Paralyzed Chapter Two -a True Life Story by Omoyemen Osekhale


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Tears rolled down my cheek. But I couldn’t make a sound. Was I dreaming about sleep paralysis?
I could feel the cold breeze on my bare skin. I was naked. I was moving. But how?
My body was moving up and down.

My head slightly tapped the headboard above. The sound of skin slapping and the springs of mattress was all I could hear.
The smell of sweat and something butter was in the air. Something familiar.

I felt a pinch between my legs.
What is happening? Why was my body moving up and down? I tried to look but something was holding my head down. The room was dark. A silhouette came above me.
A man?
But who?
He came closer to my face but I still couldn’t see him. I felt warm breaths on my ear that made me feel disgusted. Like spider crawling up on my body.
“I love it when I fuck you when you’ve paralyzed” my eyes shot wide. I know that voice all too well.

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I felt both of my legs up in the air. Legs far apart from each other.
That’s when the pain stung. The sound of panting and groaning.
What’s going on?!

Finally, after trying, I could move my head up a little but at the same time, my stomach knotted. Pain between my thighs. Pain in my core. I screamed. So much pain.
I saw David between my legs. Thrusting in me harder and harder.

Naked, I was naked. He was too. He kept groaning my name. As he worked his pace faster and faster. I screamed in fear. But he didn’t stop. I begged him”Please stop. Please!”. But he ignored. He kept thrusting me again and again and again and again and again.

He said, “Release”. I shook my head. He again said, “Emily, release”. I shook my head hard again. I focused on not letting him win this time. He thrust harder making the whole bed move.
His thrusts were harder that I cried in pain and for help. But no one listened.
He clenched my hair on top of my head. And screamed on my face. His face red. The thin cold silver chain around his neck coming in contact with my chest.

He screamed”Fucking release!”. He pulled my hair as I cried and released. Scared.
One more thrust and he groaned in so much pleasure. I felt something warm inside of me. I hated it. I cried because I hated it.
He said, “That wasn’t so fucking hard, was it?”.

He let go of my head and said: “Don’t forget to change your sheets”.
He got up from me and left my room.
Slowly I could feel the pain he put me through making me scream and cry.
I lied in a fetal position. Crying hard.
Nobody heard me.

I looked down between my legs and there was a huge patch of wetness. My wetness. I touched it and it was so wet and slimy.
It came from me.
Inside of me.
I did that.
He raped me again. Like he always does.
Every time I see this dream, I try to win but he makes me do it.
I held myself screaming out loud.
I cried”WHY?! WHY ME?! WHY ME?!”
I felt my body shaking. Not in fear. Like someone was trying to wake me up.
“Emily! Wake up!”

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Then I hear him again “Emily!”
I looked around but I don’t know where that voice came from.
I woke up and I see Curtis sitting on my bed, my tiny wrists in his big hands.
He pulled me up and hugged me. I tried to breathe but I couldn’t. I was shivering.
I get panic attacks.

I tried to say”C-can’t b-brea..” He held my face and said”It was just a nightmare. It’s not real. A nightmare. Nothing more. I’m here. I’m with you. No one is here except me and you”.
I had extreme anxiety attacks whenever I’m nervous or anything like that. Never been to the hospital because David won’t allow me. So Curtis helps me.
“Breathe, Emily.”

I breathed in and out my mouth and he did it with me to calm me down.
When I was finally able to breathe normally, he sighed.
I asked, “How’d you know?” He looked at my side table and there was a camera. A baby camera.
He sleeps one room away from me. I have a baby camera in my room that is always turned on. And the monitor in Curtis’ room, so he could always check up on me.
I finally breathed and broke down crying. He held me again and I cried to control the streaming tears.

We lied down together and he took me in his arms. Comforting me. And whispering to me”Nobody’s gonna hurt you now. You’re safe”.
And sleep took over me.


She woke up early in the morning, finding Curtis gone. A note on her side table and a glass of water.
The note said: ‘ Drink this water and take a shower. I’m at work but I will be bringing you new clothes and then we’ll go out to have lunch when I come back ;)’
She could always count on him to make her smile.

She drank the water and went into the bathroom to take a shower.
A towel wrapped around her when she came out and David was waiting for her on her bed. Looking around.
He looked at her and gave her a sadistic smile. He then looked at her body and his green eyes were darker. She was only wearing a towel and held on it as her life depended on it.
He walked towards her but before she could go in the bathroom, he held her and pinned her against the wall.

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She began sobbing. She could feel his hardness against her stomach.
He said”Listen carefully. We’re having guests for dinner today. Very important ones. You’ll attend the dinner and be quiet all the time like a good girl. You won’t speak until you’re spoken too. You won’t look at anyone at all. Understand?”
“U-Understood, master”
The rapist of her dreams was her uncle.

(Note: Melissa is the sister of Emily’s father. And David is her husband)
He nuzzled his nose in her neck and smelled the scent of her rose body soap like a sadist would.

He whispered in her ear”If I didn’t have anything important right now, I would’ve taken you right on this wall. I need to go. But soon…soon I’ll take you when no one will hear you scream ever”
She was shivering and trying to control her cries. He lightly pecked her cheek and went out.
She ran in the bathroom to throw up all the water in her stomach. Food wasn’t much given to her.

Emily was a great cook. She was the maid, chef, dog and a punching bag in this house.

She made dinner for the guests that will be arriving soon. Everyone loved her food but no one appreciated it. Except for Curtis.
She set everything in this big mansion house for the guests. It was a candlelight dinner kind of.

The doorbell rang.

Emily tried to get out of the kitchen to open the door but Melissa beat her to it and said: “Get inside now!”
Emily walked into the kitchen and Melissa ran to the door.
As soon as she opened the door, there was a really handsome man with blue eyes standing beside a really old lady.
Melissa smiled and said “Please, come in. It’s really nice to meet you. Liam and Mrs. Knight.”
The old lady smiled at Melissa but Liam just looked around her house.

Liam was a gorgeous blue-eyed and jet black-haired tycoon. He knew he was beautiful. The whole New York knew.
But he was arrogant and rude.
Once Melissa had greeted Liam and his grandmother, she seated them on the couch. Talking and laughing.
Emily didn’t know what was going on she was still in the kitchen.

Curtis came into the kitchen wearing a full black suit and a smile. He exclaimed, “This smells good”.
Emily smiled at him and held up a dish in front of him. He gasped”Is that a Sheppard pie?”. She nodded and answered” I made two. The other one you can eat alone tonight”.
“You are the best!”

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He quickly hugged Emily and said”The guests are here. We should go”. She nodded.
Curtis was a handsome man. But a perfect human being too. He had a heart while the others didn’t.

He even helped Emily in setting the tables.
After they were done, they all went to the living room, where they all were.
Curtis held Emily’s hand and they went inside.
David wrapped an arm around her shoulder with a smile. She pulled her hand away from Curtis.
David said, “Mrs. Knight, this is my niece, Emily”. Emily looked at the two figures sitting on the couch.
She lightly gasped when she looked at Liam Knight. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

He wore a blue shirt with the sleeves folded up to his elbows. His jet black hair set perfectly. Cleaned shaved. His light blue eyes burning her. He flashed a smile towards her and she felt week at her knees.
Liam found her really attractive too. But not in an innocent way.
An older person hugged Emily.
Emily hugged her back. She was an old short lady. With the same eye color as Liam.

David introduced “Emily this is Mrs. Regina Knight. Liam’s grandmother. Liam’s father used to work with me and your father before you were born”.

David was treating her like he actually cared about her as his daughter but we all knew that he was good at acting. Really good. An Oscar-winning good performance.

Emily sat beside Curtis.
Liam had her eyes on her the whole time. She was beautiful no doubt in that.

He noticed every little thing about her. Her brown eyes. Her long brown hair that reached to her waist. The way she sat with her crossed a leg over the other.
He noticed how smooth were her legs as she wore a black below the knee dress.
But sadly he didn’t know that David made her wore Tanyas dress so they wouldn’t think about what they do to her.
They even forced to cover up her bruises with loads of makeup.

After a while talking, they moved on to dinner.

Regina sat at the head seat of the table. On her ride was Curtis, Emily, and David. On her left was Melissa, Liam, and Tanya.
Emily kept her head down as she eats her food. Regina exclaimed, “This is the most delicious thing I’ve eaten”.

Before Curtis could answer, Melissa said “Thank you, Tanya made it. She made everything”.
Tanya latched herself to Liam like a bug. She was touching his shoulders, talking to him and you could clearly see that Liam was not interested at all.
He had his eyes on Emily and she was not comfortable with it. Her anxiety taking the best of her. She held Curtis’ hand under the table just to keep her sane before she breaks down crying or runs out of there.

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Dinner was over and they moved to the living room again.
Tanya and Liam were sitting together on the same couch.

Emily noticed Tanya sometimes putting her had on his thigh or his chest or his arms.
But Emily didn’t care. David looked at Emily and said with a smile “Why don’t you go and get everyone some Sherry?” She nodded her head and went up to the little bar they had.
She filled 6 glasses of Sherry for everyone but herself.
She walked to them with a tray in her hand. She first serves to Regina because she was older.

Regina took the glass with a smile and said “Such a pretty girl.” Emily smiled at her and served Melissa that was sitting next to Regina.

Melissa took the glass and smiled “Serves well…. my child.”
Her anxiety peaking again. She served David and Curtis his glass too.
When it came time to give the last two glasses to Tanya and Liam, she bent down to give Liam his drink. Tanya saw Liam gazing at her.
On purpose, she spilled the drink on Emily’s dress and said”Oops, Sorry, Em. I’m a klutz”.

Liam looked down at her dress and her anxiety was on the highest.
Curtis got up quickly and took the tray from Emily before she drops it on the floor and said”Why don’t you change. I’ll serve.” She smiled at them all and walked upstairs.
She reached her room and broke down crying. Not because of just a spilled drink on her dress. Because of the anxiety, she was in all day.
She had enough of everything.

She changed into her nightclothes and lied on her bed. Resting. Exhausted.
Her eyes began to close and sleep took over her with only Liam in her mind.
The way he gazed at her, she did not like it.

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