Love Beyond Monarchy Episode 3


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I wake slowly, feeling a hand gently pushing a strand of hair back that has escaped my bun. I keep my eyes closed, comforted by the strong arm that’s still around me. The pad of his finger lightly runs across my cheekbone, descending to my lips. I’m struggling to remain calm. He’s watching me. He’s –

His thumb parts my mouth, moving along my bottom lip- slowly. I can’t stop my heart, which has begun to beat like a drum. I move slightly, hopefully indicating to him that I’m waking. His hand leaves my face quickly. I open my eyes slowly and he’s acting like he’s been staring at the sky this whole time. I smile, pleased beyond words. He looks down at me and I see something behind his eyes. It’s only there for a fleeting moment, I can’t pinpoint what emotion it is, but it’s intense. It makes the hairs on my arms stand on edge.

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And then it’s gone, replaced by a wide smile.
“Good morning.”
“Morning,” I whisper, flushing purple. “How long have we been here?”
He holds up his free arm into the air, reading his watch from afar. “It’s- 10 am.”
I nod, licking my lips. Even though it’s an overcast day, I wonder if I’ll have a burn. I chuckle, shaking my head as I move to sit up.

“I can’t believe we just slept in the middle of nowhere. We could have been eaten.”
He laughs, glancing around us. “It’s a beautiful day.”
I run my hand through my messy up-do, awkwardly. God, I can’t even imagine what I must look like. “It is.”
It’s quiet, completely quiet for a few moments and I take the time to view the lake in all of it’s glory.
“I think I’ll swim before turning myself in to the security, eh?” he says, suddenly, standing. Swim ? I gape at him as he reaches for the buttons of his shirt.
I hold up my hand. “Whoa, what are you doing?”

He smirks. “Well, you don’t expect me to jump in fully-clothed, do you?”
I’m turning the shade of a beet. He pulls the shirt from his waistband, getting the last button undone before shedding the fabric from his skin. My mouth goes dry, I can’t look away, as much as I should. His body is evidence enough that when you work out, you get results. Chiseled and toned, he’s only dusted with dark hair across his pecks, as well as the trail of hair leading down from his belly button. His skin looks so smooth …
As my eyes shoot up from his hands that are easing his belt off to his face, I find him smirking. I look away then, quickly.
“You are not about to get naked in front of me.”

“You don’t like what you see?”
“That is beside the point.”
“Your cheeks say otherwise.” I look back up at him, hesitantly. He laughs. “Oh, come on. You wouldn’t feel so strange if you were getting in too.”
I gape, as he drops his belt down onto the ground, removing his shoes. “You just want to see me undress myself!”
He laughs, shaking his head. ” Live , Mia. Don’t you ever live?”

He undoes the bottom of his cream-colored slacks and brings them down, unashamed. When he straightens, I realize it’s because he has nothing to be ashamed about. His briefs reveal much, including just how endowed the Crown Prince of England is. I blush further, pressing my lips together as he drops the pants onto the blanket.

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“I’m beginning to think you’d pass out if I went any further, so I’ll keep my important bits to myself,” he states, turning. I watch from my spot, frozen as he walks into the water, diving in once he’s deep enough.
Holy fuck, Mia. What is happening? What the hell is happening? I stand up, feeling a surge of adrenaline. Okay… Okay . He comes back up, pushing his hair back from his eyes. He grins, clapping above his head as I grab the hem of my shirt, pulling it up over my head. I don’t tear my eyes from his as I pull off my jeans, leaving my body in only white laced boy shorts and a matching bra. At least they’re matching… at least.

I walk forward towards the water, quite sure I’ll regret doing this later. However, I’m here now. I want to live- I want this experience with him. Because who the hell knows? Today could be the last time I ever see him.

I hiss at the feel of the cold water, looking up at him in shock. “It’s fucking freezing!”
He laughs, looking completely carefree. “All water in England is bloody cold! Jump in. You’ll get used to it.”
I shake my head, pressing down on my lips to stop myself from laughing. I dive in quickly, feeling goosebumps cover every inch of my body as I submerge myself. I come up quickly, gasping.
“Holy crap. Holy crap, that’s cold. That’s so

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I plant my feet on the ground, wrapping my arms around my body, shivering. Henry is looking at me, a small smirk on his face.
“I hate you,” I mutter, with no malice. Only a few feet away, he moves towards me slowly. I stand in place, watching as the look on his face changes. There’s a fluttering that begins at the base of my belly, lowering further. He doesn’t stop before me. He doesn’t ask. His mouth collides with mine, with surprising passion. His hands come up at once, clasping my face.

Oh, god . His tongue slides along mine, coaxingly, tantalizingly. I quickly realize I’ve never been hit with this kind of passion before. I want to touch him, everywhere. I want him to take me. When I reach up clasping his neck, his hands leave my face, running down my body. I moan onto his lips as his hands descend over my backside, pulling me in closer.
“Oh, god,” I utter, out loud as his lips move from mine, over my cheek, my jaw, to my throat. He pulls back, breathlessly, looking at me, his blue eyes darker than before.
“Say my name.”
“Henry,” I breathe.
“Tell me you want it. Tell me you want this, now.”

I nod, smiling dazedly, feeling as his hands lift me up against him. “I want this.” I wrap my legs around his waist as he turns, walking back towards the shoreline. Our mouths meet desperately as he steps onto the grass, pulling both of us down onto the blanket.

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I laugh as the blanket sticks to my back, uncomfortably as he comes above me, pulling my clip from my hair. Sitting up, he stares down at me, stilling for a moment.
“What?” I breathe. He shakes his head, smiling slightly. I sit up, keeping my face inches away from his as I reach behind my back, undoing my bra. When it’s undone, I grasps the thin straps, pulling the wet material down, exposing my breasts to his waiting gaze. His eyes leave mine, traveling down heatedly before he grasps my breast, rolling my erect nipple with the soft pad of his thumb.

I shiver, biting my lip, unable to stop smiling.
“Fuck me, Mia. You’re beautiful.”
I gasp loudly, hearing Ivan call out loudly by the woods, reaching for my top beside the blanket. Henry closes his eyes, sighing.
“Yes, Ivan?”
“I’m sorry to interrupt. You’re needed at Buckingham, sir. Also, there are hikers arriving in the vicinity.”
“We will meet you by the car,” Henry states, sternly. I’m covering myself with my t-shirt, red-faced, glad when Ivan doesn’t answer.
I press my lips together amusedly when Henry looks at me, dejectedly.

“He didn’t see anything, right?” I breathe.
He shakes his head. “No, you’re fine… We do need to be getting back though.”
I nod, taking his hand as we stand up together, awkwardly. It’s even worse as we look around for our clothing, putting them on over our wet undergarments. I try not to look at the evidence of his wanting, which is noticeable as he zips up his pants.
“I’m sorry, for this,” he says, suddenly, grabbing the damp blanket off the ground.
“For what?”
“Well, for defiling you in the dirt. That was- not thoughtful on my part.”
“It’s okay. I didn’t mind.

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“I do,” he says, looking up. “I do care. I’m sorry I didn’t offer you more than this.”
“What’s going on?” I ask, quietly. “Look at me, Henry.”
He straightens, champagne bottle in his hand and does look at me. I tilt my head, unsure as to why he’s so upset.
“I think you’re a passionate person. I-If you had me here, or in a bed, it wouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a result… a result from passion.” I smirk, walking up to him. I kiss his lips, chastely, before pulling back, shrugging. “You said to live… don’t ruin this.”
He smiles, after a moment, slightly and I’m glad to see it. I feel his hand on my waist and he rubs gently. “Let’s go.”

“Have you informed Richard of our departure?”
Ivan, who’s driving us this time, nods. “Yes, sir. He is aware.”
“On a scale of one to ten, how riled is he?”
“Ten, sir.”
Henry laughs, leaning his head back against the seat. “Thank you, Ivan.”

Henry reaches forward, pressing a button and the divider comes up blocking us from their sight. I’m resting my head against the hard edge of the window, exhausted. This has definitely been a night to remember.
I open my eyes, sleepily, looking to him. He smiles, softly. “You’re exhausted.”
He reaches out, clasping my hand. I don’t resist when he pulls me to him. He’s much more comfortable than the window. I scoot towards him, resting my cheek against his shoulder. A smile covers my face when he swings my legs over his thighs, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

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I reach out, wrapping my arm around his stomach, breathing in deeply. Even after all the driving, sleeps in the grass, the dips in the lake, he still smells good. I close my eyes, relaxing as he rests his lips against my hair.

Hearing my name, I sit up straight from slumber. “What?”
“We’re near the Opera House. Where are you staying?”
I rub my eyes, tiredly. “Um, the small hotel by St. Paul’s.”
He nods, pressing the button opposite of the divider.
“King’s Inn, Ivan.”
He lets go of the button. I smile at him, shaking my head.
“I told you I was terrible at road trips.”
“I find it very therapeutic when you sleep on me,” he says, humming. “I like it.”
I reach down for my bags. “Did I talk this time?”
He shakes his head, rubbing my back gently. “No, I was waiting for it though.”
I chuckle, glancing back at him. Even unkempt, he looks stunning. “So, look… I don’t want you to- um- think that-”
He smiles, pressing his finger to my lips. “Don’t.”

I raise a brow, feeling the car stop to a halt. He pulls his hand back, leaning forward. He clasps my neck with a sure grip. “I’m seeing you again, Mia.”
I’m relieved, no doubt about it. I’m sure it shows. He kisses me, deeply, hand tangled in my hair. I pull back quickly, nodding, trying to breathe normally.
“We’ll be in touch,” he murmurs, as I grasp my things, reaching for the door. I look back at him, smirking.
” Henry ,” I utter, as a parting to him. He grins.

To be continued

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