OSTmine Withdrawal Updates: Official Updates From The General Manager of OSTmine Nigeria

Good evening, everybody! ! !

Dear OSTMine VIP users:

Next thing I have to announce! ! !

I’m sorry that everyone’s withdrawals have not yet arrived in the wallet. There are some small problems that need to be solved! !

Why is this so? ? ?
It’s because the local Nigerians don’t have enough patience, it’s because your local agents don’t pay taxes! ! ! ! The funds that the OST company has sent to Nigeria to rebate the miners in the past few days has led to a very slow withdrawal speed! ! ! ! Plus your Nigerian customer complaints and complaints have led to alarm – the local tax supervision department! ! !

1 – The vaccine subsidy event held by the OST headquarters on June 14!
NAZK attaches great importance to the health of every OSTMine miner in the world, and has launched the OSTMine miner vaccine subsidy program for miners who have made great contributions.

2 – Because the withdrawal time is too long, many members are impatient, local people in Nigeria report OST company to damage the reputation of OST company! ! !
(1) Local people in Nigeria – every move of all members alerted the local taxation supervision bureau in Nigeria! !

(2) It is your influence that destroys you, and we cannot lend money normally when the account is received! ! ! As a result, the official fiat bank account of OST, a state-owned company bank, was frozen, and the general manager was detained by the tax authorities.

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The bank account of the state-owned company of the OST company was frozen. And – with a portion of the funds taken by local Nigerian state agents – just a few days of miner rebates. Nothing at all! ! !

(3) It is you Nigerians. Nigeria’s local state branch has been hiding tax returns for the past six months! ! And plus your complaints led to what happened today! ! !

From June 14th to June 15th, the recharge amount was too large. During the duty free day in Nigeria, the flow of funds is relatively strong! ! !
(1) During this period, the OST tax problem was detected by the local regulatory authority in Nigeria! ! !
(2) The local state branch in Nigeria has been concealing tax returns in the past six months, and was found out by the Union National Tax Commission! ! !

Fortunately! ! ! ! Fortunately! ! ! ! Fortunately! ! ! !

Investigated by the OST headquarters and consulted with the Nigeria Revenue Authority for the safety of the funds! ! !
The US ostmine company friendly and the Niger Federal Tax Commission confirmed that the frozen funds are safe, if the tax is paid within the stipulated date, the account will be unfrozen, otherwise the fine will be imposed later, all previous labor income is from OSTmine’s work.

Now that we have the problem now! ! ! We are going to solve it! ! No problem can’t be solved! !

(1) How to solve the problem? ? ?
1 – We only have to pay the remaining tax! ! Withdrawal now! !
2 – All taxes paid by all members! ! Please leave your tax receipts! ! The Finance Department at OST Headquarters will be contacted to claim your tax subsidy! ! !

3 – Let’s say Jack Member pays $100 in taxes! ! ! Then contact the finance department to claim the $100 subsidy! ! You need to provide a tax certificate to get it! !

Everything is normal for the new miners, and the old miners will be notified of the process arrangement in the evening. A large part of the miners’ thawed funds are processed every day, and all of them are processed within three days. In addition, local agents are recruited to assist in the process, and state agents can be elected in the later stage. Funds can also be unfrozen in advance without queuing.

Steps for working miners to unfreeze funds:

  1. OSTmine will change the deposit account to the personal account provided by the federal tax within 6 hours, no longer use the personal account of the state branch, wait for the official account of the state branch to be unfrozen, transfer from the personal account to the business account, and later the business account Must be regulated by the IRS. USDT accounts are not affected and will continue to be used.

  2. Need to pay 20% capital gains tax through personal bank account transfer,

  3. After the disbursement, you can go to the Federal Internal Revenue Service to issue a tax certificate.

  4. After the tax payment certificate is issued, go to the official customer service of OSTmine to receive the 20% subsidy paid

OST sincerely serves everyone, sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! !

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