Ostmine.com Review (Is Ostmine Legit or Scam? 2022 Full Guide)

Is OSTmine platform a scam money-making website?

I would not say it is a scam platform and also can’t guarantee you it is 100% legit platform. For you to be sure if the Ostmine platform is a legit or scam platform read through our Ostmine review which won’t take you (3) three minutes to go through.

In a few paragraphs, I will write brief words about the Ostmine platform.
Ostmine is a cryptocurrency mining platform that allows the user to earn more few dollars and cryptocurrency, Ostmine platform is a new platform which is launched by January 2022. Have you noticed Ostmine is a newly launched platform that hasn’t got a lot of positive and negative reviews yet?

In the rest of the content, we will discuss the topic that catches your interest concerning the Ostmine platform. The topic which will be included are: What is Ostmine, How does Ostmine work, How to withdraw on Ostmine, How to register on Ostmine, Is OSTmine legit or a scam, and OSTmine Review, Reading through all those topics will give you all questions you have.

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What is Ostmine

Ostmine platform is a free online earning platform that allows registered users all over the world to earn on the platform by mining crypto either in the free mining plan and also by purchasing any of their mining machines for faster-earning power.
You can start earning on the Ostmine platform either with your smartphone or laptop and internet connection.

How Does Ostmine Works?

Ostmine is free to platform, all you need to do is to Sign Up for their free registration through their official website (Ostmine.com) When are done with it, you will have to purchase a mining machine by depositing some amount on the platform, and the minimum amount you can deposit is $10 and note that the higher your mining power the faster you earn on Ostmine platform.

You can withdraw from the Ostmine platform when your earnings reach up to $3 which can be withdrawn either via Cryptocurrency to your local bank account.

Which Country Can Sign Up for Ostmine Platform?

All countries have free access to Sign Up for Ostmine platform, including all African countries. The issue is that you must be above 18 years old before you will be able to Sign Up on the Ostmine platform if you are under age you will not be allowed.

Does Ostmine charge a membership fee to join?

Ostmine platform does not charge the membership fees to join from its users or from any particular country.

How to earn on Ostmine platform

To earn on Ostmine there are two different ways (Purchasing Mining power & Through Referral). I will explain how you can earn on Ostmine using the two different ways.

  1. Purchasing of mining power: This is the usual way of earning on Ostmine platform and it is by depositing up to $10 into the platform to purchase a mining power that will allow you to earn up to $1 as a daily output income and 0.01$ per daily login. What you should keep in mind is that the higher the purchase of your mining power the higher the amount you earn. if you think the money is too much to earn and withdraw first before depositing money on the platform. you can try out the referral earning option which is totally free of charge
  2. Referral Program: The referral program method of earning is completely free and safe for newbies who want to earn on OSTmine before purchasing a mining power to boost your earnings.

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All you need to get started is to copy your Ostmine referral link and advertise it to your friends and family either by physical communication or on your social media platform.
What you have to note is that the more referral you get the more you earn from Ostmine and you can earn up to 60% commission from the cloud mining power.

In the section below i will explain Ostmine earnings structure and easy strategies you can use to invite more members to earn more with referral links. stay tune.

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Let me explain how the earning structure works

  • When you purchase a miner of $12, you earn $1 daily, validity of 24days.
  • When you purchase a miner of $20, you earn $1.20 daily, validity period of 45days.
  • When you purchase a miner of $50, you earn $2.50 daily, validity period of 90 days.
  • when you purchase a miner of $150, you earn $6 daily, validity period of 90 days
  • $12 is 7440
  • $20 is 12400
  • $30 is 18600
  • $50 is 31000
  • $150 is 92000

Minimum deposit is $12
Minimum withdrawal to bank is $3
While Usdt withdrawal is $1


  • $12 for 24 days validity, daily earning is $1.00 = Total income $24
  • $20 for 45 days validity, daily earning is $1.20 = Total income $54
  • $30 for 60 days validity, daily earning is $1.20 = Total income $74
  • $50 for 60 days validity, daily earning is $2.50 = Total income $160
  • $150 for 90 days validity, daily earning is $7.00 = Total income $2555
  • $500 for 365 days validity, daily earning is $7.00 = Total income $2920
  • $700 for 365 days validity, daily earning is $8.00 = Total income $2920
  • $800 for 365 days validity, daily earning is $9.00 = Total income $3285
  • $900 for 365 days validity, daily earning is $10.00 = Total income $3650
  • $1000 for 365 days validity, daily earning is $11.00 = Total income $4015

There are many ways to make money on Ost Group

  • By inviting friends: Invite a friend to register and let him/her purchase a mining power then you will successful rewarded $1 by Ostmine.
  • Send your invitation link to a friend- teach him to register- teach him to recharge the miner- ask him to add your advisor.
    Whatsapp your advisor will send you a bonus after checking.
  • First of all, you should note that the first friend you invited will be your first-level subordinates.
  • Your first-level subordinate invites his friends to join and these people will become your second-level subordinates.
  • Your second-level subordinate invites his friends to join and these people will become your third-level subordinates.
  • You can earn a portion of your subordinate’s total income everyday. This is extra. This will not affect their income later. You can get $10 from the first-level subordinate, $5 from second-level subordinates, and $2 from third-level subordinates.
  • When you have several first-level subordinates, when they also invite their first-level subordinates, when they also invite their first-level subordinate, then your team size is will grow rapidly.

Many of our members use this to buy a house and a car. Live a better life.

From OST headquarters Inspector- Inspector’s investigation information – Announcement

One person can only use one member account of OST and cannot use multiple accounts, I will notify when the OST company can using multiple OST accounts.

Ten advantages of OST

  • 01
    The frontier of the trend of the times
    Open the vision of the blockchain 3.0 era and open the road to digital wealth appreciation
  • 02
    Industry leading technology
    North American Zhike International’s top team builds technology to lead the world
  • 03
    Top mining power
    It has 19 large-scale blockchain mines worldwide, and its computing power steadily ranks among the top 5% in the world
  • 04
    Support the participation of all people
    A wave of digital currency wealth that everyone can easily participate in
  • 05
    Low risk and high return
    No need to buy mining machines, low-risk mining digital currency, high-yield earning digital assets
  • 06
    Stable and continuous income
    Harvard University’s top financial asset management team builds a stable and profitable hematopoietic system
  • 07
    Huge appreciation space
    OST Pass is benchmarked against Bitcoin to create a scarce digital asset that money can’t buy
  • 08
    Massive application scenarios
    The core assets of the North American public chain ecosystem support dozens of payment and application scenarios
  • 09
    Public chain ecological blessing
    Provide all-round programming, application, expansion, and conversion support to create a super ecosystem
  • 10
    Strategic layout planning
    Target tens of millions of core users, covering hundreds of countries and regions, direct access to the peak of the industry

Please all abide by the discipline of OST

Everyone uses USDT for deposits and withdrawals and funds are safe and the deposit review time is fast and there will be no problems.

  1. Withdrawal using USDT, usually arrives within 24-39 hours
  2. Using bank channels for withdrawals is prone to problems and deposits are also prone to problems.
  3. The time to withdraw money using the bank channel usually arrives at the bank account in about 36 hours
  4. USDT security, as well as convenience as well as faster deposits and withdrawal and more savings in fees
    (There is no end to learning in a person’s life) Only by continuous hard work can we keep up with the pace of the times (in this way can we enjoy a beautiful future-welcome a new world)

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The Easy Strategies You Can Use To Invite More Members

  1. When you have mastered the job, you need to start building your team immediately. The method is very simple. you only have to recruit 5-10 people to join the Ostmine platform first. They can come from your relatives, friends, colleagues, and classmates. You have to take action, introduce our company’s platform and work model to them, show them your daily income and withdrawal records on the platform and share everything you know with them, and then invite them to join the job. They will become your direct reports(level).
  2. You need to train them like i trained you, so that they can quickly master the job. you need to create a whatsapp group and invite me to the group. In the group, you can communicate and solve problems in time, and you can share experiences with each other. At the same time, the special rewards we provide will be matched and distributed in the group.

Team building is very important, you should remember that the way to succeed is to let all your subordinates continues to recruit and develop the team, This is very important. if your subordinates do not develop new members, you will not get more passive income.

OST gives ever everyone a wonderful life
To register click here


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