Nigerians React as FBI Alleged That Hushpuppi Attempted to Dupe EPL Football Club of £100m (#48.4b).

According to Punch Newspaper, Alleged international fraudster, Ramon Abbas aka Ray Hushpuppi, on Friday made his first court appearance in an American court where the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleged that he attempted to dupe an English Premier League football club of £100m (N48.4bn).

These are the reactions of Nigerians over the news

This guy is a genius,

I wish this mental prowess can be directed to a right course to make impact in this world that will benefit humanity,
It’s a pity his life is been wasted, having been deceived that he’s enjoying life.
Nothing pays more than doing the right thing.

If hushpuppi was an Igbo guy the useless media agencies would have been mentioning his tribe in the news for everyone to know where he came from but since he is from the West they are only mentioning hushpuppi leaving his yoruba name and tribe aside.

Well, he has come to the end of his journey. All that glitters is not gold.

Can’t Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana help him out?. This not a good way to treat favorite customer.

This is fantastically exasperating. The height of idiosyncratic egocentrism. What a precarious attempt to unleash deceptive and self – aggrandizement philosophies in fraudulent attires and a failure to consider the bumerang effect of such surruptitious criminal hullabaloo.

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How can he engage in such a large scale fraud and still not remain quiet. No verifiable means of lively hood, still u re living a social media life as if u re a model for fashion houses. Welcome as a guest to Donald Trump.

And today, all his fans and friends are no where to be found. This is a clear message to all the guys who still defraud people to oppress their fellow guys or to impress their girlfriends. When you are caught, this is how you will be abandoned.

I wish the day EFCC will be like this FBI.. thorough investigation before arrest.
With the evidence before this guy.. my dear even his lawyer will be questionable one.
They will question his stability.

But come here… our own EFCC will arrest.. and start their useless investigation without any evidence.

This guy should just plead guilty.. after serving.. he should come home and join politics.
Because most of our leaders now are ex convict in abroad.

Seems he wanted to hijack one of such window transfers to probably sell Taribo West to Chelsea poised to replace John Terry….

It’s probably an arsenal club that he wanted to dupe cos the way arsenal are drawing and Losing matches eeh, der are vulnerable to duping….

If this guy were to be a US citizen duping Africans the story won’t be like this. I’m not supporting fraud but go look at what oil companies have done in the south and tell which is worse…

Rubbish, when it’s Africa the whole world will hear but it it’s from the west it’s swept under the carpet.

Probably he had to do all this to maintain his flamboyant lifestyle not knowing that he was fast tracking himself being pinned. Congratulations oga and now enjoy your Gucci in prison.

I dey sure say APC go use am do campaign come 2023 general Election as one of their achievement…

Journalist: Sir, how was your government/party policies able to shape the Nigerian economy for the past 8yrs?
Lia Mohammed: well…

As you all know, when we came onboard crime and criminality was wearing suits and agbada; traveling from Ondo state to Dubai.

But due to Mr President’s fight against cybercrime, we were able to arrest and prosecute the world No.1 fraudster Hushpuppi and his gang.

Again, your aware that when we came onboard the first tenure our mandra was CHANGE which we achieved and then our second tenure was hitched on NEXT LEVEL you the media can attest to the fact that we’ve delivered on our promises…

Thus we are also asking the Nigerian people to vote for us again, so that they will witness the MANIFESTATION of our CHANGE and the NEXT LEVEL.
Thank you….

This is fantastically exasperating. The height of idiosyncratic egocentrism. What a precarious attempt to unleash deceptive and self – aggrandizement philosophies in fraudulent attires and a failure to consider the bumerang effect of such surruptitious criminal hullabaloo.

This man was made to be a John, he choose to be a Judas. He possessed such ingenuity that if it was applied into honourable enterprises, he would been one of the best around. What a misapplication of good brain.

The only problem I have with him is that all the money are not spent in Nigeria or to develop Nigeria because I see no difference between him and Nigeria politicians.

I will be happy if he defraud premier league club like Arsenal because they have been making us to loose our bet

At least the prison over there is far better and conducive for him compared to Nigeria I wish na Nigeria prison he for no how far.

I don’t support fraudsters and I never will but I hope you guys know that Hushpuppy was arrested together with 40 Arab guys, 36 Russians and 20 Nigerians but yet it’s only him that’s being seen on the news.

This guy isn’t a fraudster but an egoistic buffoon. How on earth is he gonna escape scamming a premier league side 100M British Pounds?

Infact I didn’t know you have gone this much to the extend of trying to dupe English premier club of £100m.

If I may ask,Shey na player you won sell for the club or you won help them build new stadium or you have become their scout?……You are foolish honestly.

Bobo yi ya were gan oooo.if it is EFCC that made this allegation most Nigerians will laugh it off and even insult and abuse EFCC operatives.

Yoruba celebrity oluwale, where is Abike Dabiri? She have become darft but whenever she heard of igbo names in such like this she will address the press pls Udom remind her.

Only the poor people will come here and start saying hushpuppi is a fraudster when our government has been defrauding us for years, poor people make ona get sense for once.

Please let me ask a question here, if hushpuppi wants to collect that money, I mean the 100 million pounds, Which bank account will he gonna use in collecting the money?

Are you saying that banks can question such transaction? Or are these monies paid in cash? I think banks officials should be probed too

Yoruba oo, this one go enter Guinness book of record, no escape, MBA!,
Any other fraudster be learner for this yoruba guy.

This guy is an Icon in the business of fraud. A Scammer par excellence.

Wow..dis guy really get mind & gut. Imagine person wey scam US govt, wetin cum be one EPL club to am.

May the Lord bless your new age. I wish you many more years ahead to celebrate and more fruitful years ahead.

I do laugh when i hear some guys say he’s too smart. America will employ him, fbi will employ him..

There are many smarter ass white niggas in the prison. even the tools hush used was made by the whites.

Una forget say na wizards full darkweb?..if dah guy is found guilty he’s goin straight to prison dem no go even reason him matter twice cos he’s black join.

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