NOW: The Difference Between Upgrading VIP Level and Recharging Account

If you are a registered member on the paying platform on the internet Nigeria Order Works NOW and you are still finding it difficult to understand the difference between the Upgrade VIP levels and the Recharge, this article is meant for you.

How To Make Money in Nigeria- Nigeria Order Works NOW

The difference between upgrading VIP level and recharging account

In NOW There are different categories or VIP Upgrades,

  1. VIP1
  2. VIP2
  3. VIP3
  4. VIP4

After upgrading the VIP level, your account balance needs to meet the minimum requirements of the VIP area to perform tasks in the advanced area. The upgrade needs to be consumed separately, and the upgrade fee will not be displayed in the account balance.


Recharge account, the funds recharged to the account will be directly displayed in your wallet balance and the money can be withdrawn at any time.

It is very advisable to recharge before performing the daily order because the higher the balance the higher the commission.


Nigeria Order as at the time of writing this article, NOW is still functioning well and paying all their members who perform task on their site with low data.

NOW are full of sincerity and they meet the standards of rewards and salaries. The speed at which they issue reward bonuses and salaries is the first of it kinds. This is the prerequisite for their business cooperation.

If you are yet to join, click here to know more about the paying site and register with the registration link in the article below.

How To Make Money in Nigeria- Nigeria Order Works NOW

According bro our research at Nairablink, if NOW can last for six (6) months, millions of Nigeria will be Registered and it will be a source of income to many and that will reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

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