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Kindly share this story with your children, friends and family, This is a True Life Story

My Life in Social Media Streets

My name is sister Jedeedah, I am a sister of 21, I am in my final year level. I am a victim of Facebook post. If I were asked that what did I regret using most in my life, I will say vividly that it’s a smartphone and ‘Facebook’ to be precise.

I opened my Facebook account while I was 17 years. Then I was in Senior Secondary School 2, I was using a small phone, Tecno but wasn’t an android phone.

So, I wasn’t a freak about what was happening on the street of Zuckerberg which is also known as Facebook.

I got my first android phone, Infinix when I gained admission to a higher institution. My parents saw it as a necessity then. They didn’t know that it was the instrument that will destroy my life. If they know, they wouldn’t have allowed me to use it for once.

Hmmm, dear friend, I believe that Facebook is a path to Hell. I have deleted it on my phone and I will not and never have it installed till I die.

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This is a covenant I have made with my Lord. Though, my discretion on the use of Facebook may be different from yours.

But I wish you learn from my past. Don’t judge me present with this story because Inna Llaha, Gafuurun Raheem.

I started using my beautiful smartphone for assignments as planned for my parents but at a point in time, I started mingling with ‘Maa shallah sisters’.

Sisters like sister Sageerah, sister Kitaabah and sister Nabdah are Facebook addicts. Anytime they put on their Hijab and matched it with their bags and shoes, they used to take selfies and share them on their Facebook profile.

I often got mesmerized by the comments of people on their posts. The least number of comments when they share their pictures is like 128. So I decided to be like them on Facebook.

Free Chat

Hmmm!!! I mingled and as a result, I met my doom. I started sharing my pictures and within weeks, I gained a large number of followers. Different people started private chatting with me. Most of them are males.

Chats like ‘As-salaam Alaikum sister… I love your swag’, ‘Hi sis, can I have your digits for a better chat?’, ‘Hello beautiful babe in beautiful Hijab, I am Rajeem, tell me more about yourself’…

But I have had an orientation at the MSSN programme since the time I was in secondary school that engaging in a premarital relationship when one is not ready for Nikkah is dangerous.

And, I have decided not to have a boyfriend until I am ready to engage in marital journey. So, anytime I suspect that a chat from a male has hidden agenda, I won’t reply.

But there was a particular guy, ‘Rajeem’ by name who used to disturb me with his chat often. It was as if he was monitoring all my movement.

His chat was the first I will receive early in the morning. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t reply, he would also be the last one to DM me before sleeping.

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He also used to comment on all my pictures. Comments like “Sweetie, I love your dressing. Can’t wait to meet you”.

Dear friend, his comments were always nauseating but I believed that silence is the best answer for a fool.

But there was this day I couldn’t hold my anger, his comment that day made me vex and sent bangers of abusive words to him on his messenger. I abused him like…

I abused him and I know that I abused someone stupid. I called him different sort of names. I called him ‘pig, he-goat, senseless fellow, womaniser, foolish, idiot, imbecile, moron…’

Since then, he didn’t chat me up again and I felt relieved, I saw that I have conquered a war on Facebook.

Another story of my life started while I was in my second semester of 200 level.

I slept that unfaithful afternoon and had a dream that a guy was having sex with me. I enjoined the sex to the extent of offing my undies and giving ecstasy sounds.

Suddenly, I heard a nock at my door, that was when I realized that I was deep in sleep. Waking from my sleep, I saw myself naked. Hmmm, all my undies were in the floor. But, the door was locked, no one in the room, and…

What happened? I questioned myself but no one to answer the stupid question I asked. More unfortunate that day was that my bed was stained with blood followed with semen.

I just finished my menstruation a week ago. What is this? I asked myself another stupid question and no one was their to answer.

The nock on my door kept banging. ‘Who is that’, I asked,

“It is me, sister Rubayyah. The door is locked, please open the door” I heard that voice of my neighbour.

“I am coming”, I replied.

As I was about standing from the bed, I felt a sharp pain in my virginal. That was when I realised without doubt that someone has slept with me in the real sense.

Hmmm, dear friend, that was how it started. The problem became worse everyday.

At times, this would happen to me like four times in a week. It got to a point that my sexual urge will just got aroused while I was in lecture room, it would got to a point that I won’t be able to control my libido again than to rush down to toilet.

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Locking myself up in the toilet, I will feel that a guy visited me to have sexual intercourse with me using different style. In the real sense, I would be changing my position so that he can easily penetrate deeply.

Once he got satisfied, he would disappear. I would see the semen flowing out from my virginal. I would just clean up myself and left for home.

_Next Episode_

Dear friend, I regret being given birth to.

  • I regret being a student.
  • I regretted being a female.
  • I felt like committing suicide but I couldn’t.
  • I have no one to share my experience with.
  • Who will I tell what was happening to me?
  • Who will keep the secret of my sexual relationship with an unseen person.

Actually, I went home to inform my mum what I was experiencing but I didn’t have the courage of expressing myself to her when I met her.

Despite the fact that depression was boldly written on face, my mum was just busy asking me about my academic pursuit and kept requesting me to do house choirs for her. I was just hopeful that the situation would be over soon.

I also tried to discuss the issue systematically with Sister Kitaabah by asking her that “Is it okay for a lady to sleep and have dream of mating a man he didn’t know before?”

Sister Kitaabah response was affirmative. She said that it is a sign that the lady is reaching her puberty stage. I got confused but I couldn’t ask further. I just raised another discussion.

When 200 level results was released, my G.P. grossly dropped. When I got home and showed it to my dad, he was also disturbed.

He asked me what caused the poor G.P. Hmm…, my mouth was sealed and my eyes started pouring water. The water called tears was accomplished with sad voice. May Allah reward my father abundantly.

He is a man worthy to be called true father, a role model, a psychologist and a teacher.

My father placed the glass cup he was holding on the table, he stood on his feet and came to me. He hugged me tightly, not minding that I have grown up. He placed my head on his chest and asked me what caused the tears.

My mouth couldn’t speak yet. My crying became more and the tears flow more from my eye balls. The crying has invited my younger brother and sister to the sitting room.

My mother remained on her seat, watching the drama. My dad realized that there was more to my crying. He has to draw me to my bedroom leaving other family members at seating room.

He took me away the way a bride is being taken to his groom, and I followed her without objecting.

When we got to my room, my father started rendering my lineage praise. He went on for about five minutes without stop. I didn’t know when I voiced out amidst tears:

“Dad, I am in trouble!!! I wish I have died before now…”

My expression shocked him but he pretended as if he wasn’t shocked. He tried to give me confidence of speaking out. He let me realized that only when I say what is bothering me I can be proffered solution.

“Dad, it is too hard to say! I can’t tell anyone!” I said again amidst tears.

My dad kept mute for some seconds. He suddenly speak “Were, you raped? And you got pregnant? And it was aborted?”

“Dad!!! Did anyone tell you about what happened to me?” I asked

“No one tell me anything. All I know is that any problem you have is my problem. I fathered you and it is my duty to attend to all your challenges. So tell me what happened”.

My dad expression and calmness gave me strength to speak out. I explained to him what was happening to me. He sighed heavily and asked either I have tell anyone, but I told him that I haven’t, that he is the first person I will inform.

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He begged me not to tell anybody, including my mum and I promised him I won’t. He told me to put on a smile. I did and we went back to sitting room.

Dear friend, I must confess to you, I started doubting either my mum gave birth to me since then.

Her response and attitude to my predicament disgusted me. When my dad and I returned to sitting room, she didn’t felt eager to know what happened to me. All she said was:

“Daddy and Daughter, you have settled everything behind us abi? O ti da!”


Dear friend, if not for the fear that Allah may show His anger on me, I might have said that my mum doesn’t worth to be called a mother, she is just opportune to have children.

All she is good at is to make sure that the home is tidy, her husband is happy and her business is going smoothly.

She is less concern about her children well being. She has no concern on our ‘Ibaadah. She has no concern about the peer groups we moved with.

She hasn’t for once cautioned me from posting my pictures on social media. In fact, she will also press like button and comment positively on all my Facebook post.

My mum saw how my father caressed me, how she took me in for private discussion and she didn’t showed interest in knowing what happened to me or tried to find out what my dad and I discussed.

Is that a mother or… hmmm, astagfirullah!!! Her discussion is a story of another day. And she will be saying that she is going to weekly programme… Well, let me continue with my story.

Dear friend, within a week that I stayed at home. The incident happened to me twice. But there was this feeling that I have in me. I felt calm after the happenstances as if the solution has been proffered.

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What made me felt such was that I have shared my predicament with my dad. And I believed that he would come up with a solution. Though, I didn’t know what the solution would be.

It was on a Friday even. After Asr to be precise. My dad drove in, dashing out smile to everyone at home. She called me “Jedeedah my princess, I wish you go with me to ‘The Queen Supermarket’. I have some basic things to buy”

“Sweetie, make sure you shop for me too ooo!” Mum interjected.

“Trust me, you all deserve a special gift from me today inshaa Allah” Dad replied as he picked the car key from the centre table. We both dashed to the car.

As we were going, my dad requested we firstly branch at Imam Agunbiade’s house and I consented. I was even planning to see Imam’s daughter before as I have a Korean movie (Waiting for Rain) to receive from her phone via Xender.

As we got to Imam’s house, my dad and I were warmly received by the family. We sat at the sitting room. Imam was watching Al-Jazeera. Mtcheew, Al-Jazeerah is a TV station that I hate.

I was praying he changed the station to Zee World or B4U. Instead, he switched off the TV and directed a question to me:

“Jedeedah, your dad told me the challenges you are facing in school. That is among the major challenges of life.

I told him to keep calm as I believe that Allah is in control. In Shaa Allah, I will have to recite Ayatu Ruqyah for you, and I believe that inshaa Allah, Allah will use it as a sabab of goodness.

Episode 4

I was shocked by the Imam’s expression, “Ruqyah!!! Why Ruqyah? I am not mad, I am not crazy, I am not insane, I am not…emm…

I mean, those who need Ruqyah are those who are possessed by Jinn! And… those who are possessed by Jinn are those who are not psychologically balance, probably those who pick papers by the road side; the mad!” I expressed myself loudly.

“Jedeeeedah…” Imam called me. “The Jinn used to affect human being in different ways. They are tricky. Many people are possessed by Jinn but they don’t know.

They may be the cause of some people’s failure, they may cause sleepless nights for some, they may raise unnecessary fears in some. In fact, they may increase some females libido while they may decrease some females libido.

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They often set to destroy happy home, happy individual and even happy friends. Many people are possessed by Jinn but they don’t know.

But with Ruqyah therapy, those who are affected by Jinn may realise that they are possessed and if Allah wills, they will be delivered”.

Dear friend, I wasn’t convinced with the Imam explanation. Why will I undergo Ruqyah therapy? I thought that my dad has chosen a wrong solution. I didn’t know what entered me.

I just stood from where I sat and ran out of Imam’s house. My dad called me but I didn’t wait. Immediately I got out, I stopped an Okada man, I jumped on the Okada and instructed the rider to speed off.

While the okada man was going on high speed, a car driver manoeuvre his hand to our route, there was a head coalition between the okada man and the car.

By the time that I gained consciousness, my leg was hanged at our family hospital. I was in a severe pain. Hmmm…

Dear friend, the pain was much. It was too much for me to bear. I was told that I fell under a fuel truck and the okada man died immediately as the fuel truck crushed his head.

Hmmm… I believed in my heart that I killed the Okada man. Yes, I killed him. Because, I was the one who instructed him to increase the speed more and he foolishly listened to me. I don’t know either Allah will forgive me on the Day of Qiyaamah. It is in my record of life that I am a murderer. Hmmm.

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The Doctor came to my ward and smiled at me. He said; “Jedeedah, how are you feeling now?”

Instead of me to reply, tears was just flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t control my tears. The Doctor left me and discussed with my dad. My dad came to me with smile.

He started reciting my lineage praise. My dad doesn’t know when tears started flowing from his eyes. I joined him in the tears.

“Dad, I am very sorry. I am very sorry for running out from Imam’s house. I would have listened to you and waited for the Ruqyah” I tendered apology to my sweet dad in tears.

“Ajolayo, Jedeedah, please stop crying. It isn’t your fault. It is Allah’s wills. Just stop crying. The major hip fracture you sustained may pain you more”.

” Major what!” I shouted.

My dad cried out like a baby. Tears flowed heavily from his eyes till his beard got wet as if he just finished ablution

“Ajolayo! You have sustained major hip fracture. Doctor said that their will be need for artificial replacement of your leg”.

Hearing this, I fainted

Episode 5

Regaining my consciousness, I saw Imam and my dad.

“Where is my mum?” I asked my dad

“She just left. She has to go to attend to some basic needs. Once I am here, no wahala.” Dad responded.

I sighed. “So, artificial replacement will be done for me?” I re-asked my dad

“We have been referred to another hospital. Doctor said that if God wills, it can still be corrected after some medical treatment and rehabilitation.

To cut the long story short dear friend, I was given hope of still working in another hospital without any artificial replacement. But, I was told that it will take a long time as I will be using wheel chair for a certain period of time.

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May Allah reward Sister Nabdah. She is a friend worthy to be prayed for. She would record the lectures in class, compressed them and forwarded them to me, she would do a video call with me to put smile on my face, she would hold an online tutorial with me via WhatsApp video and so on. She did visit me both at office and at home when I was discharged.

Dear friend, I still have to put it in record that Imam used to visit me, preached for me and gave me hope. I learnt a lot from him while in hospital on how the Jinn destroy homes, individuals and relationships. May Allah reward him also.

Dear friend, you won’t believe that immediately I got home, this guy still used to visit me and had the disgusting canal acts with me, despite the fact that I am still using wheel chair.

I informed my dad and he requested me to allow Ruqyah recitation from Imam. I have no choice than to accept. I asked my dad that when will Imam come for the recitation but he said that he didn’t know.

On a Friday evening around 5:30pm, Imam visited me in the company of my dad. He told me to use Niqab.

So, he started the recitation of the Ruqyah. After some minutes, I lose consciousness and couldn’t say what happened again.

I heard my dad footsteps about after 10 in the night, that was when I gained consciousness back. I asked of the Imam from my dad but I was told that he has went back to his residence after Ishai.

“What happened to me?” I asked my dad.

My dad smiled at me and said “Alhamdulillah my dear, you were possessed by Jinn and the Jinn has left you now.”

“How!” I asked

“My babe, you need enough rest. Eat this Ajwah (a pressed date) and drink the Zamzam. Imam brought them and requested you to take it for 7 days.

He also requested that you should be creaming yourself with Zaytun mixed with black seed. I will inform you what happened tomorrow.”

After eating the date, I felt weak and slept. I woke around 8am. My mum was with me then. I greeted her and joked with her.

I requested for my dad but I was told he has left for office. My mum cleaned me, served my breakfast and requested my younger sister to stay with me as she was about going to her shop.

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I slept again when my mum left and woke around 12:30pm. I asked my younger sister where my phone was but she told me that my dad has went out with it.

“Why?” I asked

“I don’t know ooo!!!” She replied

I took her small phone to put call across to my dad. I requested my phone from her. He told me that he was sorry for taking it out. He promised me to be at home soon.

He also requested what I wish to eat. I requested for ice cream and Danbu Naama. He promised to get them for me at a nearby supermarket.

My dad returned home after Asr, he visited me and handed my phone to me. He was looking so paled but struggle to make me happy by chatting with me. I requested him to take some nap, that we can still discuss after Magrib.

After Magrib, my dad decided to have his dinner in my room. After having dinner with me, he narrated the reaction of the jinn to me.

Episode 6

Hmmm! Dear friend, my dad took the pain of fatherhood to explain what happened to me. Without a doubt, my dad is a dad. He still tried to manage his home and office together adding all these challenges to it. He is a true man.

My dad told me that the name of the Jinn is Rajeem. Immediately he mentioned the name, my name quickly connected to the Facebook guy.

“Rajeem!” I exclaimed

“Yes” He responded

“He said you know him very well. He said he met you on Facebook. He said he usually hang out on social media to look for a prey. He said he made use of Instagram and Facebook most.

Hmmm, Ajolayo, Rajeem said that he has made use of your pictures to commit different atrocities”.

“Atro what!” I shouted

My younger sister rushed in and asked for what happened. My dad told her that nothing happened, that he was just trying to tell me some gist.

“Then let me join you in the gist dad!” My sister chuckled

“Little colleen, go wash the dishes. I will tell the whole family a beautiful story soon”. My dad said while smiling.

As my younger sister left the room, my dad locked the door from behind, he moved closer to me to continue what happened.

“My babe, the Jinn said that he has used your pictures to scam many men on Facebook and Instagram.

He said he has put on your pictures several times to stay by the road sides in the evening as prostitutes to dupe many men. Hmmm… He said” Dad kept mute for some seconds

“He said what dad!” I asked impatiently

“He said he used your image to commit act of robbery at B an B Super Mart and the image was caught on CCTV. Though, he said that he later destroyed the video clip because he wished to use you for some special works.

“Ajolayo, Rajeem said that he was mad at you because you abused him and you called him different sort of names that nobody has ever called him on heart or on social media streets.

He said you described him like a snake, that was the name of his mother’s concubine that he killed. Your abusive words hurt him a lot and he decided to make life miserable for you.

He combined love and punishment together to deal with you. Alhamdulillah, he has left but he said that you can’t be yourself immediately.

He said he has afflicted your life beyond expectation. He said as he is about living, your libido can’t easily go back to normal, it will take more than two months.

As a result, we should avoid you to stay alone with a stranger, be it male or female. In fact, he said that if you see no stranger to have sex with, you may result to engage in masturbation.

Jedeedah, Rajeem said that he didn’t want you to graduate from the university. He wanted to make your life highly miserable. He wanted you to be living in the world of Jinn and people will be seeing you as a mad woman.

He said your curves in Hijab is too much to hide. Also, your bust is so attracting than to hide it with a useless hijab. He described you beyond what me, your father, can describe.

Hmmm… Jedeedah, Rajeem planned to disfigure you so that no man on earth will think of marrying you again.

My daughter, give thanks to Allah through Imam. He instructed me to delete all your pictures, close your Facebook account and probably open another one for you that won’t contain your pictures.

Imam instructed me to make sure that you eat seven Ajwah at least for seven days. He said that you should also be drinking zamzam or we mixed it with other water you are using at home.

He requested you always use Zaytun that has black seed for creaming all the time. He sent me a Ruqyah to put on your phone so that you can be listening to it all the time. Imam requested you to be using Niqab from now on, at least for a year if you can’t use it for life”.

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I bursted into tears but my dad petted me.

“Dad, I am very sorry”

“No my dear, this is just normal. It has been in my destiny that I will be tried this way. Just make sure that you try your best to observe all these” My dad said and left for Isha.

Dear friend, since then, I deleted Facebook from my phone. I made a vow to Allah that till I will leave this world, I will not make use of Facebook again.

Actually, I have a twitter account, but I am faceless on it. I didn’t use my name. Anytime I hear “Facebook” it is as if I hear “Jahanam”.

Al-hamdulillah, I am a final year student now. Though, I missed a session but at least, I am a final year student using a wheel chair.

I hope I will work again one day. I believe I will graduate inshaa Allah, I believe I will have a husband soon inshaa Allah. And I believe I will never appear on Facebook again till I die.

NB:  I became a friend with the victim when I was in UI. She narrated her story to me when we went for lunch at SUB. She had a parlour wedding four years ago.

She was still using Niqab till then. I was informed that she died two weeks ago while in labour room. Her death pained me a lot but I have nothing to say than to pray that ‘Oh Allah, forgive your slave and grant her Jannatu Firdaus’

Hope you really enjoyed this story? Pick your own and relate with others. Let’s be very careful with the way we reveal our informations to those we meet on social media.

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