Reveal it Now Before it Ruin Your Marriage


Scnario 1:

It was on a wedding day, when suddenly, the presiding pastor asked, “if there is anybody in this hall who for one reason or the other does not support this union, should please stand up or keep shut forever”.

Suddenly, a lady from the back, stood up and said, “this marriage cannot be possible.

All because the husband had cheated her by dumping her after having multiple sex with her, with the promise that he will marry her, but only to tell her one day after he had explore her body, that he is no longer interested in her”.

Meanwhile, the brother had been lying to the other sister that he has not dated anybody in his life and that she is the first woman in his life.

To cut the story short, that was the end of the wedding that day.


Scenario 2

A couple had been married for 4 years and everything is going on well, until one day when the husband found what looked like a letter in his car dropped by an unknown person.

He opened the letter, only to see the naked picture of his wife with a man having sex with her. Gengenn…!!!

Are you surprised? Come on don’t be surprised!¬†

The husband got angry and rush home meet his wife and ordered her to pack out immediately.

The wife tried to explain to his husband that what he saw was actually true but it was done in the past, long before he met him and that the guy was his ex.

She said that was her past which she ignorantly kept secret from him but don’t know that it will show up like this and she pleaded for mercy.

What about you? Can you belief that or pardon her for that?

The husband didn’t believe her becaus the wife never told him anything like that before marriage;

She only said that she never dated anybody in her life.

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To cut the story short, that was the end of the 5 years of peaceful and loving marriage.

Are you tired of my stories? Lets continue..


Scenario 3

A brother proposed to a sister, but the sister told him to give her some time to pray about it.

She prayed about it very well because she don’t want to fall victim of her past.

After a while, God gave her a go ahead to accept the proposal.

It was revealed to her that it is His will for her life and that the brother will be the one who will put an end to her hidden tears and pains.

After much conviction, the sister finally told the brother that she had accepted to marry him but there is something she need to tell him first.

The sister then told the brother. “I had been in two relationship before which failed.

And the only thing between us was the sex we had which I gave to them involuntary because of the love I had for them.

But never knew they never loved me.”

The brother on hearing that asked, “if that is all?”, and the sister said “yes”, just the two.

The brother replied, “no problem”.

“Since you have told me ahead of time and didn’t kept it secret from me, I am okay with that.

And that will never change my mind towards you because I am willing to marry you; and the sister was so happy that day”.

Two years after their wedding, one of the ex who had been demanding for extra-mariat affair from the wife and because that one said no, threating to expose her secret with him and spoil her marriage.

Still, the wife would not listen to him but never keep what was going on secret from his husband, who told her not to worry that he will be caught one day and soonest.

One day, the ex after making findings, came to meet the husband in his office.

Are you surprised? I was surprised too. Let’s keep reading…

The husband on sighting him knew that it was one of the ex who had been disturbing his wife (because that one had explained and even shown him their pictures).

So, he asked him to sit down but excuse himself to use the toilet where he secretly informed the police to be coming to his office.

The man thought the husband doesn’t know him and so said, “I know you don’t know me but there is something you need to see.

He pulled out a naked picture of his wife with a man whose face was covered sucking her breast.

The husband who knows about everything before was not moved at all to the shock of the man who brought the picture thinking that he might use that to spoil the marriage.

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The husband thanked him and said he can go now.

Just as he steps out, he was approached by policemen who arrested him and charged him to court for blackmailing.

My dear readers, that was how he landed himself in prison.


To The Married Men And Women,

  • Anything you want to do or buy, please carry your partner along with it.
  • You want to buy a land, build a house or buy a car, please don’t keep it secret from him or her.
  • Seek for your partner’s opinion on any issue; don’t do it secretly with the motive of surprising him or her.It might put your house in asunder.
  • Learn from the stories shared above.

To All The Single Guys And Ladies

Pray about the person you are marrying and once God gives you go ahead, make sure you reveal your past to him or her.

Don’t let him know about it from another person. Be the first person to tell him or her.

Don’t say if I should tell him my past now, he might not want to marry me again.

If truly you have prayed about him and its the will of God for you, telling him your past would not make him go away or change his mind.

Instead, he will appreciate you for being sincere even at the very beginning and this will make him to build trust in you.

More so, it is better for him to know about your past at the beginning of your relationship than to hear about it after you have married.

It can put your marriage in jeopardy.


Learn from all the scenarios illustrated above. God bless you.

Thank you and don’t forget to come back for more stories only on our website under the the category True Life Story

Richard Oluwasola Emmanuel

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