KAYANMATA Chicken Spice That Ladies Use in Cooking For Men

I received this message via Nairablink mail box: I went to Abuja International trade-fair for some days. Sellers were complaining of low patronage of Kayanmata but Mallams were having slay Queens and women in hijab trooping in and out of there shops to get Kayanmata Chicken Spice.

I was always perceiving sweet chicken aroma that always made me salivate and wondered where the aroma was oozing from.

So yesterday, I was asking a lady close by where the aroma was coming from as it was oozing close to her. What she told me shocked me…..KAYANMATA.

So those ladies filing in and out of mallams shops were buying kayanmata. I heard they have the ones that can make a man park his car and start pursuing a lady to confess his undying love for her. The ones that can make a man give a whatever she asks for.

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The kayanmata also came in form of beads, creams, soaps, sweetners etc. But it’s the kayanmata Chicken Spice that made me sober. KAYANMATA Chicken Spice is what ladies of now a days are using to cooking for men

Dear men kindly beware of where, how and whom you eat from. This our Slay queens are now planning coup against us.

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