See First English Club to Win All Three Main European Titles. No.1 Will Surprise You

Only Two English Clubs Have Won All Three Main Titles.

The English premier League is considered the most watched football league in the world. This is no surprise considering the great football clubs to have evolved from that country, and their rich history.

While domestic dominance can be seen as a measure of a football club’s strength, continental conquest is very important as it extends domination from the shores of one territory.

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Winning at continental level also affords a club the opportunity to compete at Club World Cup level, and gain desired popularity.

Clubs in England have held their own against external aggression as the exploits of Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in recent champions league history is well documented. But you may wonder what the first club to win the UEFA Champions League (formerly European Cup), the Europa League, and the defunct Cup Winners Cup is.

Chelsea is the first English team to win all three trophies after their Europa League final victory over Benfica in 2013. If you recall, they were Champions League winners the previous year(2012).

When you add these two triumphs to their Cup Winners triumph in 1971 and 1998 season, Chelsea became the first in England to win all three European trophies.

Chelsea FC had been a dedicated team with their consistency and no club in England can challenge them without having good recommendation.

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In the past years, Chelsea as a team faced technical issue, coaching, injury, and ban which really affect their playing method on the pitch.

They are not alone in this noble path though as another great football club, Manchester United, registered their presence by winning the Europa League in the 2015/2016 season under Jose Mourinho.

It should be noted that before this time, they had won the Champions League and the defunct European Cup Winners Cup. Mourinho is a fantastic coach and he was ready to win trophies to any club he works for.

That is why he can never be compared with any other coach.

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Comparing Jose Mourinho with Guadiola is like comparing Leonel Messi with Christian Ronaldo.

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Barcelona fans are always sentiment when arguing Messi vs CR7. Dough, Messi is a great and world class player but Ronaldo is the best.

Forget about the world best award, 99% of the UEFA knows that Ronaldo is always the best and he is very strong, healthy and always ready. W

he was in Spanish club under his formal manager Jose Mourinho he had been the greatest challenge to all the club in Spain and he was able to achieve all his aim at the club breaking a hundred years records in the history of football. He left Real Madrid for Juventus and he I doing well till date.


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It is never an ideal to compare players that move from one club to another with different playing patterns and adapting with their method of play to players that remain in a club achieving all his records there. Ronaldo played in England with Manchester United for years with countless trophies (English Premiership) under formal United coach Alex Ferguson before signing for Real Madrid.

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It is no longer a news that Leonel Messi is planning to end his career at Barcelona while Christian is still very active on the pitch.

So, despite all the records achieved by Chelsea FC, does this record place Chelsea in the same rank as Manchester United? Let me know in the comment section.

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