Meta Force: How To Get Started With Meta Force Registration

I will run another META FORCE Registration presentation here right away you can’t be reading my blogs here and be broke.

Presentation will always come up if there are new members.

After the Presentation i will keep pressing your necks with massive results until you feel so oppressed and join us in making money on Meta Force

Let’s get to business, like I said it will be a quick one don’t be surprised if I’m just copying and paste, I’ve already prepared myself before now!!

I help young people with zero skills, money or connection, develop their ideas and expose them into businesses that will produce massive profits in the shortest time

META FORCE HAVE TWO PACKAGES; They two packages are:

 1. Meta force S6 2. Meta force S3

How each package in meta force work and how you earn on it

This is meta force s6 package* : meta force s6 package is a package you get pay without a single referral. In this package you invested your money and your money work for you…

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On this is package you earn through spillovers and overflow from upline and global team as well…. More explanation of Meta force s6 package



Manual Matrix

Earn from Referrals and Spillovers in Slot 3,4 and 5

Payment from Slot 1 and 2 goes to GLOBAL TEAM Slot 6 is used to Recycle

Follow Me: Each time your Referrals cycle, they are placed again in your S6

Earn from every activated Slot through the Global Distribution


SPILLOVERS : These are random system bonuses that you can earn from either your upline or anyone on the team randomly as far as you’re on an active team like mine

Upline:- means the people above you in the system or the person that referred you to the system

OVERFLOWS: These are dividends you earn from your downlines and even people that your downlines are referring and so on..

That’s why I told you you might not refer and you will still be chopping cool bonuses

Downline:- means Someone registered below you either automatically from the team or by you.

Hope we remember what S6 slots and S3 slots represents??.. S3 slot is the REFERRALS scheme slot…

How do you earn on S3?

You earn from here when you invite someone to this life saving and changing investment. S6 slot is the non-refferal scheme How do you earn on S6? You earn through spillovers and over flows from the team at large!!! And according to the structure of this platform, you earn more from spillovers/ passively than from referring.

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WITH REFERRALS: Earn Via Referral Bonus. And You Are Paid 100% Bonus Directly To Your Wallet.

WITHOUT REFERRALS: The System Works For You Whether You Refer Or Not. This Is The Part Where You Enjoy Spillovers And Overflow

LEVELS: Levels Are Like Stages The Next Is Higher Than The Previous One. So Is Your Earnings As You Upgrade To The Next Level.

SLOTS: This Is The Number Of Times You Can Get Your Earnings On Each Circle On A Particular Level.

  • So On S3 U Can Get 3 Times Earning On Each Circle.
  • And On S6 You Can Get 6 Times Earning On Each Circle.

The Circle Is Endless On Each Level When It Comes To Forsage. Meaning After One Circle Ends You Can Earn Again And Again On One Particular Level Up To 100 Times as long as it is being reactivated and don’t worry that is automatic.


Q: How much is the initial USDT required to start.

A: It’s 5 Dai for level 1 and each subsequent higher level is twice the cost of the previous one and the profit is twice as much.

Q: After registration, what will I do to earn?

A: By promoting your campaigns, building an active team and expanding your network.

Q: If I don’t have referrals will I earn?*
A: You might earn from any of the s6 matrix you have activated but you can’t predict the time and it won’t be much except u activate higher levels.

Q: How do I withdraw my earnings and turn it to cash?

A: Your dollar earnings in your wallet can be converted to cash by using any of the crypto exchange app installed on your phone.

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Q: What is the least or highest USDT I can earn?

A: There is no minimum or maximum amount you can earn on Force Smart Contract. You can earn as much as you can. It all depends on your level of diligence or hard-work and your use of strategies to grow.

Q: Will the system crash?

A: Force Smart Contract can never crash. Its built on the Blockchain network which is the safest and most secured crypto network in the world.

Q: Will I receive money daily?
A: As long as you earn everyday, you can receive profit everyday. It all depends on your readiness to work hard and work smart.

Q: Can I withdraw the same day I joined?
A: Yes, you can withdraw from your wallet at any time. It depends on how many dai you earn on that day.

Q: If I join today, when will they pay me?
A: You actually pay yourself. Immediately you earn, you can convert your earnings (in your wallet) to cash anytime as long as you make profit.

This is because all your transactions are done within your wallet and nobody has access to it except you.

Q: Who owns Meta Force?

A: Meta Force was created by Lado Okhotnikov. But once it’s on the blockchain, it has no owner. It is decentralized and as such It is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability.

A Meta Force smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm. It exists within the Polygon Blockchain, the number one cryptographic currency among those with which smart contracts can be created.

Q: How many referrals do I need before I can withdraw?

A: You don’t withdraw rather, you earn directly into your wallet and you can withdraw from it at any time. Besides you can earn with or without referrals through spillovers. Although, spillovers are not guaranteed.

You’re advised to launch your own campaigns and build an active team structure. Having an experienced upline partner can help in this regard.

Q: What is the difference between Force and (DAI) POLYGON
A: Force is a platform you are investing in while …(DAI) POLYGON STABLE COIN. is the cryptocurrency you’re investing with.

Q: How many referrals do I need to open a higher level?

A: It depends on your mode of earning. Your earnings can come without referrals through spillovers and overflows, that way you don’t need referrals to upgrade. And if you refer and earn, you can also open a higher level.

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Equally, you can buy higher levels with your USDT without necessarily waiting to earn so as to have higher earnings from the S6 baskets through spillovers and overflows.

Q: Can I use any other wallet apart from Trust wallet, Token Pocket and Metamask?

A: No.These are the most compatible wallets for transacting in the Force Smart Contract.

Q: If I don’t have referrals, how fast or soon will I start earning the spillovers and overflows?
A: It has no specific timeframe. It all depends on the number of transactions happening within your team.

Q: What if I can only refer 1 or two people, how will I make money?

A: As long as you work as a team, you will always earn and sustainably too. Team work pays in Force. You can’t do it individually without help from your upline/downline

Q: How many times can I cash out in a day or week?

You can cash out as many times as possible as long as you earn during the day/week.

Courage Abel. All you need to get register is 5Dai and $2 polygon in your token pocket wallet or Trust Wallet which everything for level 1 is equivalent to #4,530 to get Registered i know you’re already rejoicing to jump in.

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DM me or to proceed if you’re ready for Registration

Courage Abel. Best slots you can start with if your pocket allows.

🔴3 SLOTS = 35 DAI

🔴4 SLOTS = 75 DAI

🔴5 SLOTS = 155 DAI

🔴6 SLOTS = 315 DAI

Buying slots allows you not to miss payments and allows you to earn money while you are busy recruiting and building your business

I encourage everyone of you who can not recruit to buy at least 5 slots or more to benefit from Global Spillovers.

Forsage Rocks stop thinking and come onboard let’s Rock this together ask me for Registration Link.


Step 1 : Copy the Link:

The link of the person that introduced you (pls aka them for their link)

Step 2 : Paste the Link in your Dapp browser (Trust wallet)

Step3: You’ll see an Ethereum logo by the top left corner, click on it and change it to polygon

Step 4: Tap on Signup now

Step 5: Connect wallet

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Step 6: Approve your transaction by clicking “Confirm” to register your ID and wait for transaction to success

Step 7: After Registration, Select the levels one by one and click on ”ACTIVATE

You have been registered and activated levels successfully.

After the Meta Force Registration, copy your referral link and pass it on to your downlines

Join My Meta Force Group


🌺You’re paid directly to your wallet

🌺You are paid automatically and immediately you earn

🌺You don’t need to request withdrawal because, before you know that you’ve even earned, the money is already waiting in your wallet!

🌺META FORCE system can’t be hacked, changed or shutdown, because it is built on the blockchain

🌺Even the founders of FORCE can’t change the rule

🌺META FORCE is a lifetime contract

🌺 In META FORCE SPACE the levels you activate can never expire

🌺 Joining the platform requires a one-time payment of 5 Dai

🌺 META FORCE is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want to earn without limit, you need to put in the efforts

🌺 In META FORCE you grow your income by sharing the opportunity with others and helping them to make money with the system

🌺 In META FORCE you open an additional income stream at a higher level whenever you upgrade

🌺 In Force earnings are possible even without your efforts through spillover/overflow

🌺In FORCE earnings through spillover can come from upline, downlines and crossline

🌺 By joining Meta Force platform at prelaunch, you save a whooping 50% discount on the cost of all slots.

🌺 Activating slots in Meta Force entitles you to receive SFC (Stable Force Classic), a useful community token with which you can acquire products from the community.

So, set up your Trust Wallet, Token Pocket or Metamask, fund it with POS DAI Stablecoin for slots and Polygon Matic for network fees, mobilize your team and let’s fly with this project.

Meta force registration

We’re with you – Force!

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