Nigerians React as Kwam1 Performes Live at Bobrisky’s Birthday

The Instagram celebrity celebrates his birthday with lots of actors and actresses. It was a great day to him as the Fuji legend King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall performs live on stage.

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The celebrant had also disclosed his intention of having 30 different looks shot to mark his new age which he promised to unveil each look to his teeming fans and; is fulfilling his promise as he has continued to post different birthday shoots daily while counting down to his big day.

The birthday party shocked Nigerians as Wasiu Ayinde KWAM1 who is popularly known as the Mayegun of Yoruba land performed at the event.


He paid for his service.. that’s his own source of income… He is doing his business… The sad part for me are the guests…

I feel so ashamed seeing majority of them identifying with such/in menace..

What sort of nonsense business is he doing?

He is a highly revered Chief in Yorubaland and by extension is expected to be the cultural ambassador of the Yoruba race. Where in our culture is this acceptable in Yorubaland?

Don’t we know this is an endorsement of his lifestyle?

  • Osifeko Mark Olaniyi Omonla:

It is like somebody saying because he is a butcher, he is invited to butcher a human being and he takes the offer.

It may be economically right but is socially and morally wrong.

  • Replying Osifeko Mark Olaniyi Omonla:

Well it’s all about perception.. but no matter how bad u feel about can’t compare it with inviting a butcher to butcher a human… it’s a different thing..

Yes Morally it is wrong…just like people into prostitution…

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Lol.. as for his chieftaincy title in Yoruba land that’s another angle to it… Is the title really meant for musicians? Question for another day. 

  • Yomi Agbaje (The Publisher Our Day Magazine:

The organizer of Miss Epe Division replied Osifeko Mark Olaniyi Omonla; she is only a cross dresser, wasiu is been hirer to sing and who ever invite him is not an issue bro, someone might even hirer k1 for the babe, lol,. We practice democracy bro and thats the way she is expressing herself.

One thing about being celebrity, rich or famous is that you’ll have followers that will like you and by default will believe whatever you are doing.

If those things are wrong then it’ll influence them and will be motivated to be doing it too.

Young people will never see it as wrong things so far their mentor is doing it.
It’s a pity there’s no law against it here, Derele started it and many are embracing it.

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Always remember that there is two sides to a coin, just as reflection from prisms or diamond are view in different format depending on the angle you are washing it from…..!

What about the UN charter on the principle of Fundamental Human Right….?

Also, Salvation or Belief or religion acceptability is personal decision ….’

In order words, sometimes one need to look away from what you don’t have control over.

Adara fun laye, ori e onigba ibode. Wa telepe laiye, agba gidi lorile alaye loma je titi lailai. Maiyegun ti da aiye ru bayi oooo. Just to eat yi shaa. Alafin ti gba ibode fun ile omoluabi.

Maiyegun needs not to hate him/her but shouldn’t foreany reason support Bobrisky endeavours in a glaring way. Maiyegun ose ire oooo. Agba ogbodo wa loja ki ori omo tuntun wo. Oba toje ti ilu toro, eyi toje ti ilu tuka!

I hope Alafin will not soon make Bob risky iya Alaje of Yorubaland o.

Arabinrin Temitope Oyebamiji what sense is in cross dressing and how far is it from homosexuality?

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I am not a saint neither am I aspiring to be one but some of us were trained to hold certain ethos and when we even fall below it, we don’t joy about it or publicly endorse it. It is not because of anything but to avoid misleading those behind us.

I entered a young man’s apartment today to meet him and he came out with double ear ring with both ears pierced, plaited hair and looking very unpresentable.

Though he hasn’t committed any crime according to our constitution but he fell below the social and moral standard we were raised with. So I agree I am old school and I want to remain in that school.

My worry is that when we tear down all known and expected moral and social standard, it will be very difficult to raise sane kids in our society. We will then all be here to bear the consequences.

What do you expect from unbeliever. Nothing concern wasiu with homosexual or lesbian. Leave them alone hell fire is real.

Osifeko Mark Olaniyi Omonla bro the world “morality and ethics” varies, it is not absolute. What you think is abnormal may be normal to others, does that mean you deprive them of their way of lives?

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I am not in anyway in support of cross dressing but we shouldnt make what is not moral to us general in as much as it is not illegal in law. It’s that simple.

Bashexy Oluwakemi Hassan I didn’t see any respectable or notable person at the event ooo….its those shameless female celebrities that were there to support rubbish… May be its the video clips I have watched sha.

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