Sleep With Me Episode One

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Sleep With Me Chapter One

Gabriel and Paige have now been married nine years, their son, Lorenzo is now eight and their daughter, Anna-Lisa, five years old. Paige woke up in the morning to find Gabriel not in bed, getting up she quickly showered and changed. The children had spent the night at their grandmother’s so she went in search of her husband.

Walking into the kitchen she asked one of the maids if they knew where he was.
“Yes, ma’am, Mr. Maestri is in the gym.”
She smiled sweetly at the older maid, Beverly.

The woman had been working for them going on seven years, she was in her fifties and adored the children. She also helped out with the kids whenever she was needed and they had grown to love her. Leaving the kitchen she made her way down to the gym. She opened the door and quietly stepped inside to watch him.

Leaning against the wall she felt the desire building up inside her. He still had a great body, his muscles toned, flat stomach. Her eyes followed the droplets of sweat falling from his face and neck onto his bare chest. Her core throbbed at the sight of the muscles in his arms and legs flexing as he worked out on the treadmill.

He sensed that someone was in the room, looking up and seeing her he smiled. Even to this day, his heart would melt whenever she was near him. She was even more beautiful now than she was the first time he laid eyes on her.
She walked over to him. “Gabriel, you work out way too much.”
“I have to.”

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He looked at her while he kept running. “Because of you Angel, I need to keep myself fit so that your eyes don’t wander towards someone younger and more fit.”

“Gabriel, you are talking nonsense. I will only have eyes for you. You are the strongest and most handsome man I have ever known. There is no need for you to push yourself so hard, you will hurt yourself.”

He turned off the machine and looked at her, there was a glint of anger in his eyes. “We have been married nine years now and you haven’t changed one little bit.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said, picking up one of the towels she started wiping the sweat from his face.
“I have lines around my eyes and a touch of grey in my hair. You, on the other hand, have no signs of ageing. There is not one line or wrinkle anywhere on your face or body. Your skin is so soft and your breasts are so firm, it’s not normal.”

She stopped wiping him off to look into his eyes, she could see he was angry and was wondering why. “Why does this make you angry? I thought men loved having a young-looking wife.” He held her chin in his hand, looking back at her. “I’m ageing and you’re not. I see the way men look at you, knowing what they’re thinking.

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It takes all of my willpower not to beat them to death. You’re still so beautiful and sweet, sometimes I think you’re not human.” He pulled her roughly into his arms. “Tell me Angel, are you a witch and do you have me under your spell?
She didn’t mind the smell of sweat coming from him when he held her. “I don’t know what I am, but it is you, that has me under your spell.” She placed the palms of her hands on the sides of his face. “I love you and no matter how much grey you have in your hair or lines in your face I will always desire you.”

His heart started racing when he looked into her eyes, he felt he was drowning in. “After all these years together I still get turned on by you. Can you feel how hard I am?” he asked, placing his hands on her he pulled her up against him.
“I feel you,” she said, her heart was pounding inside her chest. Over the years her love and sexual desire for him grew stronger. She loved his strength, the way he dominated her in the bedroom. But outside of the bedroom, he treated her with respect and as an equal.

“When are the kids coming home?” he asked, cupping her ass in the palms of his hands.
She let out a gasp when he pushed her up harder against his hardening manhood. “Later. Your mother and Mitch are taking them to their English lesson then out for breakfast. Why?” she asked, but she already knew the answer.


“I need a shower and you’re taking one with me,” he said, pulling her into the room that had a shower. It was the bathroom he had built in his workout room. It also had a closet with fresh clothes for both of them, it was easier this way then having to go through the house back to their bedroom.
In a blink of an eye, he had her stripped naked and under the water.

She shivered a little when the cool tile touched her back when he pushed her up against it. When his lips went to her neck and moved down she gripped the bars he had installed for this purpose. She arched her back when his mouth got in between her legs, his tongue licking the folds of her heat.

A loud moan escaped her mouth when his tongue surged in deeper, hitting the spot that made her legs buckle, a good thing the bars were there for her to hang onto. It felt like a bolt of lightning surging through her body when she orgasmed.

He loved the fact that after all this time he could satisfy her, each time just kept getting better. Cupping her butt cheeks he lifted her up and felt her legs wrapping around him. His mouth came down hard and rough as he kissed her with a hunger only she could bring out in him. His shaft was hard and throbbing when he entered her.

His need for release was great, he began thrusting inside her, making her backside slam back against the wall. Her sweet moans added fuel to his desire. Removing his mouth from her he grunted, panting and shockwaves coursed through his body when he gave a couple more hard thrusts before releasing into her.

The palms of his hands rested against the shower wall as he tried to catch his breath. Her slender legs were still wrapped around him and her arms around his neck. After catching their breath she slid her legs down, placing her feet on the floor. “Angel, I love you so much, you are my life and without you, I would cease to live.” He then kissed her forehead, her nose and finally her lips.

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They both stepped out of the shower, grabbed some towels and dried off. They went through another door that joined the bathroom where some clothes were hanging on hooks and in the dresser. Putting on fresh clothes she picked up the hairdryer and started drying her hair, Gabriel stood behind her, checking out the few grey hairs on his head.
“I think I’ll get something to get rid of this grey.”

Putting the dryer down she turned to him. “Don’t you dare,” she said, touching them. “I like it, it makes you look distinguished and really sexy.”

“If I get any more you’ll soon be able to call me daddy,” he said, scoffing.
She gave him a sexy smile, tracing his bottom lip with her fingertips. “I could call you daddy in bed if you like?”

He put his hands on her waist, drawing her closer, his eyes sparkled, a glint of mischief in them. “That sounds hot, a bit kinky and I like it.” As much as he would have liked to ravish her once again he knew the kids would be home soon. “We should go get something to eat, we have worked up quite an appetite.”

Walking hand in hand they went into the dining room, letting the cook know they were ready for their breakfast. He sat watching Paige eat, it always amazed him how much she could eat and never gain an ounce whereas he could easily gain weight.

Over the years he had tried to find any family she might have, knowing there had to be someone, a grandparent, an uncle. But every private investigator he hired came up empty-handed. He never did tell her about it, hoping to surprise her.
She looked up at him with her mouth full of Belgium waffles, her favourite and saw him watching her. “Why are you watching me eat?”

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“I like watching everything you do,” he said, seeing the droplet of syrup on her lip he leaned over, using his tongue to lick it off her. “Damn woman, if the staff wasn’t around I’d knock everything off the table, strip you naked and pour syrup over your body and lick it off. You will be the death of me someday.”

She giggled and using her finger she pointed over to where one of the maids was removing the leftover food from the side table, the poor woman’s face was beet red.

Gabriel glanced over and back at Paige. He leaned over, speaking quietly so that the maid wouldn’t hear him. “She’s new and will soon get used to us.” At least he hoped she would, over the years he had scared many away with his open affection for Paige.

When they finished with their breakfast he went into his office to do some work. Paige went to her special room that he had converted into a pottery studio when she took up pottery. He bought her every piece of equipment she needed for her hobby. She was quite good at it and he knew she enjoyed making things with her hands.

Many of her pieces were placed throughout the house, some were given away as gifts. One-piece, in particular, he liked a lot. It was a colourful vase which he kept in his office and every now and then he would sit back in his chair and just stare at it. There was something magical about it, maybe it was because it was one of the first pieces she made and had given it to him as a gift.

Two hours later she had her studio rearranged the way she wanted it. Looking at the time she knew the children would be home soon so she went to get Gabriel. They made it a point of greeting their children together when they had been gone for a while. “Gabriel, would you like to join me in the family room? Our babies will be home soon.”

He looked up from his desk, smiled at her and stood up. “I can’t wait to see them, it’s way too quiet here without them. I miss Anna-Lisa’s constant chattering and Lorenzo’s never-ending questions.”

“Your son is just like you, he needs to know every detail about everything. He looks up to you and he knows you’ll always tell him the truth. He wants to be just like you when he grows up.”

He puts his arm around her when they sat down. “He will be a better man than I was.”
“Don’t say that. You are a wonderful man, a great father and your children love and respect you.”

“My father was a cruel man, never showed love and taught me to be the same way. If it weren’t for you I would have turned out to be like him, maybe even worse.” He cupped her face in his hands and stared into her eyes. “You showed me what love was and how to love. Our children will never have to suffer the way I had, they will never know such cruelty from me.”

“You are nothing like him, nor could you ever be as cruel as him. I’m just thankful that our children can never know him. I still get chills when I think of what he tried to do to us. But your poor mother, what she had to endure all those years. I’m so glad that you both have gotten so close.”

“Me too. I hated her for so many years and if only I had known the truth things would have been so different. She sacrificed her happiness and safety to keep me alive. But she is free from that bastard, we all are.”
Just then they heard the sound of Anna-Lisa’s voice running down the hall towards them.

To Be Continued

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