Ruling or Ruining The Nation -Addressing The Nigeria Political Elites

Ruling or ruining the nation, addressing the Nigeria political elites.

By Idris Kehinde Ismail:

The central goal of politics is to get the greater welfare of the people, protecting person, property and honour. It is to secure the fortune and future of generations of people within a political territorial boundary.

This involves among other things, the cultivation of human and natural resources within and without the territorial integrity for the greater goal of delivering welfare of the citizens. This is what gives guarantee of effective obedience, patriotism and loyalty from citizens to the political leadership.

Generally, crop of individuals are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the welfare of the citizens, maximizing the physical, human, natural, material and immaterial resources of the nation in question.

This crop of individuals determines whether the future of the country is blossoming or glooming. They are to determine whether the nation will grow in resources and strength or groan under perpetual lamentation and helplessness.

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This crop of people enjoy opportunity of good education and leverages above vast majority of citizens.

They are ordinarily prepared to give the nation a leap and citizens a reason to be patriotic. They were originally meant to rule the nation and make her navigate the ocean of greatness and take her to the next plateau of development.

These crop of people abound in all nations and they are called POLITICAL ELITES. The Political elites enjoy a kind of common understanding and mutual code over which direction to take their nation to. If they think well of their nation and agreed to take her to enviable heights, then they will RULE the Nation and not ruin the nation.

If perchance, the political elites reached unanimous decision to enrich themselves at the peril of the nation and disadvantage of the citizens, then they RUIN the nation.

The nations of the world thriving with happy and patriotic citizens reaching for the moon, the nations of the world where food production was in abundance and developments following developments have POLITICAL ELITES who have chosen to RULE as against RUIN their nation.

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Therefore, they established hospitals such that themselves, family and entire citizens attend for health services . They established schools and colleges where children of the president and citizens attend together. They create facilities good enough for both the leaders and citizens to attend without special distinction.

They provide housing with uniform standard for all citizens irrespective of status and a transport system good enough for citizens and president.

They establish companies where only criteria for employment is MERIT, not attachment to the leadership. They provide welfare facilities for the vulnerables as a matter of CONSTITUTION not FAVOUR

The Nations of the world crawling and under perpetual lamentation also has POLITICAL ELITES who unfortunately instead of RULING are RUINING their Nation. Nigeria unfortunately fall under this painful category of Nations of the world.

Main Aims and Objectives of The Politz Elites

  • These political elites established hospitals they and family cannot attend for they prepare it as ‘mortuary’ for citizens.
  • They established schools where they can never enrol their children because it was meant to be BURIAL GROUND for potentials.
  • They cares not for ROAD maintenance for they have no need of it as they ply the AIR not the LAND.
  • They hardly provide recreation facilities because they are afraid of mixing with citizens they claim to lead.
  • They kill patriotism in their citizens for lack of welfare programmes and the citizens are ready to sell the Nation to take thevnext meal.

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The NIGERIA case is a sad case study

We got primary schools our POLITICAL ELITES never enrol their kids, Universities their children never attend, hospitals their families never patronise, roads they never ply , facilities that never meant to serve the citizens.

Whoever falls into category of POLITICAL ELITES in Nigeria should answer the following questions and confirm if you are ruling Nigeria or ruining the Nation

1. Are your children attending the school you established as President, Governor, Local government Chairman, Senator , honorable members ( Federal and state), councillors, commissioners for Education and Education Secretary?

2. Are you attending hospitals you established and over which you defend budget when your health and that of your family fails as minister of health, commissioners of health (and other political elites) or you established it as ‘glorified mortuary’ for citizens ?

3. Do you find it comfortable to ply the roads over which so much budget you have been presenting years after years ?

4. Do you accommodate your citizens like human being or they live in shanties ?

Do you reserve GRA (Government Reserve Areas) for your self and ‘GRA’ (Government Rejected Area) for the citizens ?

5. Do you kill merit to reserve juicy jobs for your not-too-competent children and family members ?

Dear POLITICAL ELITES if your answer to the above questions are YES, You are certainly RUINING the Nation and never RULING .

I think the NIGERIA POLITICAL ELITES should take the huge lessons COVID-19 has exposed them all to.

And to the FELLOW CITIZENS, for how long are we going to enjoy this RUINATION as against RULERSHIP


Ile Ajeja Oje Ibadan



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