Make Money in Dollars: This is Why You Must Make Money in Dollars

Good day fellow Nigerians, I am pained to write this and I don’t even know what to do to make our country great again. But I will advise you to try all means to make money online and make sure you make money in dollars.

My name is Williams Adebajo Dawud the publisher of this famous blog WWW.NAIRABLINK.COM how I wish I have the opportunity to change this country.

In simple and understanding English, please share this to your friends and family.

Nigeria Leaders

Our leaders are not good in any way. They moved our economy back to the worst level.

That your PVC you call POWER TO MAKE DECISION is no longer useful in our country because your VOTES will surely be manipulated by dubious and do or die leaders😭😭😭😭😭.

For over 30years we have been singing Nigeria go better but it’s getting worse everyday.

For over 30years the kids have been singing We Are The Leaders of Tomorrow but THE LEADERS YESTERDAY ARE STILL OUR LEADERS TODAY AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO BE OUR LEADERS TOMORROW.

And the painful thing is that there is no youths to support.

Go and ask a secondary school boy what he will do when he has d opportunity to rule our country.

Ask yourself too, our minds are influenced to negative thinking already. Everyone is after money and when you get it you forget where you were coming from.

Salary in Nigeria

The civil servants or people that work in private companies with #50,000 salary in 2015 are still getting the same salary without any increment.

A bag of rice was #7,500 in 2015 and it’s #32,000 now.

Tell me how these set of people will cope with the present economy of our dear nation.

Our money has no value. Our #500 note is not even enough to take care of a child for a day in school.

If she buys rice #100, egg #100, biscuits #50, Bobo #100 while going to school.

When she comes back she will buy rice #100, meat #50.

No Food For Her in The Night.

What about an adult?

What of people that are getting #25,000 as monthly salary with kids.

Make Money Online and Make Money in Dollars

This is one of the reason why the rate of single mothers will continue to increase in Nigeria because the fear of WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO EAT (WIFE, HUSBAND AND KIDS) WILL MAKE SOME MEN TO REJECT PREGNANCY OR BEAT THEIR PARTNERS SO AS TO REMAIN SINGLE AND GET OUT OF THE RESPONSIBILITIES.

This is why I Williams Adebajo Dawud is trying all my possible best to look for a way we can help ourselves online. If you make money online, no government will come to you for tax except the VAT we pay on transactions and buying of products.

Upon all our efforts many are still loosing online because they lack focus.

99% of every online platforms are Ponzi. Even if it’s 1% interest rate per day.

Our own is to take charge of the opportunity and be the first to engage and make some money.

We are sniper traders, you must have a leader and you must follow instructions if you don’t want to lose because it’s not easy to get that capital.

Make Money in Dollars

Now that we know that out Nigeria currency has no value, let’s make money in dollars and use that to cater for our family.


See and judge your economy

South Africa: Rand 1= ₦79

Angola: 1Kwanza = ₦12

Botswana: 1Pula = ₦28

Cape Verde: 1Escudo = ₦8

Algeria: 1Dinar = ₦12

Egypt: 1Pound = ₦35

Eritrea: 1Nakata = ₦18

Ethiopia: 1Birr = ₦19

Ghana: 1Cedi = ₦56

Gambia 1 Dalasi = ₦9

Kenya: 1Shilling = ₦6

Liberia: 1Dinar = ₦8

Lesotho: 1Loti = ₦19

Libya: 1Dinar = ₦156

Morocco: 1Dirham = ₦176

Madagascar: 1Ariary = ₦14

Mauritius: 1Rupee = ₦16

Malawi: 1Kwacha = ₦21

Mozambique: 1Metical = ₦24

Namibia: 1Dollar = ₦32

Seychelles: 1Rupee = ₦22

Sudan: 1Pound = ₦42

Swaziland: 1Lilangeri = ₦19

Tunisia: 1Dinar = ₦150

Zambia: 1Kwacha = ₦28

Even the worst economies of Africa now have more valuable Exchange rate than us.
As at today $1 = ₦620
€1 = ₦680
£1 = ₦720

₦1,000,000.00 is less than $2,000.00…..and some think that we have not reached the breakpoint??

Putin (Russia): Lawyer

Biden (America): Lawyer

Merkel (Germany): PhD Physical Chemistry

Xi Jinping (China): Chemical Engineer and Doctor of Law

Ghanian President: Doctorate holder

Buhari (Nigeria): WAEC not found

Today Nigerians are arguing about another man who doesn’t have FSLC, WAEC or any educational qualifications but wants to lead the whole country as president. Maybe the devil that was cast out of heaven fell directly into Nigeria.

Spread this Message…..To Rescue Nigeria. Vote wisely

AAS is planning to lunch soon, and we are all preparing to engage into it.

If You Want To Make Money Online You Must:

  1. You must have a leader

  2. You must follow his instructions.

  3. If you notice anything always hint your leader, he might be too busy to see what you are seeing.

  4. Don’t invest twice in any platform

  5. Invest once and be expecting profit.

  6. Don’t run many platforms at a time. 2 or 3 is ok.

  7. Make sure you have withdrawal culture

  8. Don’t leave your money in any platform no matter how legit it is. What you have in your bank is your money.

  9. Make withdrawal as soon as you meet up with minimum withdrawal amount.

  10. Don’t Compound if you have not make profit.

I am not stopping here but let me rest small. I am still your boy Williams Adebajo Dawud known as Nairablink.


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