Lagosians React as Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwoolu Declared Curfew in Lagos

Babajide Sanwoolu:

Watching these videos is a major heartbreak for me personally and as Governor, I cannot watch as arsonists, hoodlums and anarchists continue to hide under the #EndSars protest to unleash mayhem on the State and wantonly disrupt citizens lives and property.

#EndSars: Police is Now The Sacrificial Lamb -Inspector Adeleke and Ojogbon Tope Aladejobi

Imposing this curfew was difficult, especially as we have just returned from a COVID19 required lockdown. This curfew will allow security officials to immediately restore order to the state, arrest thugs and miscreants that have disrupted the peace.

Peaceful protesters and residents of Lagos should obey the curfew and stay in their homes to allow our security forces take immediate action to de-escalate all the issues of violence occurring at this time.


Well done sir ooo
It was before the commencement of curfew that there was killings of youth took place at olosan police station in mushin
Am so sure you would have seen the videos as well.

#EndSars: I Will Never Forget How I Lost My Brother in The Hand of Police in 2010 -Mosun Filani

To be truthful to the office oath you swore in with, it’s better you leave no stone unturned sir.

Curfew is not the solution. This is a well orchestrated drama by the government. Just because we having been keeping quite doesn’t mean we are fools. You people send your children to school abroad and don’t care about what goes on with other people’s children. We are fighting for a right to live as human beings and curfew will not stop us. Rubbish governance
My people #endsars

Sir, you are really a servant of the people. Everyone knew you had exhausted all peaceful options and left with no other choice than to impose a curfew. Kindly exercise your right as d number one Man in d state and ensure our state is continuously the Center of Excellence. May the universe favour you Sir

Edo State Government Has Announced 24 Hour Curfew Across The State.

Mr governor I really appreciate your efforts, but the reasons why the Police station at orile was set ablas according to eyes withness the police man shots at one of the protester in closed range which lead to death of the guy.

Curfew is not the solution sir.. you have tried your best as a governor..the president has to come out and address the nation without reading any script asureing them of his effort so far in meeting their demands..the neglected jobless youth whom the government have abandoned for long are the ones using the protest as a medium to cause mayhem not the EndSars protesters

Governor Seyi Makinde deployed police to protect protesters and also maintain law and order. That’s how to do it. Not throwing away the baby with the water.

When they used Lagos state BRT to launch attack at civil protest, there was no consequences because it was politically motivated. This is the fall out. This arsonists and hoodlums re not protesters, there pictures are available online, Ensure arrest and protect genuine citizen exercising their right of protest.

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It’s sad sir but did you also see the picture of our citizens that got shot also by the Nigeria police officer today and why people got angry . I don’t want to post it because it’s very sad.

Nigerians politicians please do the right things for Nigerians in Gods name.

Nigeria is not just for politicians and their family’s and friends. It’s for all of us.

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