#MFI: What You Need To Know About NPF -Short Interview With Inspector Tope Aladejobi

On Talk To A Professional Thursday

This programme was held yesterday on a popular group on Facebook My Friends & I #MFI with inspector Tope Aladejobi as guest.

Falana Moreni KG: We have our dear Officer to respond to what we may likely not getting right in force systems.

Good to have you on here sir.

Note : Be polite with your choice of words.

Have fun and have a good time with him
Let’s welcome inspector Ojogbon Tope Aladejobi.

Adekunle Daniel Icon: Good to have you here officer ojogbon, what is your take on the ingoing protest against police brutality in Nigeria?

Inspector: I think it’s long overdue, now our people are exercising their right as a citizen… This only thing I don’t like is violence.

Adekunle Daniel Icon:

Ojogbon Tope Aladejobi Interesting, you seem like a gentleman in the NPF, with your experience as an officer in the law have you in anyways encountered bribery or corruption by your colleagues?

If yes, how much effort have you put into sensitize them against this?


My brother, I was once removed from a team because I stood in defense of a civilian, now think about it, can any of my junior or mate (colleague) remove me from the team without the consent of any senior officer?

My point is, many of these conventional police officers u see on the road are not the problem but the ones in the high offices.

Let me tell you, I’m not a Saint either, I have my own flaws, but having a sense of belonging is vital…

Bakare Olajide Nas: Boss is police officer have right to ask of particular or driving license

Inspector: Bakare Olajide Nas

Yes… If there is any accident or if there is any information on the car you are driving , a police officer can demand to see your driving license.

Omonubi Abiodun: Pls what’s Ur take about police asking for money from complaint before anything or taking any action???
Is it how it suppose to be?


That’s why we gave this PCRU public complaint response unit, we have our poster pasted on the wall of every valid police station with their numbers written boldly on the poster next time a police officer demanded for such, just call the number and report the police officer.

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Abdulateef Olatunji Akamo:

I also wanna know d process of tracking stolen phones. Is it a service that we pay for?


Nope…. Ú don’t have to pay for it. You have to report to the SIB Special Investigation Bureau.

Tina Opara: I heard that Police officers and other Uniform personnel purchases their Uniform by themselves, is it true?

I don’t know about the senior officers o, but rank and files do buy their own uniforms.

Abdul Quadri Goodluck Taiwo:

Ojogbon Tope Aladejobi but that’s very bad…. Uniforms and others should be on the government not the officers.
No doubt, this reform must be holistic.

Tina Opera: Bail is free. Why do policemen still collect money for bail?

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Bassey Happinessa:

I have a perception about NPF. How can I change this perception?

2 police officers have 4 kids in a school where I head. The husband told the wife that he will pay for 3 of the kids while the wife will pay for d one the creche. That’s their own way of raising the kids. Not my business.

Towards the end of the term, madam refused to pay. One night, she me to ask what we gave to the daughter the creche that’s making the girl not to wake up from sleep. She told me we poisoned her daughter

I advised her to rush her to the hospital that I will foot d bills and I told her I needed d doctor’s report.

She replied that she is looking for money for food not hospital. She called the owner of the school and informed him. My boss knows the plan and told me it’s a way of parents not wanting to pay.

She came the following day to school. She said she went to the hospital. I requested for doctor’s report so I can pay the bills.

She said it was not poisoning adding that the doctor said she picked something on the ground to eat.

I told her the babies don’t go out of the creche and I requested for a report.

She then said the girl didn’t eat anything that doctor said the baby cried.

She didn’t pay. She took only the baby to another school to complete the 3rd term while the other three were still with us.

First term for another session began and madam brought the girl again saying the school has good standard.

I told her I can’t accept the baby. She begged.

This time around, madam bought textbooks for her four kids and refused to pay.

I requested for my money and she said that I should include it the husband’s bill and not let her husband know about it.

I told her I can’t do such.

I seized one of the kids’ report sheet.

Na so oga officer and madam officer lied that they over paid for the children’s fee and I’m owing them change.

I left them and paid with my salary.

Since then, I have seen police officers as liars.

How can I change this perception?

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Bassey Happinessa

Tnx ma’am, nobody can make u change your perception of anything or anyone unless you convince yourself to do so, calling all police officers liars is like call a all plants weeds, some can be useful to you while some are just weeds… I know if there’s another program about talking talking to a professional is here people will still see something wrong with any profession invited to the program its

Now let me talk about the lady you are talking about, in case of next time, after doing your own research and findings about her claim that she lied, u have the right to report her conduct to the provost, and she will be decisively dealt with… And beside, it’s the wife of the police not the man… Unless the man is aware of the whole thing.

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