Here Are The Secret Ways To Love Your Partner

Many wives are frustrated and tired of their marriages because of how unromantic their husbands are.

Their husbands are predictable, always doing one thing all the time, no varieties. Many single ladies and married wives are just enduring their marriages but it can be different dear husbands if you will put into practice what I’ll be sharing with you.


Shower Her With Affection

The Bible commanded husbands to love their wives. It was for a reason, because the basic need of every woman is love, in other words affection. So, shower her with love and affection. Confess your love always to her and back it up with action.

“My wife knows that I love her” is not enough. Prove your love to her. Let her feel the love not assume it. Your wife isn’t in your mind to know what’s going on there. So, vocalize and “actionize” your affection for her.

Her Love Language

Everyone has a love language. Love language means those things people do to us that makes us feel loved the most. There are 5 of them, words of affirmation, touching, acts of service, receiving of gifts and spending quality time

The best way to love your wife is to speak her love language-the thing(s) that makes her to feel loved the most. So, simply ask your wife, “What are those things that I’m doing or you will want me to start doing that will make you to feel loved most?” Learn her love language and speak it regularly.

Listening To Her

Many wives have a lot to say but unfortunately their husbands aren’t listening. In fact, so of them see it as a disturbance. When you are always there to listen both to the nonsense and sensible things she has to say, she will feel loved. Remember, when you fail to listen, someone else will do the job for you and you know what that means.

Protect Her

Among the basic things a woman needs is protection and this is why a lot of women will go for a bad guy that will protect them than to a gentleman they aren’t such will protect them

When your woman feel secured with and in you, she will definitely feel loved. Women need protection. Forget about the camouflage attitude some of them put up that they don’t need protection.

It’s not true. Deep down within they longed to be protected. So, protect your woman from harm, family members, friends, neighbors etc., she will definitely feel loved.

Don’t beat and abuse her, protect her that’s why you have stronger body structure than she.

Respect Her

On a normal basis, everyone supposed to be respected first as a human. So, respect your woman first as a human. Stop shouting at her. Treat her with respect. Let her feel respected and she will feel loved consequently.

Many men don’t regard their wives. They talk to them anyhow they want, treat them badly. Dear husband, you ain’t the only one deserving respect, your wife deserves it too.

Give Her Gifts

I have seen some husbands bought gifts for their wives, the kind of reaction it provokes in their wives was awesome. Some of them broke down in tears, some of them shouted in excitement etc.

For many woman, it’s not really about the gift they cherish but the thought behind the gift. For you to get them a gift means you’re thinking about them and that’s what they cherish.

So, once a while surprise her with gifts and she’ll feel loved. “My husband loves me” she will be telling her colleagues. Shoes, clothes, money, bags, gadgets are all type of gift you can give to her.

Spend Time With Her

For many woman, it’s not really your money they want. What they want is for you to spend quality time with them. They want you more than the money you’re giving to them.

Spend time with her. Don’t talk about the kids or the problems at home. Talk about something else. Watch a movie together. Have time for her. We create time for the things we love.

Help Her

If you want your wife to feel loved then you have to help out in the house. Domestic chores isn’t exclusive for her. Help her wash the dishes, sweep and arrange the house, carry and babysit the baby. Sometimes ask her to relax while you prepare a meal for the family. Sometimes, ask her not to cook while you guys eat out. Just help her.

Compliment Her

Sometimes when your wife asks you how does she look, she knows that she is cool but she wants you to praise and compliment her.

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Learn to shower praises on your wife, compliment her appearance, compliment her new hairstyle, praise her food, praise her efforts in the running of the family. Just shower with praises. She will be dying in love.

Give Her Attention

Many wives are practically begging their husbands for attention. If they are not glued to the TV watching football match, they are on the phones surfing the net.

It’s frustrating when your wife is talking to you but you ain’t paying attention. If it’s possible, stop whatever you are doing and give attention her whenever she’s talking to you. She’s feel both respected and loved.

Satisfy Her

Many wives don’t know what is orgasm since they get married because oga is not doing his job well. Many of them are frustrated. They find it boring and uninteresting when they husbands begins to make a move of “the other room” because it’s the same story every time.

So, learn to satisfy her sexually. Don’t be selfish and after your own satisfaction alone, seek hers too. I tell you, when you always satisfy her in bed, she will become Oliver Twist, always asking for more. When you do your best to satisfy her in this area, she will feel loved.

When a woman understands that you are committed to both her happiness and to making her a better person, not only that she will love you scatter but she will feel loved.

Play With Her

In a every woman is a baby girl wanting to play. Create time to play with her. Chase her around the house, pillow fight, whot, ludo, games etc., are the kind of play you should be playing with her. Couples that plays together stay together.

Marriage is not a military barracks or zone. Let their fun in your marriage. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured.

Call Her Pet Names

I do hear many husbands calling their wives by the name of one of their kids. You will hear things like mama Esther, Iya Segun, excuse me sir, it’s not right!

What happened to baby girl, Dear, Sweetheart, Honey, Darling, Sweety, My Love etc? Call your wife romantic names, she will feel loved.

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