Paralyzed Chapter One -a True Life Story by Omoyemen Osekhale


My hair felt like they’ll be torn apart from my body.

Tears filled in my eyes and my visioned blurred. I begged her to stop but she didn’t listen. My ears hurt from her screaming. and my heart wouldn’t stop beating so much. I looked up in pain and cried out loud because I was scared.

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Tanya was pulling my hair in anger and dragging me across the house roaring “Because of you my boyfriend broke up with me. My 3 years of relationship is over because of you. You should be thrown in a strip club and be rap£d by men every single day!!!”.

Sadly, she was my cousin.
She held me up against the wall and wrapped her hand around my neck. Making me choke. I cried in pain as I couldn’t breathe. She was stronger than me.
Melissa came behind her and in a calm voice she said: “What are you doing, Tanya?”. She spoke like that seeing her daughter choking me meant nothing. Tanya answered, “My boyfriend broke up with me because of her”.

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She let me go and I dropped on the floor breathing for air. She roared”He broke up with me because he saw her. He told me that Emily is more beautiful and hotter than me. He moaned Emily’s name when we had sex!”
She turned around to look at me and pulled my hair causing me to stand up. My tears wouldn’t stop falling.

She screamed, “You will pay for this, Emily!” She slapped me across my face. And screamed again”It’s all because of your pathetic face. Wait till they see how ugly you can be!”

She started tearing up the long simple dress that I had worn to cover my body. She revealed the marks that they all gave me and said “Wait till a man sees what’s behind this long-ass dress. He’ll kill you for being so ugly!”

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I cried trying to get out from her stronghold around my neck. I begged, “I’m sorry!”
Even though it wasn’t my fault. I only met the guy once but even if it’s not my fault, I have to apologize. Because if I don’t, they will get angrier.

I said, “I’m so sorry!” And she pushed me on the floor.
I looked down at purple heels rapping on the floor.
I looked up, my anxiety was on level 8 out of 10. I was shivering with fear and horror.
I saw Melissa standing there with her hands on her hips. She said, “Get up!”
I slowly got up and she slapped me for no reason. She said”This is all your fault. Everything you do is your fault! Your parents died because of you!”

This was my mental torture. Because I couldn’t forget them from my head. Their dead bodies were imprinted in my mind.
Maybe they’re right. I did kill them.
Tanya grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall, grabbing my neck and choking me again. Her pretty brown eyes were filled with anger and frustration. I begged for her to let me go because I couldn’t breathe.

Movement Against Rape And All Forms of Sexual And Gender-Based Violence Against Women And Children.

It was getting harder and harder to breathe that I was sure my face was turning purple.
And then God sends my Angel, Curtis.
He came running and pulled Tanya away from me. He pushed me behind me and said”Stop it! Stop hitting her or I’ll hit you”.

Tanya was scared of Curtis and her mother too. He was arrogant and rude but for me, he was always polite. He loved me like a little sister and I loved him like my big brother that I never had. He gave me his handkerchief to wipe the blood on my lips that were caused by Tanya slapping me non stop.

Emily was scared of everyone in the house. Except for Curtis.

She wiped her blood as Tanya screamed in anger “Why do u always save her? She’s not worthy of your sympathy! I want to kill her!!!”. She tried to attack me again but Curtis stopped and roared “Enough!!! Don’t you dare take another step towards her!”
They both stopped. He held me and took me to my room upstairs.

If you call a room with an old broken bed and windows a room, then it’s my room.
While everyone gets to live in lavish rooms, I live in a room with a broken bed, cracked walls and boarded up French windows.
No heater, no cooler and no protection from rain or snow.

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Curtiss did help me make it a little worth living in. Like a small chest draw. Bedsheets. Fairy lights wrapped up on my bed. A 37-inch tv that he bought for me with his Netflix password.

But David broke that too.
Curtis placed me lightly on my bed. Careful to not hurt me. I lied down and felt exhausted. My head hurt. My nose was bleeding. My body was numb.

He went into the bathroom and took out a first aid kit. He gave me an aspirin then cleaned my blood.
He kept repeating”I’m sorry, I wasn’t home early”. I held his hand and said”It’s okay. It’s not your fault. I’m used to this”
He looked at me and then got up. He bought me my long oversized shirt.

He kept it beside me and turned around.
I took off the ripped apart dress and wore the shirt. I said, “You can turn around.”
He turned around and put my old duvet on me. He kissed my forehead and said”Sleep, okay? I’ll come to check up on you later.” I smiled at him and looked at him as he left.
I don’t know when I fell asleep.

Nightmares flood my dreams like rain and hurricane on a beautiful sunny day.
Before sleeping every night I ask myself:
Why did I have to live this life?
Did I do something to piss God off that he chose to punish me like this?
Why don’t I just end everything once and for all?

To be continued…..

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