Online Business: Tesco Mall System Matches Merchant Orders For Platform Users


about Tesco

Tesco Mall is headquartered in the United Kingdom, Tesco is a global diversified group company. Tesco includes more than 200 brands in multiple marketing disciplines: public relations, medical and pharmaceutical marketing, customer relationship management, entertainment and events, shoppers, branding and design, and research.

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In February 2020, we officially entered the Nigerian market. We put service first, so that more users can feel the joy of shopping every day.

Tesco Mall

It is a third-party Tesco cloud control host for matching and placing orders.

The platform cooperates with merchants on shopping platforms such as Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Sendo, and Lazada, and matches merchant orders with platform users through the Tesco cloud system, thereby enhancing the turnover and credibility of major online shopping platform merchants.

The cumbersome mode of traditional online shopping order submission is improved, and the order is automatically submitted by the remote Tesco cloud server.

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Platform users only need to provide platform real information, phone numbers and some real shopping information, and enter Tesco Mall.

The remote robot of Tesco Cloud system can automatically control and simulate the manual order submission operation process, making online shopping order matching more efficient and simpler.

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Every day, goods need to be exposed on the shelves to provide platform users with a task of grabbing orders. After platform users complete the task of grabbing orders, they can get corresponding commission rewards.

This is a brand new artificial intelligence technology. Different from traditional technology, the Tesco platform uses a third-party matching platform to automatically match orders.

This process is simpler, more efficient, and more profitable. Both users and merchants will benefit from the Tesco platform.

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Tesco Mall Introduction

Tesco Mall takes service as its purpose. The first stage and important services are Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Lazada and Wish merchants, as well as professional service e-commerce merchants.

This is a platform that realizes mutual benefit between users and merchants.

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