Press Conference of The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter




EndSARS protest: Long overdue action

… NYCN Lagos frowns at thugs attacking peaceful protesters.

With keen interest, the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter have followed and joined in the agitations and solidarity of the Nigerian youths in demanding total overhauling of the Nigerian Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) as they have suddenly become life wasters and legalized robbers, which is far from their constitutional duties of securing the lives and properties of the youths from criminal elements.

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In our history, we have seen young people come out in their numbers to demand for what is just and right, peacefully without any form of violence, especially in a populous state like Lagos State.

This is another testament that the youths are peaceful and committed to a common goal, provided it is for national interest.
Before now, the NYCN Lagos State Chapter has received myriads of complaints from the youths in Lagos State, which led to the constitution of our legal team, that always attend to issues like unjust harrassment and maltreatment from SARS officers and other security operatives.

While I sincerely salute the doggedness and courage of the youths across the nation to press home our demands with the peaceful protest, it is important to advise not to allow such purposeful protest be hijacked by hoodlums to unleash violence on innocent Nigerians, all in the name of protests, when in the real sense, the message should be consistent and unified in achieving the desired result.

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I want to specially thank the Lagos State Governor for setting up the Panel saddled with the responsibility to look into Police brutality cases and for being responsive and responsible, Lagos State House of Assembly for the emergency plenary session to address the #EndSARS demands, Celebrities, social media influencers and a host of others for associating with the Nigerian youths.
Be sure history will be kind to you.

Our appeal to concerned authority is to hearken to the yearnings of the youths and do something urgently about this ugly menace, that has continue to rear its head, before leading to a widespread calamity.

Again, the Leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State condemns the ugly attack on peaceful protesters by Thugs at ALAUSA. We find this act shameful and very despicable as it is a blatant violation of the youths basic human rights. We strongly condemn this and hope this will not repeat itself in future times. We implore the security operatives to protect the citizens and not stand aloof.

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We see this struggle as a struggle for all. A call for a better Nigeria for all.

Finally, The NYCN, Lagos State Chapter urges every youth in the state to rein in the demonstrations so as to experience progress as regards further engagement and monitoring of government’s commitment to promises made.

More importantly, to allow the socio-economic activities in the state to continue as usual for our own benefit. We, as the Youth vanguard in the State, must ensure that, we demand a better Nigeria from the government and not to sabotage other citizens effort to live peacefully.

Therefore, let’s halt all protests and return to the drawing board to restrategise with regards to better monitoring and engagement to address the issue of future cases where the government reneges on their promises.

We understand the associated and pending national issues such as: ASUU strike, increasing unemployment, and enduring insecurity are fuel to the lack of trust in the government. However, we must act with tact.

We have a duty to our country to make it great again.

Perpetually remaining on the streets blocking of roads will be a violation of this duty.

Let’s not allow our efforts to be hijacked by unscrupulous elements who will dishonor our struggle because of selfish interests.

Again, let’s continue the struggle from behind the scene and not on the street/road.

So far, we are winning this battle.

#EndSARS #ReformNPF


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