My Mother & I; a True Life Story

Short sex story

Sex story. Mother and I

This incident happened when I was at the age of 19 and my mom was 40.

We used to live together in an apartment and my dad being a businessman was mostly busy in his work and after every 2 to 3 days he used to go to comibitore business over there.

Once my dad went to Mumbai for about 2 weeks as he wanted to settle his base of business there.

So me and my mom were left all alone in the house.

One day when I returned after playing cricket with my friends I felt hungry so I went to kitchen to have something to eat but came back as I couldn’t decide what to eat.

I went to my mom’s room but she wasn’t there she was taking bath. Since I was 17 I had a great lust on her and used to cum on her bra or panties whenever I got a chance.

So I decided to wait till she came back from bath. After few minutes she came out of her bathroom, she was just wearing her wet petticoat from her boobs.

But because it was wet it was sticking on her boobs and hence I could clearly see her large bouncy breasts.

On seeing this sight I got hard and my mom saw my cock getting tight in my shorts.

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To this she just smiled and asked what was I doing there and I tried to hide my erection quickly and replied that I wanted something to eat.

She then wore her cloths and went to kitchen telling that she was going to cook Maggie.

I got up from there and went to my room. After few minutes she came back with a plate of Maggie and we ate together.

That night i couldn’t sleep, I was thinking of my mom nude with me. While doing this I started to exercise my cock and cummed out in a few minutes thinking about her and I don’t know when but I fell asleep.

Next day was sunday so I had not put my alarm and my mom came to wake me up at 8am and I was not wearing my shorts.

She came, sat beside me and started rubbing my penis when suddenly I got up. My mom was smiling at me.

I saw her and felt ashamed. She told me that it was ok as I was growing up now. I wore my shorts and went to bathroom.

That day after having lunch I said to my mom that I was feeling sleepy so I am going to sleep.

She said that she was going to sleep too so I could join her if I wanted and I saw this as my chance to make my fantasies come true.

We went to sleep soon my mom was fast asleep and seeing that I intentionally came closer to her and put my face on her cushion like boobs.

It felt warm. A caught her in my arms and had started to suck her big round boobs from above her blouse.

She woke up as I was doing that. She understood what I was trying. She said ”my baby still wants his momma’s milk??”.

I just smiled and replied mom you makes me horney.

She started to unhook her blouse and I was stunned that she did not deny or made fuss and for the first time since my childhood I had seen a real breast.

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I started to squeeze it and suck it hard like a hungry man. Slowly slowly she started to morn.

My penis was hard by then and was rubbing against my mom‘s pussy. Soon she started to touch my penis.

I could no more stay laid. I got on my all four and moved down toward her pussy. I undressed her removed her sari and found she was wet.

I licked her salty pussy. I said to my mom that she was so good and so she asked me weather I had sex before I said no though I had once at collage with a prostitute.

I felt my cock was trying to come out. I asked my mom to suck it but she denied and said me not to force her to do that as she didn’t like it.

So I went to enter her. She caught my cock with one hand and directed it in her hot pussy.

I felt so good and warm then wet.
I started to stroke up and down she again started to morn and asked me to be a bit slow but I did n’t listen to her and went on stroking hard.

Her boobs were bouncing like waves. Soon I felt I was about to cum. She asked me to cum outside her but I couldn’t stop myself and forcefully cummed inside her.

She said that she didn’t wanted me to cum in her so I replied that I couldn’t control. I then got up from there and dressed.

That night we again had sex and tried many positions and she said to me that my father never tried such positioned and she enjoyed it a lot.

Since then we have had sex together many times.

Whenever she wants satisfaction she comes to me and I serve her the best I could.

Once she became pregnant but thanks to the development of science I brought pills for her.

We have sex with each other almost 2 times every week. I love her, her God gifted and maintained body.

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