NYCN: The Youth Council And The Neglect Of Badagry And Epe Division


As the election of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter approaches in two days time and the political undertone to continue to relegate and sideline the Badagry division and Epe division as regards the chairmanship of the NYCN Lagos.

Since over fifty years of the existence of the council just as the two divisions are always relegated in the affairs of the state and developmental projects.

It is important Lagos youths and apostles of justice understands how the NYCN Lagos chairmanship position had been rotated till date with calculated orchestration to sideline Badagry division and Epe division.

It is important to highlight here that it is constitutional that the chairmanship of the NYCN be rotated among the geopolitical areas, and in case of Lagos State it should be rotated among the five divisions of the State as backed by the law that set up I.B.I.L.E not Senatorial districts.

The fact remains that if the Senatorial districts will now be applicable then twenty (20) Local Government of the state should be used in the NYCN not the fifty seven (57) LGs/LCDAs.

But since there is a law that established I.B.I.L.E, then the five divisions of the must be recognized. It was established that;


Produced Comr. Olayinka Oresile and Gbenga Ogunsola


Produced Comr. Gbadebo Taofeek


Produced late Comr. Osoba, Dynamite Segun Ewedemi, Comr. Sotade George and current Transition Committee Chairman Comr. Kayode Odunuga.

Whereas BADAGRY DIVISION and EPE DIVISION respectively never produced any chairman of the NYCN Lagos since when the youth council came to existence in Lagos State.

Another fact not in the public is the unwritten agreement between the groups that Comr. Ismaeel Odulana’s group should be the next to produce the NYCN Chairman.

In view of the fact that that Comr. Gbadebo’s group produced himself while Comr. Kayode’s group produced Amb. Olayinka Oresile & Comr. Gbenga Ogunsola and the Secretary Comr. Riliwan Tinubu and he is also the current Chairman of the Transition Committee and at the same time scheming to produce another Chairman from Ikorodu Division using underground political influence.

We also need to bring to the open that the crises in the NYCN Lagos state started when the Lagos State Government through the then late Adeniji Adele was trying to politicize the youth council and impose somebody.

An unpopular candidate who was not a youth council member on the NYCN Lagos State which later resulted into the crises of Youth Council and Youth Forum.

The attempt by so many political actors against the norms to tactically zone the NYCN Chairmanship to Lagos East so as to be able to favour his candidate and to have the control of the NYCN Lagos State.

The connivance of some of the state political appointees to carry out these unjust plan will only return the youth council to crises and ultimately jeopardize the sacrifices made so far.

Our appeal is to allow Badagry Division to produce the NYCN Chairman while Epe Division should produce the next NYCN Chairman to prevent further crises.


Prince Ibahdode Friday (Fido)

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