Nigerians Differentiate Studying Abroad and in Nigeria as DJ Cuppy Posts Her Matriculation Pictures

Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy shared photos of her matriculation day at the University of Oxford, England, via her Instagram handle.

She captioned the photos;

When You Are Running a Degree Abroad, You Are Studying to Becoming Educated.

In Nigeria, you are schooling…with no hope of being educated or getting a job. That’s why they say school na scam (Nigeria)….not education (abroad).

Abroad, it’s called tutors.

In Nigeria, lecturers.

Abroad, free modules.

In Nigeria, recycled expensive rubbish called handouts.

Abroad, you have discussions, interviews, responses and peer-reviews…before assignments.

In Nigeria, tear a sheet of paper.

Abroad, you have a zeal in attending classes.

In Nigeria, “course rep, where is my attendance? Who has paid for my handouts?”

Abroad, A shows you are a bright student. You may never get to get zero…they’ll be marks for attempting.

In Nigeria, A is for God, B is for Lecturer, C is for serious students which comprise those interested in sexually transmitted grades, and yahoo boys.

Abroad, you can request for extensions if you miss assignments.

In Nigeria, who is your father to walk into my office to authorise me to give you grace?

Abroad, there is serenity to learn.

In Nigeria, you are always on pressure. How can you learn?

Abroad, you are addressed respectfully by your surname…“Mr. Smith, I am afraid you are going to have to go on detention for a week.”

In Nigeria, “hey, you…Kai, if you do as if it is not you I am talking to eh, I swear to God. I will show you what you haven’t seen all your life. It’s not a threat. You’ll carry this course over.”

Abroad, tutors get sacked for thinking of attempting to make things difficult for students by their actions or inactions.

In Nigeria, go and dare report a lecturer. Your days in that school will be the days of Methuselah.

Brethren, no matter the urge you have, never you argue abroad you are from Nigeria.

These are two different worlds.

Nigeria is an international village forced together for administrative convenience by colonial masters! Nigeria is not a country!

With these few points of mine….

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Beautiful pictures, she’s doing all things by the grace of God’s blessing from her earthly father. O! Lord may thy kingdom never pass me by and may I be my daughter blessing and she will be as educated as Oxford and Cambridge university Profs. Amen.

I bet one or two of those black boys there are Nigerians and purely on merit

But nowadays who Send school like that. If You like go Moonford or Marsford university…if You no get link or luck/grace nothing for you especially in this shithole called Nigeria

Money rules even a street man can become the richest from scratch e.g Obi cubana trending now might finally only have only O level

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