Nollywood Actor Adekola Tijani Received Birthday Wishes From Fans

Temitope Tijani (wife) You bring light, laughter, peace and love where ever they were before. My heart is full because of you . When I think of you, my heart smiles so much that the smiles comes out in my face, as well. Happy birthday to my favourite man on earth, more beautiful years on … Read more

Top 5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Advertising On Instagram Stories

U.S debt ceiling

The use of Instagram stories today is something that has greatly attracted brands. Their presence in them is not a coincidence, nor a whim, it is that they have realized the incredible potential that this tool has to reach its target directly. Today more than 300 million people use stories daily, which makes it an excellent … Read more

See First English Club to Win All Three Main European Titles. No.1 Will Surprise You

Only Two English Clubs Have Won All Three Main Titles. The English premier League is considered the most watched football league in the world. This is no surprise considering the great football clubs to have evolved from that country, and their rich history. While domestic dominance can be seen as a measure of a football … Read more

Covid-19 Lockdown: Ibeju-Lekki Youths Appear in Nigeria News Paper Tagged As Been Fierceness

National Youth Council of Nigeria Ibeju-Lekki branch Press release!!! Covid-19 lockdown which tagged Youth in Ibeju-Lekki in some Nigeria news paper/Television as been fierceness.   Youth have been tagged with violence the (old habit) to request for their right and make their stand. But… The bound slogan of Nigerian Youth under National Youth Council of … Read more

Mistakes People Make When Running Facebook or Instagram Adverts

This section I’m going to talk about is the  mistakes and the main reason why people don’t get their desired results when running Facebook and Instagram adverts. We have prepared these contents to enlighten you on the mistakes and the solution to avoid these mistakes and correct them. 1. They Expect Result Too Early Getting … Read more

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