Omegapro: Everything You Need To Know About OmegaPro

All u need to know about OmegaPro and how it works.

Good day my readers, we have come with another fantastic and everlasting way to make money online.

Disclaimer: I am not part of the founder and I know nothing about their operations but I am an investor just like every other person. My job is just to introduce to you how it works and with my past and present experience, Omegapro has been paying and still paying as at the time of writing this updates.

So, let begin with the Omegapro Rereview

When Was OmegaPro Established

Omegapro was established in October 2018, and they are in over 178 countries of the world with over 2 Million active investors spread all over the world. As at December 2021 the numbers of investors exceeded to 1.5 million.

What Exactly is OmegaPro?

Omegapro is a forex trading company whose vision is to deliver a secure world class trading experience to all her clients both retail and institutional .

Omegapro continually invest in people and in New technology (A.I) to provide her clients with a diverse range of trading products, with exceptional profits daily, weekly and monthly. Omegapro promise that every investor, regardless of how much he or she invested can expects up to 300% return on investment on or before 16 month with out referral.

What is the focus of OmegaPro:

Omegapro believes in a sustainable, transparent and long term forex trading business.

Omegapro offers a simple dashboard that allows all users to monitor their account and watch it grow every day.

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Why traders choose OmegaPro?

Omegapro offers a unique trading strategy for anyone to join, their trading packages are not only designed for large-scale investors but for the people that are new or know nothing about trading.

What are the benefits of choosing Omegapro

  1. Audited transparent Expert & A.I trading
  2. An average of 10%- 20% monthly return on ur trading capital
  3.  Daily, weekly and monthly withdraw is allowed
  4. No flushing of points
  5. Rank is for a life time,no demotion.
  6. Ability to cancel or terminate ur investment at any time
  7. Incentive like Apple laptop, iPhone s, cash up to ( 1, million dollars) plus vacation packages, exotic cars
  8. International trips
  9. Purchase of multiple trading packages is allowed.

How to become OmegaPro member:

All u need is to purchase ur license.

Your purchase will be deposited in omegapro brokerage in the AIgo-trader and it will be activated automatically.

And your investment will now be on autopilot to give you 300% of what you invested.

How old is OmegaPro 

Omegapro is a forex trading company ( with over 3 years in operation currently helping over 1.5million people trade the Forex market. With presence in over 130 countries and the very first trading company to own a digital bank in London regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

OmegaPro has proven be the fasted growing Fintech company in the world and will be preparing to be listed on the Frankfut Stock Exchange by the year 2023.

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There are 8 major currencies traded in Forex. These are:-

USD (US Dollar)

AUD (Australian Dollar)

CAD – Canadian Dollar

JPY – Japanese Yen

NZD – New Zealand Dollar

GBP – British Pounds

EUR – Euro

CHF – Swiss Franc.

These currencies are very strong and stable. Their countries have very strong Economies, hence investors are very confident putting money in these currencies.

The value of any currency is a reflection of the strength of the Economy of the country that owns the currency.

What are the earning rate in OmegaPro

When you join and buy a Trading License Maybe $10,000, Omegapro trades on it
And pays you absolute minimum of 0.405% daily.

Daily output is not stable but however gives you 10% monthly. It means you get $1000 Monthly ie. 10% of $10,000
If you wish to be making monthly withdrawals consistently, which is $1000 every month, you will do that for 16 months (16 months is the maximum contract period).

So it means that from the 1st month to the 10th month, you should have your capital back which is ($10,000)

Then the remaining 6months will be your profit which is ($6000)

Hope this is clear?

However, you can still make more than that by leveraging on the compounding feature in OmegaPro ie leaving your 10% in the system and allowing OmegaPro to also trade on it as well as on your capital.

You can also make 300% in 16 months if you don’t withdraw monthly.

This is how this works,

Buy a $10,000 trading License, which gives you $1,000 monthly

After the first month, don’t touch/withdraw the $1,000 which is 10% of $10,000

The next month OmegaPro will be trading on $11,000 for you.

As you keep getting $1,000 Monthly, do not withdraw

Your trading output will keep increasing daily and monthly.

If you do not make any withdrawal in 16 months, you will have $30,000 Which includes your Capital ie 300%.

So this simply means that whatever License you buy, you will have 300% (X3) in 16 months.

Note: There is a $49 activation fee on new license and repurchases.

  • $1000 gives you $3000
  • $5000 gives you $15,000
  • $50,000 gives you $150,000
  • $100,000 gives you $300,000
    And so on.

OMEGAPRO PACKAGE PRICES REVIEW (Effective from 12th May 2022)

  1. Start up trader ($149) – ₦92,380

  2. Basic trader ($549) – ₦340,380

  3. Light trader ($1,049) – ₦650,380

  4. Pro trader ($3,049) – ₦1,890,380

  5. Advance Trader ($5,049) ₦3,130,380

  6. Tycoon Trader ($8,049) ₦4,990,380

  7. Premium Trader ($10,049) ₦6,230,380

  8. Master Trader ($15,049) ₦9,330,380

  9. Elite Trader ($25,049) ₦15,530,380

  10. VIP Trader ($50,049) ₦31,030,380


If $ appreciates from ₦620 to ₦800 today as forecast 2 days ago by financial analysts, that means naira will depreciate by another 29%. Do the maths by yourself. Some financial analysts even said 40%, though I don’t know the stats they used. This will have a much terrible effect on Nigerians who solely earn in naira, save in naira.

Listen, if you have any savings in naira, I urge you to withdraw it very fast, invest it with #OMEGAPRO, & earn 300% #ROI. To register and become a member Ask Me How


  •  Preferred Username:
  • Full Name:
  • Active Email:
  • Mobile number:
  • Nationality:

Congratulations and welcome to Omegapro

Who are the people in charge of OmegaPro?


Co-Founder/CEO – Mr Andreas Szakacs (Sweden)

Co-founder/Operations – Dilawar Singh (Germany)

Co-founder /Strategic Advisor – Mike Sims (Miami, USA –

OmegaPro is a legit and sustainable company run by proven Entrepreneurs with clean records and solid backgrounds.

OmegaPro Company Address

OmegaPro is No.1 in transparency.

OmegaPro LTD
Griffith Corporate Centre
Kingstown, St. Vincent and The Grenadines

ANNEX TRADING HOUSE: Miami, USA and Australia

Engaging in OmegaPro Business

Do well to get started, you’re not doing it for anyone, but for yourself and your lovely family.

No one wants to remain in struggles and hardship..we all need time and financial freedom. Let’s help you get started and you will be glad you did.

🎤Omegapro we trade, learn and earn.

🎤Omegapro have made us to believe that the company can build without you looking elsewhere. The company promise that 300% return on every investment by 16 months and they have kept their promise.

🎤We are a great community and we have experts brokers, traders which have made it simple to work with Omegapro.

🎤You must not be a forex trader to trade with Omegapro. also, You don’t have to be a fashion designer to wear good clothes or a stylist designs to wear nice hair.

🎤The good thing is that the company have artificial intelligence test result that enables everyone to cash out accordingly.

Life becomes easy with Omegapro. Hop in the flow ride let’s set you on the path to financial freedom and security.

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Value of Naira to other foreign currencies most especially dollar is nose diving everyday resulting in prices of goods and services skyrocketing.

An average Nigerians can barely afford the basics of life like foods, clothing and transportation.

The exchange rate of Naira to dollar is now @ #620/$1.

Your continuous delay in joining OMEGAPRO when you have money kept in Naira is causing you to loose so much more than what you can imagine!!!

For Example, if you just joined Omegapro @#580, your investment has earned you #20 due to depreciation of NAIRA but if you joined when it was #540 to $1, you have gained #80.

This is just between September to October 2021. Meanwhile, some people joined @ #500 to $1, for these set of people, you have gained #100 to a dollar.

This was around May 2021.
If you are still keeping your money in Naira, the following is what you are doing without you knowing…

  1. You are reducing the value of your hard earned money because of ignorance which is not an excuse.
  2. You have failed to multiply your worth because of fear.

  3. You have failed to take a viable risk. The amount of calculated risk you take determines your next level of wealth.

There are some risks that are not viable, this excludes Omegapro because the company is bearing the risk of trading for you.

My Advice

  1. Don’t seat on the fence, enough of analysing about Omegapro for the past 2 years, wasting time and resources in keeping your money in the bank

  2. Take a RIGHT step today and join Omegapro. If you have invested already, invest more and EARN more.
    God bless you!

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