Pi Network Denies Listing on Any Exchanges

The crypto local area individuals have offered negative viewpoints about the occasion, calling attention to that there is no authority declaration from the Pi Network. The people group got down on the Huobi group for defrauding individuals.

Pi Network

The PI network group reported that they are not engaged with any implied postings. They cautioned that the financial backers could support significant misfortunes by taking part in unapproved postings.

The declaration peruses, “Pi is as of now in the Encased Organization and isn’t endorsed by Pi Organization for posting on any trade or for exchanging.”

Coingecko and CoinMarketCap have both added warnings to the listing token page of PI, with Coingecko stating that “the mainnet has not yet been launched.”

Coinmarketcap’s warning is slightly more aggressive in nature, with the announcement stating “There have been reports questioning the legitimacy of Pi Network.

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Please note that mainnet has not launched yet and the price displayed below for certain exchanges reflect the value of the IOUs and it may not be transferable across exchanges.”

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A clear discrepancy between prices on both platforms can be seen as exchanges are not trading the actual token but simply the IOU version of the token. Which in essence is not the real token.

Be that as it may, fingers are crossed expecting more clearnesses and Pi Organization becoming what many are searching for to – up-sides. It is still from the get-go in the year!

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