See The Secret That Fetched Me More Than 40,000 Monthly On Opera News Hub

A writer on Operanewhub @heathwealth narrates how he made 22k, 41k on the platform repeatedly.

I’am a writer on Opera News Hub, and I am happy to say I’m very happy with the platform. The introduction of its platform has brought smile into many Nigerians.

I’m a living example, because Opera News Hub didn’t make me to feel frustrated during this ongoing lock down.

As everybody is idle reception , the platform keeps me busy doing something meaningful that pays my pocket every mid-month.

It also helped my life in numerous other ways. as an example , it broaden up my horizon in terms of knowledge and important details.

It also helped my vocabulary and words, with many other things not mentioned now.

I started Opera News Hub doing the month of March. It had been then a head-knock on me.

I don’t want to be having low clicks, and mostly sometime rejections. I got tired afterwards, refused to post until pay day on April. I was paid N185.

When I saw the number , I was not encouraged and thus begin to need it more serious.

Within the month of May, I was paid N22, 574.62. I was happy, so I pulled more effort thereto. Within the month of June 12 precisely, to my surprise, I was paid N41, 628.17.

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How did I improved so much? I learnt tons from my mistakes, and other people things I learnt from, improved my knowledge.

Today, I’m sharing with you ways I managed to improved such tons on my article that made me to earn so hugely.

See the key I applied here;

  1. I studies people’s articles, especially the headlines. Many writers used to make error within the headline of a bit of writing.

Before posting any article, the first thing I do is to check the title on the search box to determine similar or related headlines.

From there I amplified it on mine.

With that, you are going to be unlikely get rejected.

  1. I checked articles posted by other writers to review what’s trending as news on the platform.

From there, ideas comes in, which i can now do some research on the topic that comes to my mind.

How will I know?

Any news trending and having clicks normally have enough numbers of messages and likes.

That tells you what readers desires to determine and skim. As an example, recently what was trending on social media was about rape and curvy girls.

So I made a choice to undertake to research on them for my very own post. Behold, things were working well on behalf of me .

  1. Your article are often rejected thanks to the photos I used.

What are those photos that gets articles rejected?

Those photos like; pornography, corpses with stains of blood, unclear photo. So you are doing not use such photos.

The photos with corpses and blood, you’ll use photo editor to vary the graphics.

  1. Don’t do copy and paste. Copy and paste will get your articles rejected. The only thing you can do in copying another person’s articles is to read their stories then develop yours.

My own advice, don’t even try it. Why? It gets you low clicks and you’ll not even go far. Because no readers would adore to read the same stories that that they had already read again.

  1. Inspect the categories of stories that captures people’s attentions. as an example , sports, entertainment, politics and tragedies.

  2. Followers is another secret to earn big on Opera News Hub. The more your clicks, the more your followers. The more followers, the more your clicks increases.

  3. Headlines and banners are vital in capturing readers’ attention. Your headlines must be topic which can arouse readers’ attention. what’s your banners?

Banners are the photos you used. That photo must be related to your topic.

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