Love Beyond Monarchy Episode 5


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It’s almost midnight by the time we’re walking back to the guest room door. Royce and Angie are talking our ears off about the French Rivera trip they just arrived back from. We turn the corner, finding two people kissing against a door.
I blush, looking down. Henry clears his throat. They look up, chuckling.

“Michael, get a room, literally,” Henry states dully, pointing to the door. I blink, surprised by how many people sleep together in this circle of friends. I find myself wondering if Henry does to. If he will tonight.
“Goodnight, Henry. Miss Mia,” Angie hums, clasping onto the door beside mine. She’s holding onto Royce for dear life, who is minutes from passing out. When their door shuts, it’s just Henry and I and our undeniable attraction. I turn to him, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“This was quite a party.”
He purses his lips. “Yes, I have- quite interesting friends. I’m sorry.”
I shake my head. “It was fun, thank you, Henry. Both of these nights have been great.”

He nods, looking down. “Your bag has been brought into the room and the forms are gone, so I hope you- have a pleasant sleep.”
Unbelievably awkward, I nod to him as well. “Thank you.”
He leans forward, kissing my cheek lightly. I touch his arm, wrapping my hand around his warm skin. He pulls back too soon, slowly before he turns, walking down the hallway without another word.
I stare after him, dejectedly, wishing I’d just been able to sign the damn contract.

I set myself into the bed, marveling silently at how fluffy the mattress is. I realize why the royal family always looks so rested now. I’m in a tiny, completely miniscule nightgown, since I didn’t think I’d actually be spending my night alone. I clutch the pillow, resting my face against it. I try not to think of the sex going on around me.

When I push that thought out, I’m confronted with the images of Henry and I on the blanket in the middle of a deserted forest. And quickly, it’s all I can think about.
I press my hand to my throat, remembering as his tongue glided down the warm skin, making my body shiver with want. It shivers now, making my body feel warm. Warm and needy. I run my hand lower in the darkness, over my collarbone, settling over my breast. I grasp the skin, finding that my nipple is already hard.

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My hand begins to descend further, but as my eyes flutter open, I remember where I am and I quickly stop myself, huffing, irritated. I am not going to do this here. No. I close my eyes again, trying to get my heart rate down. This is so unlike me.
There’s a noise of a click suddenly and I open my eyes wide in the darkness. What was- I hear the click again, softer this time and every hair stands on edge on my body.
Someones in the room.

I feel the bed descend and the sheet rise. I tremble as a hard body conforms to the back of mine, arms coming around me, hand clasping my throat to turn my face to his. I smile dazedly, biting my lip.
“What are you doing here?”
“I couldn’t stay away,” Henry whispers, pushing the hair gently back from my face. “I want you.”
“The NDA.”
“Fuck it,” he says, chuckling softly. “I trust you.”

“You barely know me. Are you sure?”
“Tell me I can trust you, Mia.”
I nod, immediately, not willing to put up a fight about this. “Yes.” “Then, I believe you.” His lips are on mine then, brutally. I grin as his hand pulls back the sheet. I reach for him in the darkness, gasping when his hands grab onto the edge of my nightgown. To get it off, I sit up, raising my arms over my head.

I’m completely bare before him within seconds, not that he can see me. Until, the light beside the bed flickers on. I blink, adjusting to the light, chest heaving. He’s on his knees in front of me, in a pair of dark navy briefs, his arm extended towards the lamp. His eyes travel down the length of my body as his arm leaves the nightstand.
I smile, slightly nervous as his eyes avert from my sex to my face. “Sit back against the headboard,” he utters, breathing deeply. I do as he says, aroused by the commanding deepness of his voice.
“Lean back and spread your legs.”

Oh my – I’m reddening as the seconds tick by. I press my fists into the bed, positioning myself to lean against the headboard. I’m nearly combusting by the look on his face as I open my legs, spreading them apart slowly. I’ve never had anyone speak to me like this before. I like it. He moves towards me, slowly, smirking, coming closer between them.
I’m hyperventilating when his face stops inches from mine, and his hand moves over my trimmed hair into my sex. I close my eyes, moaning. His lips graze mine but don’t go any further. I only feel his breath.
“Were you thinking of me before I came in here?”

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I nod, moaning as his fingers glide through my excitement slowly.
“Were you touching yourself?”
I’m on fire. My cheeks are on fire. I nod, chuckling nervously as my body trembles in response to the circular motion he’s starting on the most sensitive part of me. His free hand clasps my neck then as his lips meet mine, gently at first and then deeper, his tongue diving against mine.
I moan, shaken to my core as his lips descend from my mouth, onto my heaving chest. His lips caress my nipple gently as his hand rests on my hip, thrusting my body forward towards him.

His lips suck and bite and tease. My hands are extended, clasping onto the top of the headboard, holding me upright.
“Fuck,” I whisper as his mouth drifts even lower, his tongue darting just below the base of my belly button. He bends down then, eye length with the evidence of the arousal. I stare down at him, feeling wildly sexual right now.
I myself have never been a sexual woman, but damn, right now, I feel sexy. I feel how much he wants me. His hands clasp my thighs as his tongue runs slowly over my slit. I call out, trembling, clasping onto the headboard tightly.

I’m ridiculously close. So close it’s painful. I hum as his perfect lips cover the small nub, suckling gently.
“Let me hear you,” he utters, knowing what he’s doing to me. Every time his eyes flicker to appraise my features, I feel the scorching ache in my ovaries. I close my eyes as my body begins to shake, feeling my nerves building.
“Oh god,” I breathe. “Oh, fuck. Don’t stop.”
He doesn’t. In fact, his tongue begins to move faster, intended upon one spot, expertly. My hands slip from the headboard, sweaty as I come apart under his mouth, unable to hold myself up. It’s too much.

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I’m loud, unable to stay discreet, another first for me. I can’t breathe for what feels like minutes. When I finally feel my body relax, my eyes opening slowly, I feel his lips on the inside of my thigh.
“Henry,” I breathe, with wanting. I reach out, trying to grasp his shoulders. He moves up then, and we grasp each others faces at the same time, crushing our mouths together. Our teeth clash, violently as I grasp the waistband of his briefs, pulling down readily. I want him now. “Lay down onto your back,” I whisper as he bites my lip, pulling. He smiles, dangerously but obeys, backing up. He lies down onto his back and I don’t wait. I move on top of him, pressing my hands, my lips to his defined chest, groaning at the taste of him. I feel deprived. Like I can’t get enough. I feel mad, like a crazy, mad woman.

He sighs, grasping my hair as I run my tongue over his stomach, pulling down his briefs further until he springs free, large and wanting- and perfect. I stare at his cock, wide-eyed, intimidated. He’s larger than any man I’ve been with. I look up at him, pressing my lips together to stop myself from grinning.
“My god,” I breathe, resting my hand against him. He closes his eyes, tilting his head upward. I watch as his jaw clenches, a deep growl erupting from deep within him. Animalistic and primal. Sexy. I kiss the trimmed hair around his cock as I move my curled hand around him, gliding my thumb over the tip of him, which is already revealing his arousal.
“Fuck me, Mia.”

I look up at him, smiling. I’m no where near ready to leave this part of him yet. I gasp when he moves forward, grasping my arms. In a flash, I’m on my back, pinned beneath him. He grins, clasping my face. I’m helpless to him.
I reach up, clasping his neck but he backs up immediately, reaching over to the nightstand. I look with him, breathless, chuckling when he grasps a condom resting on top. I look at him as he rips it open, sliding it onto himself.
“Came prepared, didn’t you?”
He smirks. “Hoped.”

“You doubted?” I ask, quite positive he knew how badly I wanted him.
“You’re constantly surprising me, so I wasn’t sure,” he says, lowering back down over me. I hum, biting my lip when he clasps my face, lowering his mouth onto mine.
“Which is new for you… not to be sure.”
He nods, pulling back to look at me. “You getting somewhere here?”
I shake my head. “No, I just like being a mystery to you.”
“You are,” he breathes, pressing his lips to mine gently. I grasp his soft hair between my fingers, keeping him close. Our mouths begin to hasten, our touches strengthen. Lust takes over once more, no time for small talk.
“You sure you want this,” he says, clasping my hip. I make a noise, which causes him to laugh.

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“Take me already,” I utter, laughing with him. He pulls my hip higher and thrusts, hard . I gasp, surprised by the force. He pulls my hand from his shoulder, entwining our fingers against the mattress, digging into it for strength. I gaze up at him, glad when he doesn’t look away either so I can witness how beautiful his face looks when he’s aroused. The way his mouth hangs open slightly and then closes, how he tilts his head forward, concentrated beyond belief. How the muscles in his neck protrude, the soft hum he makes when he moves deep within me.
I’m transfixed on him. I’m moved. I’m obsessed. I can’t look away.
And I’m glad he doesn’t seem to be able to either.

“I like this,” I utter, betraying myself, betraying my feelings.
“I like this,” he replies, nodding. He lets go of my hand, moving it to clasp my neck. That way I’m held in place, unable to squirm when he fills me to the brink. I see stars, unable to stop my moan and I hear his chuckle.
“You’re so deep,” I whisper, clenching my eyes shut as he rolls his hips expertly, pressing the spot to make me tremble. “Oh, fuck.”
“You’re clenching around me,” he says, sounding like he hasn’t any breath left inside of him. His mouth rests above mine, but we can’t seem to find the strength to kiss one another.

“I’m close. I’m really close,” I proclaim, not recognizing my voice. It’s a delicate, weak sound. His thrusts grow stronger, until he’s pounding into me and we’re gasping against one another, panting in wild heat.
I feel his mouth widen into a smile against mine, when he realizes I’m at the brink. “Come.”
He utters the word, almost inaudibly and I do. The word, the pleasure sends me over the edge and I feel my body tremble in places I’ve never felt before. It’s life shattering, completely life altering. He groans, lips trembling against mine as he lets go, coming undone just seconds behind me.
Moments pass before he moves gently and we both shiver, gasping. Wow . I open my eyes, slowly, awed by how heavy my lids feel. Henry’s gazing down at me, a small smile on his face. He caresses my face gently, bending down to kiss my lips softly.
“That was-” he begins, but doesn’t continue, too busy shaking his head. I mimic his reaction.

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“Alright?” I utter, shrugging my shoulder nonchalantly. His face contorts in surprise, his lips parting in shocked amusement.
“Alright? Alright? I think you should heighten your vocabulary, Miss Tyler.”
“Fine,” I hum, smirking. He nuzzles my cheek with his nose and my heart jumps. “Astounding. Bewildering.” He chuckles gently at that, kissing my neck. I’m elated, wrapping my arms around his damp shoulders. “Completely unbelievable .”
“There we go. I was about to make you come again, to get the right adjectives from you.”
I bite my lip. “Is that so?”
He nods, looking down at me. His smile is glorious. “But I don’t know if I could beat unbelievable now.”
I smirk, grinding my hips forward into him. He bites his lip. “We could go for glorious and incomparable?”
His hand finds my sex once more. He nods when my eyes roll back into my head. “Game on.”

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