Mistakes People Make When Running Facebook or Instagram Adverts

This section I’m going to talk about is the  mistakes and the main reason why people don’t get their desired results when running Facebook and Instagram adverts.

We have prepared these contents to enlighten you on the mistakes and the solution to avoid these mistakes and correct them.

1. They Expect Result Too Early

Getting amazing results with paid ads is n child’s play. There are a lot of factors that come into consideration and there’s a series of steps and procedures that need to be followed.

One common mistake I have noticed several business owners make is not giving the algorithm enough time to optimize and report data.

Tell me, when was the last time you ran an ad and you ended up checking it every 2-3 hours just to see how it’s performing? Then you start panicking once you don’t see any result in that time frame?

Due to your panic, you’d probably make the ad killer move. Before the ad has taken time to reach the percentage of your
audience who are ready to make a conversion, you go ahead to pause or stop the ad. This is very wrong.

Source: Google.com

When running ads, there are three important phases:

– The Testing Phase
– The Optimization Phase
– The Scaling Phase

In the test phase, you should let the ad run for 24 – 48 hours (depending on your niche and budget) before you decide to pause it.


That way, the algorithm has some time to get used to the parameters you set and then start showing your ads to a portion of your audience likely to engage with the advert.


Ads need time to learn about your audience, your offer and the right people to make conversions. Let your ads run for 24-48 hours before deciding to turn it off or not.

2. They Don’t Know Their Target Audience

When scrolling through your newsfeed or your timeline, have you ever seen an ad that made you stop to look at it, but after reading (or watching) the ad, you ask yourself, “Why exactly am I seeing this ad?” or “Who is this person trying to target?”

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say I have a graphic design company and I want to sell training programs to people of different age groups – working-class adults, freelancers, teenagers, young school leavers, fresh graduates, etc.

Now I may be selling one thing – which is graphic design – but the way I will sell it to these classes of people will be very different, don’t you agree?

A working-class adult will want to learn how to make quick graphics on the go. For this group, money is not a big motivator.

Young school leavers or fresh graduates will want to learn graphic design in order to make some side income or as a side hustle. For this group, money is a huge motivation.

Can you see the difference? So, if you wanted to write an ad copy for working-class adults, you wouldn’t center the conversation or catchphrase around money because that is not this group’s main motivation.

They want quick and less time to achieve what they want.

Also, If you target young school leavers, you want to make the conversation about the opportunities open to them (making money) when they learn graphic design. I hope that makes sense ?.


Sit down, take a pen and a piece of paper or notepad, and write down who your TARGET customer is.

Create multiple ad sets based on the different consumer-level types and craft copy that suits each IDEAL subset of your audience. (Class On the Secrets of Copywriting will come up later)

3. They Don’t Have a Call-To-Action

When running an ad on Facebook and Instagram, a very fatal mistake to avoid is leaving the call-to-action blank. This offense is committed mostly by people who run ads on Instagram and Facebook, especially those who choose to use the BOOST or PROMOTE button.

A “call-to-action” basically means telling the audience to see your ads what step to take next. This could be to either send you a DM, request a call, book a session, fill a form, submit a quiz, answer a question, subscribe to your list, your call-to-action game must be strong, etc.

By the way, “VISIT INSTAGRAM PROFILE’ is not a very strong call-to-action. Except you are looking for just page views.

Here’s why:

You are leaving a lot of things to chance when you run an ad telling people to just visit your Instagram profile.

What if your ad is not good and they decide to visit your profile and they don’t like your feed, then what? The customer clicks away from your page and is gone for life. Bye-bye.

Unless you are Coca-cola or Pepsi and you have a huge marketing budget to spend on testing out every single variable under the sun, you have to figure out ways to be smart about your money in order to get the best results on your ad spend.


Come up with a really strong call-to-action for your ads before running them and make sure it is something that ties into the overall strategy for your business goals. Don’t make the mistakes again.

I will like to stop here for now. But keep visiting the page and I will update you with the next steps. Thank you for reading.

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