Review: A Macro Lens, The Nokia 5.3’S Weapon For The Mid-Range

The mid-range is one among the foremost competitive within the smartphone market, however trying to face out with a flagship tool are often a double-edged sword.

Mid-range cell phones tend to present a characteristic as a flagship in order that users can identify them and have this reference when buying a tool, within the case of the Nokia 5.3 its macro lens is what the Finnish brand of origin It stands out, and while it does what it promised, there are other features which will be more useful to users.

The generals of this team are: a 6.5-inch screen, Android One OS with version 10, a weight of 180 grams, a faded blue plastic body, which in my opinion is extremely youthful.

Regarding its technical specifications, the team has an IPS LCD screen with HD + resolution, a 4 GB RAM and a 64 GB memory, which may be expanded up to 128 GB. Its battery is fast-charging and features a capacity of 4,000 mAH. As for the camera, the team features a 13 MP rear camera, a 5 MP ultra wide angle lens, a 2 MP macro lens and a 2 MP depth lens. Its front camera is 8 MP.

The camera also maintains this price-quality ratio, and although the 2MP macro lens is fun to play with, the function of this sort of lens is an additional with little sense of utility for users, especially if like me, they’re still locked up reception and can’t leave exploring for insects or trying this lens outside.

The ‘feature phones’ haven’t gone away and are business for Nokia. The necessity to speak and therefore the lack of resources to accumulate costlier equipment have caused Nokia to specialise in mid-range equipment and have phones.

Also within the case of its macro lens, achieving specialise in alittle object seemed more frustrating than fun, and considering that the Motorola One Macro came out almost a year ago.

In general, the performance of the camera is sweet, but don’t expect to possess images almost like a Galaxy S20 Plus or an iPhone X Max, since you’ll only have well-lit photos, with good color balance.

In general, it’s a light-weight, aesthetic, portable and really easy to use equipment. The planning is successful and maintains the aesthetics that Nokia has brought in its latest smartphones of an equivalent range, like the Nokia 6.2, with a fingerprint reader on the rear and an identical camera configuration, which I liked because unlike many teams that connect all the cameras during a superior corner, during this one they’re better located within the center.

Although the fabric is plastic which provides it an additional point for those users who aren’t fans of employing a case and that suffer from fingerprints ‘dirtying’ the phone.

As with other Nokia devices, the screen interface is straightforward to use and you’ll integrate shortcuts to applications. Its battery also achieved that it’ll work for a full day demanding tons of processing between applications, since I edited texts, took photos, accessed social networks and my mail constantly, however a detail about the battery is that the charging time up to at least one 100% can take between an hour and a half and two hours.

And what did I not like? The equipment isn’t immune to water or dust, which may provide it bad marks within the range, taking under consideration that equipment with an identical price, from brands like Motorola or Samsung, have already got certifications of this sort.

In conclusion, the Nokia 5.3 are often an honest option for those parents trying to find a smartphone for his or her children to be in online class, or entertained with some video content.

Since its screen has a perfect size for this purpose. However, if you’re trying to find fun with the equipment camera, it’s better that you simply choose other smartphones of an equivalent range.

The price of the equipment with the carrier that Nokia chose, during this case ATT, is 5,999 pesos equivalent to #48,060 in Nigeria currency, a┬árate that complies with the quality-price slogan, but when buying it with other equipment of an equivalent range, it’s going to be that not be preferred.

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