Let’s Forget About Nigeria Order Works and Move On

I welcome all our readers to this article relating to the Nigeria Order Works system that crashed recently.

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If you have been following this blog I believe you can’t lose a dime in NOW just because of the cautions and the risk advise I always give to people regarding any online business.

Many Nigerians have engaged in different online businesses that have ripped all their hard earned money without a single profit.

Dough, I can not decide for you how to invest your money in any business but I only have this avenue to caution people and investigate in some online platforms to give a feed back on how it works.

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I have received several emails base on when Nigeria Order Works will resume back but I couldn’t feed back with a good response because most Nigerians including me were expecting their return which suppose to be 24th of this month and we didn’t see any traces that they are coming back.

It was a great surprise to me when I heard that some members invested on Norderwork with huge amount of money which has really affected them in many ways. Those sites are not 100% trusted and I dont expect anybody to invest more than #5,000 to avoid huge loss.

I have said it all in this article and that was before they closed down the site.

There are some order platforms that I will advise us to be very vigilant with. Stepwork is gone, Norderwork is not coming back, Ivory, and many others.

Some people sent me mails on yo work on Morgantech, fblink, boldlink, Zappos and richhot.

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In response to your mails, I have been making research on all of the above links but I am not yet convinced with them method of payment and recharge. If you are doing it and you have invested your money, all I will tell you is to make sure you invest with what you can afford to lose.

Make your first withdrawal, second withdrawal and as well your third withdrawal and I I believe by this time you would have make more profit and you can then leave some money there to trade and increase the daily orders or income.

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The only two(2) sites that I can voice out for (For Now), pls don’t quote me wrong. These sites are still paying and I believe if you can join them now and make some money before they get to like 2 months you won’t regret it.

I have make my first withdrawal, 2nd withdrawal and 3rd withdrawal and today I just make my 4th withdrawal on E-commerce.

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Digital Nation is also another way of making some money but I am only investing with 10k. I make my first withdrawal after 20days and my second withdrawal is coming up on the 1st of June next month.

If you are investing in any online platform please don’t put what you can not afford to lose.

If you really know how to blog I will drop soon how I earned my first $100 blogging.

I started with little amount but now I am earning more than $200 monthly.

If you already has a website and you have a registered domain, I will tell you how to monetize your website with Google adsense, adstera, medianet etc.

Thank you for reading, I will be waiting for your mail in case you have any questions or you can join.

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