She Dropped Out of The Car, Crossed The Road, Took a Bike And Went Back Home

What’s your take on this…Let’s advice this guy positively……

Good day Nairablink,
Pls post this for me.
My fiancee told me last weekend that she was bored and I promised to take her out within the week, but I forgot and she called me during the week to remind me.

To be honest, I had no plans to go out that evening but I got dressed, and drove to her place.

After picking her up, we stopped to buy fuel at the filling station…

My mistake was that I paid the fuel attendant, before she started filling my tank.

After the girl finished, I was about driving off when the girl started shouting and creating a scene that I haven’t paid her.

People gathered, instead of my woman to support me that she saw when I gave her the money…

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The only thing she said was that I should give the girl another 5k, the attendant said “ehen even aunty na my witness”.

Instead of my woman to say something, do you know that she quietly got down from my car, crossed the road, took a bike and went back to her house.

When the manager came out and everything was narrated to her, she asked the girl who owns the money she was holding?

She said it was the 5k the manager asked her to bring, and the man is here claiming he has given me money(it wasn’t a small scene ooo).

The manager now told her but you have given me 5k now in my office, this must be this man’s money.

That was how the matter was settled and they apologized to me..

After the whole trouble alone oo, i called her and she said she has gone back home, that what is 5k that i was making noise and embarrassing us in public?

After i got over the shock,i quietly sent her a message and told her officially that it was over..

We have done introduction but due to COVID -19, we suspended things.

Her people said, I am overreacting!!!

Please how am I over reacting??
Am I really over reacting?
What if they killed me there?

And my only witness left me to die!!

How can my wife to be abandon me in the midst of such crisis?

Can such a person standby me in future?

Too many things running through my mind.
She is 32 years old not like she’s a baby.

Abeg what can I do, I need your advice please?

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