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Before writing anything regarding this Cala AI Investment platform after my personal review let me share a little story with you all.

The man in the photo was poor when he started out as an agent with Cala AI Investment and had no money to buy the smallest robot of 32$. He didn’t even have any money for rent and lived a frugal life.


He leads friends to distribute flyers on the street every day, and actively organizes offline activities to promote them to every household. His sincerity touched everyone. He advertises CALA every day in the market or anywhere, trying to get people to join his team.

After several months of hard work, under his leadership, he has built a team of more than 600 people step by step. His agency commissions are close to $110 a day, and his agency income is close to $3,500 a month. I believe his efforts will achieve better results, from poor to rich, luxury cars and villas are just around the corner.

We can’t choose our origin, but we can create the future we want for ourselves and our family, when you decide to stick to one thing, the whole world will make way for you. Join CALA and build your own team, you will soon change your life.

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As a blogger, the reason why I am not cautioning people much about this platform is just because you have nothing to lose and the $32 start up capital will be realized in shot run.

What is CALA AI Investment?

CALA smart robots profit by capturing the differences in the cryptocurrency market, i.e. buy low and sell high, making two-way profits.

Introduction to Robot Earnings on Cala AI Investment

Each user can receive Robot No.0 for free once, and CALA also provides five advanced robots, Robot No. 1-Robot No. 5;

① Robot revenue:

Robot No. 1 earns $0.45 per day
Robot No. 2 earns $1.5 per day
Robot No. 3 earns $8 per day
Robot No. 4 earns $33 per day
Robot No. 5 earns $170 per day

② Robot investment Amount

Robot investment amount = selling price + start-up capital

Robot No. 1=$2+$30
Robot No. 2=$5+$100
Robot No. 3=$25+$500
Robot No. 4=$100+$2000
Robot No. 5=$500+$10000


Start-up capital are only used to activate the robot and will not be consumed;
Start-up capital will be returned to your account balance when the robot is suspended.

Don’t waist too much time before you invest guys CALA is making millionaires weekly.

Go and invest now. The month is over now. Don’t spend all your salaries… Invest and increase your income. Success is a deliberate act. You must not stop pursuing your goals if you must succeed.

How The Referral System Works on Cala AI Investment Company

When the people you refer start investing in robots, you can get the following referral commissions

  1. When the subordinate recharges for the first time and reaches the reward requirements, the company will give you a robot [1#robot—3#robot]
  1. Every time your subordinates buy a robot, you can get 20%-40% of the sales commission. For example, if your subordinate spends $100 on a bot, you can earn $20-40 in commissions on sales.
  1. You can get a 12% rebate for the profit earned by the subordinates using the robot. For example, if your subordinate makes $100 using the bot, you can get a $12 rebate.

When your referred subordinates start investing in the robot, these agency commissions will be credited to the fund balance of your CALA account in real time, which you can withdraw at any time. These agency commissions are issued separately by CALA, and the profits of you and your friends will not conflict. Click here to get started

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You can’t say because your vehicle has accident so you won’t enter vehicle again. How will you get to your destination?
Life must continue. We must move on.


Cala is here to stay. Not like others

Register all your family members and friends and they will be forever grateful to you.

Say no to ponzi platforms

When the profit is too high, run from it.

Introducing CALA Ai Arbitrage.

Robots do the work, you do the cashing out.

How to activate free robot on Cala

After registration follow the steps above to activate your free registration bonus.

They have been operating for a long time and still waxing strong. Below is their Office address here in Nigeria.

CALA Nigeria Branch Address:


EFCC has investigated them and approved their operation with a certificate.

Many of our politicians are investing and cashing out millions regularly. You can join our Whatsapp group here for more and proof of payment or questions.

Join My WhatsApp Group Strictly To Those That Registered With My Link

  • Minimum: 32usdt
  • Maximum: 10500usft
  • Withdrawal minimum is 5usdt

You will also a free robot and 10usdt to trade for you as welcome bonus

Click here to register

Invitation code:

We all know what Arbitrage is all about.

Join us now and earn a steady income. You will never do ponzi again after you taste CALA.

CALA Crypto Academy (USA) Recruitment Notice:

CALA Online Crypto Academy will be launched early next year, In cooperation with CALA with Nigeria as the center, Strategic development for comprehensive promotion in the African region, by using live streaming, Educate the public on crypto domain expertise, In order to promote the sustainable and stable development of the encryption industry: at the same time, CALA Crypto Academy will also promote CALA financial investment and other businesses, to promote the company’s performance growth;

We need to recruit 5 trainers to complete the preparation and operation of the online Crypto Academy together;

Salary (USD):


Job Responsibilities:

  1. Develop a detailed encryption knowledge training plan and CALA AI robot online marketing plan;

  2. Regularly conduct cryptocurrency-related laws and regulations to users in the African region through live streaming, Professional knowledge training and implement the CALA AI robot online marketing plan, to promote performance growth;

Job requirements:

  1. Accept cryptocurrency and recognize industry development;

  2. Must be of African, but we do not limit religious beliefs, skin color, age and other requirements,

  3. Have team management experience (before have held a management position in the team) , the best in the education profession, have good expressiveness and adaptability;

  4. Willingness to serve for a long time, The labor contract is signed once a year, Short-term or part-time jobs are not accepted.

Other tips:
  1. Candidates need to have strong learning ability, the headquarters will conduct pre-job training in the next few months

  2. Applicants are strictly prohibited from religious, gender, race, etc

  3. Working place: United States

  4. If the applicant is an old user who has joined CALA for more than 6 months or has experience in large exchanges such as Binance and OKX, priority will be given to admission.

How to apply:

Add Telegram:
and send your resume to this

In addition, CALA has established a telegram channel. We have released a lot of information on using CALA, as well as the skills of forming a team. You can click the link below to join the CALA telegram channel to learn

Join Cala Telegram Channel

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