NOW Update: Latest Updates Regarding Nigeria Order Works

Good day my people. It is a pity to each and everyone of us that participated in the recent trending online money making platform Nigeria Order Works.

It’s over 72 hours now that the site could not be reach. Early on Tuesday morning, it was announced that the site will be under maintenance for an impromptu upgrade to serve every of their members better after which the site went offline few hours after the announcement.

One of the admin of the firm confirmed that the upgrade will be completed on or before Monday 24th of May 2021 before the site went offline.

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Many have already lost trust in them due to the time to time upgrade that brought about suspicious to their system but Nigerians will always want to see the end of everything.

News has already gone viral that NOW is a scam, NOW has crashed etc. But today, a message was sent across to NOW Whatsapp groups as many still believe something possible may happen miraculously as they promised.

Here is the message:

Good morning everyone,
I want to begin by apologizing to everyone. The events of the past few days, I know it has caused a lot. The regional director has made sure that all is in place.

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I want to joyfully announce to you that NOW is back.The upgrade caused a lot but to the glory of God, it has now been completely successfully.

I’m very sorry for the absence all this while, it is due to the upgrade but I want to assure you that all has been put to place.

You can login into the site by 6pm today, that is when the site will be officially opened again.
Login in and carry out your tasks
Due to the events of the past few days.

NOW has decided to compensate every of her member with 1000n each.
This program as I said earlier is to last for 15months and so it will be.

Continue to get more subordinates as there would be reward for that.

Since today is Friday, and the site will be re-opened by 6pm, it means there would be no withdrawal until Monday.

I’m very sorry once more for the events of the last few days.
For those that placed order for withdrawal, your money has been returned to your account. That is to say your money is intact, you can make your withdrawals as from Monday.
Enjoy, let’s make this money together.
Do have a good day
Keep your questions coming
I will attend to your questions from now until 11:30am.

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That is the latest update we saw this morning but my dear brothers and sisters, my father’s fathers and mother’s, please I don’t want anyone to out mind in this because you all know what Nigerian youths can do.

I am not believing the above message until I see the site opened either today or Monday.

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