Skrill Review 2022: Skrill Pros and Cons

Skrill is well known as an online e-commerce service company like Moneybookers, allowing its users to send money in various currencies locally and internationally. We have Skrill pros and Cons.

Skrill, known as an online payment system, was established way back in the year 2001 and the competing with many other similar online payment companies like Paypal.

So, in this blog post on review, we’ll take a closer look at skills benefits, covering Skrill’s Pros and Cons, exchange rates, debit cards, credit card options, is Skrill legit, and more.

Is Skrill Legit?

Is Skrill legit? Yes, it is. Skrill has been around for a long time now. We haven’t heard some complaints about its platform. Skrill is a secure and safe online payment platform registered in the United Kingdom. You can consider trying it out.

If you’re concerned about how your personal information will be treated and how Skrill handles privacy issues, review Skrill’s privacy policies and the terms and conditions.

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Skrill Pros and Cons

Skrill is an excellent service for some people. However, it could not be the best choice for all users. It is all about what you want it to do. Is Skrill the right choice for your needs? Can you review the Pros and Cons?

Pro: Skrill has Personal and Business Accounts

Suppose you want to use Skrill online payment for businesses, whether you’re buying or selling goods, freelancing, etc. Using a Skrill Business account will be more beneficial for you.

It will help customers “Move your money where you want when you want.” It allows you to transfer money to a variety of currencies, and it also allows quick withdrawals.

Pro: It’s Safe

Skrill is very secure and safe. It has been known to be controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority since day one, when the online payment company was launched. It has always followed strict regulations and rules and has done everything in its capabilities to ensure that its customers, their funds, and their money are safe and secure.

Pro: Includes a Prepaid Card

By 2020, Skrill will offer a prepaid card linked with the Skrill accounts and can withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases in person. It is easy to set up and is relatively inexpensive to use. There are, however, a couple of fees to be aware of, as we have outlined within the list of prices for Skrill.

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Pro: Skrill Works on Many Devices

It is possible to use Skrill directly from your browser, which is compatible with most platforms and web browsers. It’s also available on mobile devices, and users can install the Skrill application via either the Android or an iOS store for apps.

Con: Verification Can Take Time

Even though there was a time when many Skrill reviewers complained about the verification process taking a lot of time to process, the complaint is being resolved by this current period of writing this blog post.

So for the verification process to be completed, it is necessary to present a photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport and a utility bill that acts as evidence of address.

Con: Limited Customer Service

Skrill Chatbots are available, known as Sofia; however, you won’t be directly connected to an actual customer service representative. Skrill Chatbots will solve some of the issues concerning the Skrill; if you have questions or complaints about their services that are unsolved by Skrill Chatbots, kindly reach out to their customer service via email:

Does Skrill Work in Nigeria?

Yes. Skrill is accessible in Nigeria. It provides an eWallet for people living in Nigeria that offers payment via money transfers, investing, shopping, etc. Skrill accounts are registered entirely free.

How to Open a Skrill Account in Nigeria

Skrill provides Business and Personal accounts. You can use the Business account to take payments on the internet by connecting to your site. Skrill Personal accounts are used to transfer funds, make purchases, and do online shopping. 

Below we listed steps on how to open a skrill account in Nigeria; make sure you follow it thoroughly with mistakes:

  • To establish a Skrill account in Nigeria, it is necessary to have an account with a bank 
  • The valid email address and a Visa/MasterCard credit or debit card. 
  • To begin, you must visit the Skrill sign-up page and click the “Sign Up” button.
  • You must fill in your email address and password, 
  • Fill in the form by providing details like the type of account (personal or commercial)
  • Enter your home country and enter your currency. 
  • Select your preferred choice of language (English) 
  • Enter your personal information. 
  • Enter your telephone number, check the “I’m not a robot” box,
  • Agree to Skrill’s terms of service and conditions of use. 
  • Click “Open Account” to open your Skrill account.

How to Verify Skrill Account in Nigeria

The Skrill account verification process is in line with strict requirements of the regulatory system that prevent fraud and ensure that you can always access your funds. Skrill account verification can also help in increasing your transaction limits. To verify the account Skrill.

  • Sign in to your Skrill account 
  • Navigate to “Settings,” 
  • Click on the “Settings”
  • Select “Verification” from the “Verification” tab 
  • Click “Verify Now” to begin the verification process.

Skrill ID Verification

You’ll be required to submit a photo or scan image of your passport, driver’s license, or ID card to confirm your identity. It is possible to take a picture with the Skrill mobile app or webcam and upload it to the website to be verified.

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How do I deposit money into a Skrill Account within Nigeria?

You can deposit into your Skrill account with a bank transfer, credit, or debit card.

How do I Send Money using Skrill?

Skrill allows its users to send money in more than 40 currencies. The exchange rate for Skrill transfers, including different currencies, is 3.99 percent. To start, 

  • Log into the Skrill account 
  • Click the “Send money now” button. 
  • Enter the amount you want to send and the method by which you plan to make payment for your transfer. 
  • You can transfer money to someone’s Skrill account or directly to the account on their bank.

How to withdraw money out of Skrill in Nigeria

You can withdraw from your Skrill account using a bank transfer, debit, or credit card (Visa). To start, 

  • sign in to your account, 
  • select “Withdraw” and choose the method you wish to make use of., 
  • enter the amount you’d like to withdraw 
  • follow the steps to process your withdrawal.

You must access a domiciliary account to handle your withdrawals if you receive foreign currency or money.

Domiciliary accounts are an account that allows international transactions and acts in the capacity of a saving account for foreign currency. The accounts are primarily by US dollars, sterling pounds, Sterling dollars, and Euros.

Skrill Supported Banks in Nigeria

Several banks are compatible with Skrill within Nigeria. These comprise GTBank, Access Bank Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank, Zenith Bank Plc, First Bank, United Bank of Africa, Fidelity Bank, Union Bank, FCMB Bank, and Stanbic IBTC Bank.

Skrill Fees in Nigeria

Skrill has low costs to use its service. The charges for withdrawals, deposits, as well as receipts are the following:

  • Deposits. Skrill charges a 2.5 percent fee on the amount you make deposits using Visa cards, American Express cards, JCB cards, MasterCard, Diners Club cards, and international payment services such as Quick Transfer, Neteller, Klarna Paysafecash, Quick bank transfer, etc.
  • Receipts. Skrill does not charge any fees for the permit of cash.
  • Withdrawals. Skrill will charge a 1.75 percent fee on withdrawals that exceed the maximum amount of PS10. Skrill also charges 2.99 percent for transfers between EUR, USD, PLN, and GBP currencies. Transfers that involve currency conversions are charged 3.99 percent.

Frequently asked questions

How can I close or delete my Skrill account?

Take these steps to stop your Skrill account to get it free of charge:

  • Log into your account, and withdraw the entire amount of money.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Account Settings and tap Close Account.

Note: Any funds not withdrawn before the account is closed forfeited to Skrill.

How can I reach Skrill Customer Service?

Skrill customer support is available via email:

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