Read This From The Founder of FIN (Finster) The Secret Group on Facebook


Lola Omolola, Global Community Consultant, Founder Female IN (FIN).

Omolola is a Global Community Consultant and a lady of great integrity with good reputation. She is the founder of the famous group on Facebook Female IN (FIN) which recently spread around the globe as a secret group with the aim of influencing our Nigerian ladies negatively.

A member of this group is a FINSTER, group of FIsters.

The group is actively recognized by Facebook as they mark their anniversary last week with a Badge designed by Facebook


Before reading the message from the founder, you have to know this:

What is Finster?
Who is a Finster?
Why Finster?

Check The Meaning of Finster The New Trending Word on Social Media

Dear sisters and friends, here is my short answer to a question 500 people ask me every week when they see how Female IN (FIN) works and I took some time to write this out. Hope it helps.

Founder Female IN (FIN)

Let me begin by saying something you may disagree with.

I don’t believe we need less groups.

What we really need is more of the meaningful, positive groups driven by a specific mission guaranteed to bring people together and make life a little easier/better for its members.

So, if you lead an existing group OR you are passionate about your brand or a cause and want to connect people around an issue that’s important to you, I hope you pay attention to this because these are the specifics of how I created one of the most influential communities on Facebook.


According to google, there are more than 800 MILLION groups on Facebook alone which means if you want to find the right people who share your passion for your product, service or cause, then you have to begin with making some good decisions.

800 MILLION! and that was years ago… therefore my point is, there’s a lot of competition for our attention and the right steps can help you cut right through all that noise to build the next incredible community where we can all feel safe.


BE CRYSTAL CLEAR on what drives you and what you’re trying to achieve. This first one is obvious but also the toughest to follow-through.

If you don’t tell us exactly what drives you and the community you want to create, we will fill in the gaps all by ourselves and mischaracterize what you’re trying to achieve.

First impressions are really difficult to change.

So whatever platform you choose be it on whatsapp, linkedin, slack, instagram or Facebook..

  1. Do not create your group.
  2. Do not name your group.
  3. Do not invite your friends.

UNTIL you’ve done the following…

  • Define what the world will look like if the community you’re trying to build is successful. (vision)
  • Define what you need to do to achieve #1. (mission)
  • Declare to yourself what steps you will take to set your community apart from the other billion. (culture)
  • Declare with brutal honesty to yourself WHY you’re doing this because if the WHY is not keeping you up at night, then it’s not strong enough to get you through the difficult times.
  • Whom do you want to connect to your product, brand, cause? Whom do you want to bring together? (target)

Answer these tough questions and you will soon seem like a soothsayer because these core pieces set the foundation for all your decision making and will give you clarity on what your weaknesses and your strengths are.

You need to ALWAYS be aware of what your weaknesses are.

We all have them; I have mine and so do you.

Know the answer to the 5 up there and it suddenly becomes easier to determine what you need help with and maybe even whom to call on for help.

Does this seem a bit difficult? That’s okay.

If the above seems like a daunting task, allow me to recommend TWO options:

ONE: Send out a request to volunteer as a moderator on a group/community that’s similar to your brand, cause, product to get comfortable with learning the ropes.

TWO: Know a community leader you consider efficient? Don’t send a request to ask her/him for mentorship. That individual is efficient because she or he is busy doing the work. Ask for how you can help instead. Busy people need lots of help and sometimes can be too engaged to dedicate the time to ask for it.

Oh wait, let me add one other option.

THREE: Persuade me into designing a class to break down all of these into simple, actionable pieces and bring lots of real-life examples. This option will not be free of charge.

In all, everyone who cares about building/promoting/communicating anything significant should certainly find or build your own community and I am on a mission to help women create quality spaces through which you can advance your work OR even to change the world.

Trust me when I say, you can do this!
I am excited to see you become the leader you were born to be.

Go get em sis! I see you.

Oh yeah, feel free to share this with business owners, social butterflies and anyone who might find it valuable.

Lola Omolola (Founder Female IN)

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