Reverse Betting: How to Make Money With Fortune Football Exchange

Welcome to the fortune football exchange group, analysts will release betting plans at every hour in this platform to make some profits. After Reading this article if you feel like investing make sure you pay attention to group news, and realize wealth freedom as soon as possible.

Register now and received 20$ trail

Good news for new members of fortune football

Now you only need to complete 5USDT recharge and bet 2 times for the first recharge to become VIP1

20$ trial bonus bet is also counted.


FORTUNE FOOTBALL is different from the usual betting sites. This is an inverse prediction of the score. For example, if you bet on a 3:3 game, you will win as long as the game is not 3:3, so fortune football has more than 99% chance of winning.

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For new members


  1. You play games with USDT, you play the company games ( you lose you’re refunded) play your own game ( you lose no refund)…

  2. Company games are dropped in this group everyday, you’ll get at least 3-4 games per day

  3. For you to withdraw, you have to get to VIP1 and to do that you need to make a minimum deposit of 5usdt, place a total game of 2 using 5usdt each.

Note: you can’t move from VIP0 to VIP2 it has to be a gradual process. Do not click on any link that is not sent by the admin to this group to avoid losses and scams.

Every VIP level with there unique advantages, the more you continue your journey with Fortune football the ore you understand


The minimum deposit is 5000 in naira and $5 in dollars.

Minimum withdrawal is 5000 in naira and $5 in dollars .

Withdraw time: Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

Company game time:
10am 2pm 6pm from Monday to Saturday

Verify your account with your ID then bind your TRC20 wallet address and get 1$ immediately.

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Fortune Football Referral Reward

You invited 5 people today, you need to let these 5 people use the registered phone number to contact me, after contacting me, provide me with your ID, prove that you invited, you can get 1.5USDT cash reward. contact the agent to claim your reward @Thaile +44 7552 739632

Refferal commission

Level 1 👉 5%
Level 2👉3%
Level 3👉1%


VIP 0: 000
Game per day: 3

VIP 1: 5$
Game per day: 3

VIP 2: 50$
Game per day: 4


  1. VIP0 can bet 3 times a day, the maximum single bet is 5USDT, the bet is 15USDT per day, and the daily profit is 0.75USDT.
  2. VIP1 bets 3 times a day, with a single bet of up to 20USDT, a daily bet of 60USDT, and a daily profit of 3USDT.

  3. VIP2 bets 4 times a day, with a single bet of up to 50USDT, a daily bet of 200USDT, and a daily profit of 10USDT.

  4. VIP3 bets 4 times a day, with a single bet of up to 100USDT, a daily bet of 400USDT, and a daily profit of 20USDT.

  5. VIP4 bets 5 times a day, with a single bet of up to 200USDT, a daily bet of 1000USDT, and a daily profit of 50USDT.

6. VIP5 bets 5 times a day, with a single bet of up to 500USDT, a daily bet of 2500USDT, and a daily profit of 125USDT.

  1. VIP10 can bet 8 times a day, with a single bet of up to 20,000 USDT, a daily bet of 160,000 USDT, and a daily income of 8,000 USDT.


p style=”text-align: center;”>If you find it interesting you can click here to register

Personal Troubleshoot for Withdrawal and Payment Issues Without Tarnishing The Good Image of SunPower Through Unhealthy Complain

Please Note: If you initiate a withdrawal and you didn’t see an alert.

  1. Firstly, you need to Understand that this can only happen if the finance officer tries to send your money but your bank network is poor.
  2. This also can only happen if your bank delays your payment due to their system.

  3. Since payment is manual and not automatic like when you are recharging. When investors initiate a withdrawal, it will queue and the finance will need to attend to the withdrawal order turn by turn, that is why they ask you not to complain if your withdrawal delay is not up to 24hrs.

  4. Check your withdrawal record from your dashboard(Click ME, you will see MY WALLET, click on it and you will see

  • (i)recharge record
  • (ii)Withdrawal record
  • ( ii) Wallet details

Click withdrawal record to check the status of your order or know whether your withdrawal is successful or failed.One of the reasons listed above can apply to you.

But wait for 24hrs before you contact admin.

And to make our work easy, check the error message written for your failure to get an alert.

Also, concerning the recharge issue, understand that the account generated when you click recharge from your dashboard is non re-usable i.e you can NOT use it to pay twice…. please take note of this…

If you want to recharge for 8k, or 200k, you will need to be successful in one payment and ensure the amount is reflected before you click recharge and generate a new account for the next payment.

If your payment didn’t reflect, it may be  as a result of any of the following reasons:

  1. You pay and didn’t click I have Made This Payment.
  2. You recharge the wrong account.

  3. There is a delay from the bank.


1.Log out and wait for 10mins before you log in again.

  1. Make sure your bank debit you. Sometimes, your payment can be reversed after a few hours of payment by your bank.
  2. Don’t take the matter directly to the public group. Contact your upline, he or she should know better. Also, make sure you have the Whatsapp contact of any of the admin assigned to you, DM him or her about your problem.

Taking all little problems to the public groups can create a bad signal or impression for upcoming investors. Let’s be guided.

Plus, let’s study this business and stop being spoon-fed for long. Play around with the information in your dashboard or app.

Understand what each feature does. This will help you to build a formidable team. Complaining on every trivial matter is not good for you if you have been on the platform for more than one month or two

See this platform as a business, study it and grow with it.

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