Sapa: How To Survive Sapa and How To Prevent it in 2022

This write up is prepared mostly for Nigerians and citizens of African countries on how to survive SAPA and how to prevent it in 2022.

Sapa is a slang word that has been used to describe a state of being broke and if it’s not handled well can lead to poverty.
According to Urban dictionary, Sapa is a term used in Nigerian Pidgin English to describe a state of being extremely broke or poor, usually after spending extravagantly.

For instance, when you cannot afford your bills or immediate needs, it simply means Sapa has finally visited you. Condolences!

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But the relief is that you can get over from this Sapa fever and you can also prevent it from coming to you, especially those who are smart and can plan their finances.

This year 2022, say NO to Sapa. Sapa will not be our portion, Amen!

Here are 7 ways to avoid Sapa and prevent it:

1. Create/Set a Financial Plan/Budget

If you want to make a better financial decisions, the first thing you need to do is to create a spending budget. If you are spending more than what you are earning, you are inviting “Sapa”.

But if you have a spending budget, it will enable you to track your expenses which can help you spend better. Make sure you have a money making plan. If your income is small and it isn’t enough at all, you can plan to earn more. What more jobs can I do? What skills do I have that can earn me more money?

2. Save Part of Your Income:

If you are a salary earner, you should know that your salary is accounted for, from buying food stuffs, paying utility bills, and supporting your family. You can see that it might not be easy for you to reach those goals you have set if you are not disciplined or determined.

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Atleast you must be saving minimum of 20% of your monthly revenue. So if for instance, you earn 100,000 every month, your monthly savings should be atleast N20,000, you can also save more than that. It depends on you.

3. Avoid Debt:

If you want to avoid Sapa this 2022, you need to avoid Debt. Debt is one of the enemies of becoming wealthy. Why did I say that? The reason is because when you owe someone, immediately salary comes to your hand, you will have to pay your debt first in order to avoid insults, when you do that, your salary has reduced.

How will the remaining money be enough for you? That means you will still have to borrow another money before the end of the month again. When will that one stop? Although, we can understand that there are some cases where you will need to request a loan or borrowing money seems justified, however it is advisable that after you have collected the loan, you should take deliberate steps towards paying the debt.

4. Always Remember That There’s Food at Home:

Food vendors normally put in their best in order to make the food sweet, to the extent that even though you have food at home, some people will still go to food vendor to patronize them.

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They will be like “I still have some money in my account, let me use this one to enjoy my life”, as you are doing that, don’t forget that the money in your bank account is reducing not increasing.

Invest your money in beans, rice and little food stuff you can afford, don’t let pride prevent you from drinking garri. Don’t let Buhari succeed in sending you to the village, better wise up.

5. Have Multiple Streams of Income:

You can avoid “Sapa” totally when you have different streams of income. You have streams of expenses why can’t you have different streams of income.

When you have streams of income, sapa won’t be able to come near you. Sapa fears those that have streams of income. When money is coming to you daily from different sources, where did Sapa want to follow to come to you.

Look for buisnesses that you can add to your job, especially daily business like having a shop and selling in front of your house or renting a shop and selling something that will bring daily income to you or you can start online business that pays, that can also pursue sapa from you.

6. Becareful of POS Transactions and Transfer:

This “Let’s go to the nearby paga shop or you can do transfer” thing is a trap. Becareful of how you just go to the paga shop daily to withdraw.

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Run from going to the paga shop daily so that Sapa will run from you. All the “I can transfer it, send me your account details” will ruin you faster than you think. You can go to the paga shop today, withdraw the money you will spend for that week, and manage it seriously in order for it to be enough for that one week.

7. Avoid Cruise Shopping, Flexing, Actively:

I am not saying, you should not go for shopping, but don’t let it be daily. There are some people that goes to club every Fridays, Sunday or weekend, they normally go for shopping. This kills slowly.

There is this confidence that enters your soul from time to time when money comes to your hand, “let me go and flex, I have been working for days, let me go and enjoy myself, I can’t come and die.” Some will even go the extent of going out with their babe and they will lavish more than what they plan to spend. Wise up. Spend wisely this year 2022.

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In conclusion, if you want to avoid Sapa, avoid wasteful spending. If you really enjoy this article kindly share this with your friends!

That KS for reading, Don’t just enjoy reading, share!

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