META FORCE Updates: Change of Date & Stable Coin From USDT to DAI

Take your time to read the update direct from the META FORCE Official Telegram Channel.

Hello friends!
To this Meta Force Updates, we have another important key change. We will use the DAI stablecoin on the Polygon blockchain.

This change does not affect the launch date in any way.

Yes, I know that many of you are afraid of all these changes. But, firstly, there are global changes in the market now, and it is very good that we are able to take them into account from the start. Second, don’t forget that changes happen before launch.

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Why DAI?

Just like with the change of blockchain, the change of the stable coin has a occasion, and has a more compelling reason. Let me remind you that the claims of the SEC against Binance were only an excuse to study the situation, and the main reason for the transition is the advantages of the Polygon blockchain, and the recent upgrades in this Network, which we were able to notice only recently, plunging into the topic.

As far as the stablecoin is concerned, there have been reports that it is in danger of collapsing, similar to other stablecoins. Capitalization began to leave USDT and increase in USDС. We first considered USDС, because it is the most secured with real dollars. But we began to understand further in all the nuances of different tokens. And and we found a much more serious threat: USDT and USDС are centralized, controlled by the creators and subject to regulators.
Many cases are already known when they simply froze wallets without explanation.

DAI is completely decentralized, and wherein being half backed by USDC. DAI has an excellent decentralized mechanism to motivate action, always leading to price equalization around $1.

Yes, the price is price is determined by the free market, which can change the price in any direction, depending on supply and demand. But depending on the price movement, the amount of DAI is, either decreasing or increasing, and that is decentralized, as a result it always returns to 1 dollar.

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You can learn more about how it works on their official website

The question that, of course, will worry everyone is the exchange. The easiest way is to use the main coin of the Polygon blockchain – MATIC, which can be easily exchanged for anything inside the blockchain, including DAI with very low fees.

Many of you may think that we are trying too hard to play it safe. Like, look how many different projects do not pay attention to such things. But from the experience of the last project, we understand that, unlike the others, we cannot go unnoticed.

There will be a lot of noise about us. Because Meta Force is a global project.

Already these days, hackers are actively attacking our site. As we understand, the attacks will be even greater when we launch. We cannot limit ourselves to ordinary defense, we need maximum alert and thoughtfulness of all details.

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Now it is not easy for each of you, with all the expectations, changes. But we will be able to cope with this and launch the most powerful system.
After all, we are with you – Force!

We started testing the Classic program on the website

At the same time, we do not use a testnet, but we do tests directly in the main Polygon network.

For Tests, prices are set from 0.000005 DAI$ for the 1st level – to 1 cent (to be exact 0.01024 DAI$) for the maximum level – the 12th.
That is, for these tests you will need a real DAI and a real MATIC. But the fees are cheap, and the prices of the levels are even more so.

At the end of the tests, a new smart contract will be connected to the site, with normal prices, with which we are already starting for real.

If you participate in tests and suddenly encounter some errors, please report them to @Meta_force_test account

I’ve made the decision to give our IT team an extra day so there’s no rush.
The tests that are currently underway started a day later than planned. And now an emergency has formed, if we keep the previously named date. Let’s better finish preparatory works qualitatively, without the risk that someone will miss something important in a hurry.

So, the launch of Meta Force, starting with the Classic program – June 29th.

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