You need to be creative enough to identify the unique topics and write differently about the topic.

Focused Vision — Every blogger has a vision for his blog. That’s why every blog is focused on a particular topic rather than random topics.

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And also make you site content be unique for you to rank well on Google , copy and paste content is not recommended.

It’s not an easy job to be a blogger. Most of you bloggers out there might agree with me.
You could taste the bitterness once you start writing regularly and once you start finding that readers are interested in your blog. Once you gain the traction or the visitors, its hard to sustain the visitor count. It depends on the quality of articles you write and the topics you choose.

Blogging is a task that requires time, hardwork, passion, determination and above all true analytical and reasoning skills. He/She needs to analyse a topic and think through the topic so that he can write about the topic of interest so that its interesting for the readers as well.

Make a resolution in your mind:

For every day, be intentional about what you want, and work it out. Money won’t come to you by luck. In fact luck is only for those who are intentional with their life. Don’t wake every morning doing the same old things you have being doing that didn’t produce result, it will only proof how foolish you are. And I believe you are not foolish. If what you are doing isn’t working change approach, look for a new strategy.

And also, try reading at least one book a week, it will help improve your mind towards wealth creation. Mingle with the right set of people. Follow who know road. So you no go miss road.

Creating a blog could be quite tricky without a guide

I will try and break it down in three simple steps using a house:

If you were to build a house you would need;

1. Location (address)
2. Land(which would carry the house
3. The actual building with designs and decor with includes painting as well

  1. Domain Name

The same goes for a blog or a website, First and foremost you need to decide on what name your blog will bear “This is called a domain name

A domain name is the name your site will bear, like for instance,

Tips: use a domain name that is district, not common, that will enable the search engine to easily display your blog, when being searched.

2.Register your domain name.

There are millions of websites and blogs outthere, There is always a tendency that whatever name you choose for your domain is already being used by someone else

So before your domain name can be registered you will have to check for it availability. And if that particular name is not available you might have to make some slight changes to what you intended to use, they will also give you suggestions relating to what you chose.

After registration comes one of the most important aspect of creating a blog.


Without this step your blog is actually lifeless, it does not exist to the world except you. You can’t host your site yourself, you will need a site that can do that. They are numerous so many, But I will mention but a few;

  • Hostgator
  • Namecheap
  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • Godaddy

This list is endless, those are the once readily coming to mind now. Hosting is not free you have to pay for it.


Free blogs are blogs you don’t have to pay a dime. My people if you intend running a free blog, you don’t want to pay, then forget about blogging. Free blogs have great disadvantages, Except you feel like just playing around, no problem continue playing with free blogs and don’t get intentional with your passion.

One of the major disadvantage of free blog is that it is impossible or close to impossible to monetize. At the end of every free blog you will find see the name of the company showing that the blog is free eg. instead of That is if you are using a WordPress account.

If you are using a free blogger account, you will see something like this, my dear there is nothing free even in free town.

Google won’t even verify your blog for an AdSense account, as such you won’t be able to run google ads. Paid blogs are blogs you actually pay those hosting site in order to get your blog online and accessible from anywhere around the globe.

  1. The actual building and designing of your sites, the outlook and etc

There are three most common site for building your blog
1. WordPress
2. Blogger
3. Tumblr

Among the three WordPress is the most used and is what I recommend for any blogger. That’s what we are going to use. Blogger is owned by google, and is even older than WordPress.I have used blogger and its for babies, they don’t really rank well in search engines.

You are going to visit

Note: it works better on a computer system. So start preparing to get one, very important. You can actually do everything directly from WordPress. Back then, even till now, the norm is to host your site on one of the sites I mentioned then you use WordPress to design it.

99% of almost all the hosting sites supports WordPress. But you can do everything from the wordpress site both hosting and domain name, and designing of the site. Take note you can still start with your phone pending the time you get a system. Very important you get one.

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The cost is #2000 only.

Benefits you get from the class

I will train you till you actually:

  • 1. get your first site, on board,
  • 2. monetize your site
  • 3. Run CPA, CPL, and other affiliate marketing using your blog.
  • 4. Give you hand on support until you hit your first 1000 visitors.

Only if you obey and follow my lead. This class is only for the serious and ready once.


p style=”text-align: center;”>JOIN MY PRACTICAL CLASS FOR $4/#2,000

Interested people want to know if it works. Fascinated people want to learn how it works.

”Except you feel like just playing around, no problem continue playing with free blogs and don’t get intentional with your passion

You can make excuses and you can make money, but you cant make money out of excuses.

If your excuse for not joining the paid group is money, then you have a bad money mindset.
#2000 = 1 sharwama
#2000 = 1 pizza
#2000 = 1 Barbecue
#2000 = 1 ice cream and snacks
#2000 = 1 attachment

Many of you will readily spend your money on the above things that doesn’t added any value to your life. Than for you to excrete into your toilet.

If you can spend money buying such stuff and you find it hard spending the same amount on building and upgrading yourself and adding value to your life, then you have a big problems.

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Let me show you what you stand to miss if you are not in the paid class.

  1. 1 month exclusive mentorship
  2. Copy writing skills and strategies for promoting affiliate links on your blog .

  3. Free content articles that will drive massive traffic to your blog and rank your blog high on google search engine

  4. Creation of attractive landing pages for CPA, CPL CPM campaigns on your page.

  5. I will personally help you promote your blog on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups and on Instagram handles* .
  6. Help you run adsterra ads prior to when google AdSense will be approve

Just imagine the worth of all I have mentioned above is nothing less than #40,000

But you get all the above benefits in the paid practical group for just $4 or #2000 .

Don’t be stingy. To get money you will need money my dear, don’t be deceived.

I need just 10 subscribers nothing more. once the ten complete the price is definitely going up. Just 5 slots left.

You can pay into the bank below and send your proof of payment.

Victor Solomon

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when I was undergoing training in Forex Trading, we were taught to follow the trend.
I later discovered that that principle applies to making money generally, not only in Forex Trading.

Going against the trend is like writing a letter of invitation to failure.
What is a Trend ?: A trend is what is in vogue, that thing that everybody is talking about, that matter wet dey hot. When anything is trending, people will definitely scout the internet looking for any available information about that thing.

As a blogger always follow the trend, you need to be updated. You can give an information that people are not interested in,and expect to get a traffic.

Always be on the look out for what is trending.

Finally, follow the trend early another cause of failure for bloggers is following the trend when it is late, when people have already gotten necessary info they need. In order words TREND WEY DON CAST, don’t follow such. You will only look outdated.

For instance, for a while now, things like, portable has been trending, chilling with the big boys, even the fight between Bobrisky and Tonto was actually trending, but it has already cast.

The key word is: Follow the trend.

Don’t give people information they don’t need.

Money Draws Money

As a blogger, once in a while create one massive content, take your time and give it the best. Then use it to run Facebook ads.
You will not die, at least with #1000 you will get it delivered to up to 1000 people, out of that 1000 peoples, no how 600 or 700 will sure visit your site.

Don’t be stingy, as a blogger you need all the tools especially as a beginner.

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Reason for the paid Practical class

I have realize that more than 50% of the members of this group are dormant and not responsive which implies that they do not have the intentions of becoming a blogger any soon.

Nevertheless the group remains a bloggers group and I will be dropping useful tips for those who are interested and other online money outlets you can make money from. If blogging doesn’t work for you, the something else might work.

So the paid group will commence by Friday this week, its purely practical, and strictly for those who paid.

I need only 10, serious members, who are ready to start blogging in less than a week from now.

Create an affiliate website in 8 simple and practical steps

Time to get to the practical part, so you can get started step by step. You now know how the basics behind an affiliate website work and what types of affiliate websites there are.

Now it’s time for you to get started!

Below you see the 7 simple and practical steps that you will take to start your own affiliate website. I will explain them further so that you can get started right away.

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Choose a product
  3. Register a domain name
  4. Set up your website
  5. Do keyword research
  6. Write valuable content
  7. Fine-tune and scale-up

1 Choose a niche for your website

This is the most important step! Choose a topic that interests you. That makes it so much easier to work on your affiliate website. Even in the beginning when it doesn’t yield anything. It provides the motivation to continue and write valuable articles.

There are many different niches to write about and where you can find all kinds of products to promote as an affiliate. Examples of well-known niches are; health, fitness, hobby, business, love, or personal development.

Sub-topics can be found within these large broad niches. Such as eating sugar-free, exercising for mothers, sewing, making money with affiliate marketing, or changing your mindset.

Choose a niche that suits you, that you know something about and that you feel comfortable with. This ensures that you can easily move into your target group. This makes it much easier to write articles, they are much more valuable and it costs much less energy.

Do not choose a subject that does not suit you based on high commissions. Then you won’t last long. This means you already give up before you make money…. it’s a shame

Think carefully about the topics you are interested in. Which you already know a lot about. Or which you are interested in learning more about.

2 Choose which product you will promote

There are hundreds of products to promote. Now that you know your niche after taking step 1, you start looking for products or services that match it. When choosing a product, pay attention to how much competition there is and how well the product is selling.

Think about the products or services that you use yourself and that you have had good experiences with. About the courses, you have taken yourself and the books you have read. A course that you would like to take yourself or a product that you would like to have and which you can then write an article about.

From that point of view, you look for affiliate products to promote.

You may end up with a large affiliate network. Another way is to contact a seller of a course or product you want to promote and ask if they also have an affiliate program. You can also search on Google for an affiliate program or partner programs of the company you want to work with.

3 Register a matching domain name and choose your hosting

You know your niche and you have chosen your first product. Now it’s time for a matching domain name. Keep the domain name as short as possible. Make sure that your domain name immediately makes it clear what your website is about.

Also, make sure you have an SSL certificate so that your website has a secure connection. Important to make your visitors feel safe and to rank well in Google.

Also, choose your hosting package. Hosting stands for a piece of space that you rent on a computer that is connected to the internet day and night. So your website is available 24/7.

4 Set up your website

Yes, your domain name is registered! Now it’s time to set up your own website.

Setting up your own website starts with installing a CMS.

A CMS ensures that you can place articles on your website. A good and widely used CMS is WordPress.

Once you’re done with this, choose a theme to download on your website. There are many different WordPress themes to choose from. Both are free and paid.

5 Look for relevant keywords

To write good articles that attract visitors, it is important to know what people are searching for on Google. This will attract the right visitors to your website.

That’s why you don’t just start writing, but first, do keyword research.

Keywords say something about the search intent of your visitors. By doing research you find out which keywords and terms people often search for. What kind of questions do they ask and what do they want answers to.

6. Write valuable content

Now you have arrived at the step of actually writing. When writing, keep in mind that you are always writing for your readers. Not for the search engine.

The goal is to give your readers the most valuable information there is, so they can get answers to all their questions. Then they don’t have to look any further and they click on your affiliate link when they want to buy.

But your story should also be easy to read for your visitors and convincing.

7 Fine-tune and scale

The foundation for your website is now in place. Now you must keep writing about topics that fit within your niche and that you always write good content.

Keep working on your website. Post valuable articles. Turn your readers into buyers. Keep going consistently.

Then there will be more and more visitors and more and more buyers.

You scale up by getting more commissions from your website. For example, by promoting different products that fit within your niche on 1 website.

If you have issues with the above explanation. Don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Many of you, I know are not interested in Learning the basis of creating a blog.

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You just want a ready made blog, to start using immediately?

Goodness I have an offer for you.

For a personal = #7599

For Business blog = #12,000

I will do all the necessary stores of hosting and designing.

Your own is to just start posting your articles.

The offer also comes with a 2weeks support to enable you understand how to manage your blog.

Top 4 Niche you should focus on as a blogger in Nigeria

1. Entertainment: people are always interested in any celebrity news, and with and entertainment blog, you can’t run out of ideas. There will always be something to write, something trending. Celebrities will always cause controversies which will lead to potential news.

2. Sports: As long as sport is concerned, especially football, there will always be news. Messi and Ronaldo alone is enough news.
Just giving your opinion on the two of them, and you will see how people will be swarming to your site to read and drop their comment. You will cash out real time with a sport blog.

3. Politics: As long as Nigeria is concerned, we are politically unstable, especially as we are about to get into 2022, campaign will start, memorandum will be released, politicians will defect, they will attack each other, thugs will start working. Bokoharm dey, IPOP dey, and KANU is still in custody. This one is just free news ideas for you.

4. Online Money Making: Everybody is either trying to get an awareness for their business online, or they want to fully face online business. Which ever one, people are flocking to the Internet’s en mass, daily looking for any available means of making money online. Building a blog which shows people different ways of making money online is another oil well for bloggers.

Thank you very much for reading. You can call me for any of your questions or personal discussion.

Call: +234 814 855 7646


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