Trending Issue On a Popular Page on Facebook Tagged My Friends And I (MFI)

Nairablink is here to update you on all the trending issues on Facebook groups. Facebook has become one of the best social media platform with the highest number of registered members.

Nigerians have taken over the opportunity to bring online all their usual activities with their friends to Facebook and other social media platforms. Most birthdays, anniversaries are  celebrated online most especially this lockdown period.

There is a particular group on Facebook with over 17,000 members. This group is always sponsored by some influential personnel during their annual events.

One of the admin of the group MFI Minsura Honeywealth took to the group this morning to fire back at their members:

Good morning MFIites,
We hope you had a restful night, as well as staying safe. Please stay safe.

May we have your attention please? It has been closely observed in group that some of our members are not happy or rather unpleased with the way we operate here
on MFI.

While we can’t please everyone we will like to address some issues that have been ongoing for a very long time. Despite our constant reminder that MFI is not a “dumping ground” where anything can be posted, yet we receive tons of repetitive posts; unsolicited contents; body shaming/bullying posts; explicit posts that are derogatory to the image of the group.

In every organisation, be it social, political, economical or religious group there are rules and guidelines that must be adopted and adhered by members in the group.

On the other hand, goals and objectives of a group set it apart from its competitors. MFI group is one that has its core goals and objectives – ‘love‘ is what makes us unique. We preach and practice love “My Friends and I – love leads”

That said, that we accommodate people with love, by checking up on members; and celebrating members on their birthday doesn’t mean that the admin and moderators should be taken for granted. The act of nonchalance should not degrade our efforts as admin of the group. None of the members of admin are paid for bringing the group together orderly.

We are not complaining of doing what we do but it is very unfair when members come here to bully or talk to us insensitively.

It is not the first time we have some persons here telling us why their posts were not approved but a member took the “last straw” yesterday and this is what she said “the admin need to give me reasons and explanations why my posts are declined” really?!

Like seriously! What right does a member has to talk to the admin with such commanding tone? Such effrontrey!!! This is just a little example of some of the unpleasant things that are said to us.

The group has been constantly reminded, and in fact, we have a daily activity agenda that are updated on the platform, on a daily basis, yet some of our members fail to adhere to this routine.

Yes, we will not approve any posts that are against the ethics of the group. It is fair to say that MFI is one of the most lenient, accommodating, friendly and mature group on Facebook.

Yes, we love humanity; love is our language compassion is our motto/lifestyle but we strongly frown at bully or hate words/language in any form. We would not watch our admin/moderators dragged with lack of respect. W

value respect of one another. We welcome opinions, ideas and debates but we boldly say NO to bully. Please take note, be guided and mindful of your utterances.

May we also bring to your awareness that while we are friendly with the act of goodness towards our members, please understand that there are boundaries on what are acceptable for post approvals. There are too many junk in library.

There’s a huge difference between a “social group” and a “personal wall or timeline” for instance you have the right to post as many pictures as you so wish on your timeline, but in a group of over 16k members it is not permissible to post tons of your personal pictures, anytime you feel like doing so.

We would also like to remind you all that we do not do “favouritism” can we enlighten you about how things work in the group? It’s simple, be active, loyal and consistent – this is all it’s required to get an attention in the group.

Sometimes this rule may not work because people are busy and they have other things they pay attention to, rather than reading through posts in a group.

Yes, we genuinely love to celebrate and see our members happy but please do not take our act of selflessness for granted. We would not welcome any toxicity or negative energy…..

We read between the lines with discernment, so we understand when words and actions are playfully designed around toxicity. Do not throw words around unguidedly, we understand!

We are here to serve you better with your help. Please be nice!

Check our next updates on the trend Seeing issue on this particular group.

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