Attending Churches, Musques, Club, Parties Are Not More Necessary To Human

So it’s real that all Churches, Mosques, Club House and other social gathering avenue are closed down over the arrival of the deadly pandemic.  So, the whole world could forcefully close down for a reason? God is great!!! Having the house of God locked up should be a message to the world that God is … Read more

Covid-19: Distribution of Relief Packages To Students In Epe- NULASS

In its bid to assist the government in curtailing the spread of corona virus and make people stay at home, today we distribute a relief materials to 30 students who were unable to go home before the total lockdown. The Cordinators of the relief materials, Comr. Akeem Subair and Comr. Adam O. Edu (Edu cares) … Read more

Here Are The Secret Ways To Love Your Partner

Many wives are frustrated and tired of their marriages because of how unromantic their husbands are. Their husbands are predictable, always doing one thing all the time, no varieties. Many single ladies and married wives are just enduring their marriages but it can be different dear husbands if you will put into practice what I’ll … Read more

How To Make Money In Nigeria Via Wowapp- Legit Source

What is Wowapp? Wowapp is just a social media like Facebook watsapp and so on but wowapp it is different because wowapp shares 70% of their earnings to all its users each so that they can cash out for themselves or do good for the world by using the app. How Does It Works Wowapp … Read more

Stop Keeping Plan B On Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram While Staying With The Real Guy

My ADVISE TO THE UNMARRIED SISTERS Dear daughters, I know you love to explore. You love to try things. You love to consider various options and alternatives. That’s lack of wisdom… If you have given YES I DO to a brother, please give him undivided attention. Stop keeping PLAN B on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram … Read more

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